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  1. Where did I say I just want "gimme" ? It isn't Gimme now, and the only thing I've said is that the existing content and sliders and player choice provide the ability for people to make it as difficult as they want for themselves? My position is simple: Leave the difficulty for existing content as-is and let people play in peace. Now then...why are you trying to make HC into Dark Souls? Why are you trying to force everyone into constant annoyance frustration?
  2. Play Energy Blast. It's funny knocking everything all the hell all over the place and watching the melees trying to chase them down. Plus you can fly around KR and shoot CoTs off the rooftops.
  3. Which means then HC qualifies. There are servers that don't...Cake Evolution will bump you to 50 and fill your trays with IOs if you ask a GM, but here you have to put in some amount of time to level the character and get the inf. So I guess you'd better head on over the CE server and tell them they're doing it wrong. I can give you their Discord if you like. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear from you.
  4. Really? It's not the fact that it's already 17 years old and looks it? Or that it doesn't have a full paid Dev team to regularly update and add content? Or that the MMO genre as a whole is pretty much old news? Or that it doesn't have a AAA movie or SP game license? Or that it was designed from the ground up to work with machines still running Windows 98 and using dialup and is never going to appeal to younger gamers? Or that the majority of the playerbase is probably at least 35+ and probably doesn't have a gigantic Twitch following to promote the game...(not that streaming HC is permitted by
  5. According to...? Why should the way YOU want to play cause the game to be changed for all of the other people playing. Turn off your XP, Turn your difficulty slider up, don't slot IOs, don't take incarnate powers. You can make the challenge be what you want...and if other people agree, you can all get together and play the same way. A sizable portion of the playerbase already chooses to avoid challenges. Either getting farmed or running council missions to 50...and they seem to be having the experience they want, because they keep at it. Just because I've never joined a farm or a +
  6. Honestly, what I'd rather see is the AT fixed so that it isn't completely reliant on permadom just to be decently playable.
  7. How do those mobs function if say an ungrouped level 1 and level 50 are standing next to each other when they spawn, and then both characters start attacking the mob? does it take damage as if the level 1 were level 50? Or as if the level 50 were level 1?
  8. I've played traps to 50 a few times - Traps/Bots MM on live and BR/Traps Corr on HC. The only time I don't like playing it is on "Speed TFs" which I usually avoid anyways. There are some times that it isn't the best, but on missions where you're going to be standing in one place fighting for a while - lke at the end of certain TFs/SFs, it's really quite good.
  9. How exactly would that work when you have players level 1 - 50 in the zone? When player 1 starts fighting the mob it's level 1, but when a level 50 player gets nearby the mob suddenly turns level 50? Or if I'm level 10 fighting a mob and a level 1 player joins in it suddenly becomes level 1 and I obliterate it in one hit? WoW is doing open world scaling now, and it sucks. Pigs that you killed at level 5 are somehow just as difficult to kill when you're level 50. It makes no sense, removes any sense of progression from the game and is terrible. Having missions that lock to the le
  10. Also there were Villain-exclusive costume pieces. I remember there was some command though that was unintentionally available to the players that let blue side have access to those costume pieces, though.
  11. Heading to the feedback forum to make an angry post about this RIGHT NOW!!!11!1!!
  12. In short, it doesn't matter if you have points into the alignment, other than at 10 points you can get a special mission to affirm that alignment, which will give you a special power (Or you can work towards another alignment) Easiest thing to do is read this: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Alignment Should explain everything.
  13. I don't think nerfing the entire playerbase to cater to the playstyle of a vocal minority is the best course. Adding in more incarnate level content would be great. Reducing the effectiveness of existing powers and builds (whether that be softcapping, incarnate powers, Blaster attacks, etc.) would displease more people than it would please.
  14. It was actually spelled "Cook's" electronics in the show, and its first appearance in the show was in 2003 during the first season - given that CoH didn't appear until 2004, it's far more likely that, rather than being a homage to CoH, they are both Homages to Fry's Electronics.
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