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  1. Honestly, given that both are rarely played even when they're the WST, likely given the abundance of AV's, etc. in both and especially the fact that they require more than the normal steamroll style of playing, they certainly should both be worth more. Kahn should be worth 40 at a minimum, and Barracuda worth at least 50. I'm basing the number on the fact that Numina, the MLTF and LGTF, all of which are far less of a pain, award 36/37 merits.
  2. I don't really see where the "bad time" comes in. So you couldn't speed through the content and actually had to use your travel powers, know where things are in the game and fight the mobs in the missions? I've had much worse times on TFs where it wasn't advertised as speed, everyone runs off in their own directions, squishies die a lot, people run off to objectives while everyone else is fighting...yeah, those are bad times. Your sounds like what a TF was actually intended as.
  3. Electric/Electric Stalker. Probably my most played character and just an unholy torrent of AoE damage. Goes great with Ion Judgement, too.
  4. If it were just a new mission arc, I'd say the Mirror-Self arc in Talos is one of my favorites. But I'm of the opinion that standard mission arcs should be designed for solo play, and team content, like TFs, are another thing entirely. For team content, personally I'd make it short, 3 - 4 missions like about Penelope Yin's TF size. However I'd make most of the missions kill alls of objective-dense so that it's something that can't be turned into another "Speed Run". We have enough missions in the game where 90% of the content can be raced through, make something that actually has to be played
  5. Yeah, I also quit in the early 90s for partially the same reason - also the constant gimmicks (Pointless crossovers, the same few characters appearing in every comic, events, events and more events, reboots, die-cut holographic foil covers and raising the price way above what was reasonable) That said, these tropes, heroes vs heroes (Spidey fought with the FF in first 1st issue of all things) and opposite heroes (Sabretooth, Sinestro, Bizarro, Abomination, Reverse Flash, Tarantula, Venom, and Earth 3) have been going on forever. They're just a staple of the genre. Hell - even our
  6. The team leader, sure, go for it. People that were being jerks in chat...go right ahead, although if you're not banning both groups that were being obnoxious then you're a hypocrite. But banning people just for being on the team/league? Nah, that's just being a vindictive jerk. Not reasonable at all.
  7. I wasn't actually involved in it other than seeing what was in broadcast. Obviously you've got a dog in this fight, but let's not start making things personal. IDK how I could have made it more clear that both sides were being obnoxious, and sorry but banning people just for being on a team whose leader you have an issue with...that's pretty poor "social skilling" right there. TL;DR: Behave like a reasonable human being.
  8. You must really hate comic books, because they've been using these exact tropes for decades.
  9. So I was hanging out in the RWZ doing the Vanguard Arc on a newer character, when I saw someone was starting a Mothership Raid. Almost immediately other people started shouting in chat that there was an "official" raid in another half hour or so...what proceeded to follow was a display some of the most ridiculous, childish, un-hero like behavior from people on both sides that I've seen in my time playing this game. From the dork claiming to be an "elite player because I admire elite players" or something to that effect, to the people on the MSR that were basically like "lol F*** off, Karens" T
  10. Except that those other servers also don't disable the extra costume pieces/vfx that get added when you modify the pets, so you build your thugs to look like cops...then they all get leather jackets and bandannas when you upgrade them. Or make your soldiers into aliens and then they all get army helmets. TBH other server's versions of pet customization that I've seen pretty much suck.
  11. Honestly. I've played probably thousand of missions, done every story arc in the game a dozen times, and not had the issues you're describing. Hell, I played when the clickies didn't hum, and they were always there, just damn hard to find. The only bug that regularly still happens is NPCs getting stuck in the geometry. Yes, sometimes it's a single mob on a "kill all" and it sucks if you don't have any non-targeted AOE's to kill them with. Amy still sometimes does this on the KHTF, and for some reason Sirocco gets stuck in the caves during the DA Incarnate Arc, even my Phantasm got
  12. I don't see why this would be an issue. Just use the pet window for targeting. I never try to manually target or figure out what's going on with my pets by looking at them anyhow.
  13. I wish he had a gang-war like ability that would make everyone in the room rush you at once.
  14. They're subjective, so it really doesn't matter. I've won with costumes I thought were terrible, and lost with ones which IMO were better than any of the actual winners. But that's subjectivity for you.
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