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  1. That's a great explanation of proc builds HoundTooth. I'd like to add onto that. Sets that provide tohit buffs are also great for proc builds since you don't want to waste slots on accuracy. And don't forget to still slot regular damage if it's a power with good base damage. You can often fit both.
  2. I wouldn't run a 3 power attack chain with proc'd out psi epic. My chain is normally 4-5 attacks on sentinel proc builds with psi epic. Blaze>Blazing Blast>Flares>Mind Probe>Dominate would probably work out correctly. You can get away with slotting a bit of recharge in mind probe too before you start to reduce to proc chance.
  3. Definitely recommend shield for a potent tanker build. With tanker AT values you can almost cap defense debuff resistance by stacking the mez click. Shield tanks are damn near immortal against anything except rare attacks that bypass defense. That jump from 70ish DDR on other ATs to nearly capped with tankers makes a massive difference.
  4. I ran Dr Q with you the other day and you really made that run smooth. I tried to optimize the build to my preferences. Even if you don't like all the changes it should give you some ideas. I usually toggle stuff like ageless and hasten off so I can check the numbers so make sure everything is on when you are comparing them. I think the defenses are a little lower than your initial build but it's still soft capped. I sacrificed some of the s/l resist you had but made huge gains on recharge. Recharge should be high enough to run the attack chain of Chain induction>havoc>jacobs for m
  5. I really like this suggestion. It would be amazing to have a few more options for travel slotting that focus on typed defense instead of positional. Something to match zephyr would be fantastic.
  6. I love both sets. For me the pros of Ninjitsu are a self heal, endurance click, toxic resistance, and psionic resistance. Combined with good positionals this means that a ninjitsu build essentially has no holes outside of powerful defense debuffs. Like you said, that's the main strength of SR in comparison. That along with quickness for additional recharge. Ninjitsu also requires less power picks to get the majority of it's best powers while SR requires 8/9 picks to maximize it's effectiveness. The toxic and psi resists in ninjitsu are both stackable (in the heal and mez click respective
  7. They were just 50++, but I thought the same thing because I mixed it up with the level cap on SOs. You could boost them to 50++ which were equal to level 52s. Just like you could boost your SOs to 50++ but everyone still wanted level 53 SO drops
  8. I was just looking over making a elec stalker build last night and I think that it's probably just a chain of those 4 powers you listed. The cast times and recharge and work out just right if you go Chain>Jacobs>Charged brawl>AS. Probably with procs in jacobs.
  9. After a bunch of recent experimentation with dark melee I was happiest putting the crit proc into smite. But that's only by itself with no other slotted recharge. If you slot the entire set you'll tank the proc chances. Even without any other recharge slotted into smite it's pretty easy to get it down to 2s so you can chain it between midnight grasp and siphon life endlessly. I tried running it in shadow maul at first and it seemed like the proc fired off way too early in the animation so you ended up wasting the crit window.
  10. The biggest obstacle I have towards running this kind of content through ouroboros is the task force structure of flashback arcs. People don't want to commit to the entire arc and start dropping off before the finish, or are hesitant to join through ouroboros to begin with. It's much easier to fill a mission team at any level with a regular contact.
  11. Decided to try swapping to greater ice sword after seeing the success you had with your build. The results were similar. I've tried the same chain with frost, ice sword, and greater ice sword now and seem to average about a minute and a half no matter what. The attack chain with regular ice sword suffers more from gaps when ageless decays, so it's likely worse over a testing period longer than a pylon kill.
  12. Interesting. I went ice/fire because I didn't think you could get those pylon times with ice/bio due to the wonky attack chain. I think you could get a bit better time just switching to moon beam because I found out recently that zapp's critical chance isn't boosted by the ATO like moon beam. I might be able to improve my pylon time a little bit if I went with GIS but I wanted to have a faster attack chain for team situations where I've got plenty of recharge buffs. When freezing touch is back in almost 3s its painful to be stuck casting GIS. When it comes down to it we came up with
  13. I don't think it should hurt it too much since there is no recharge slotted. I can't remember the number I saw quoted but I think Bopper said that with 0% rech the 3.5 PPM IOs should still be at 70%+ chance. Should barely feel a difference, especially on crits. The regular blast set snipes with 12s recharge still proc great.
  14. Ice/fire/soul scrapper running degen, musculature, and assault. I'm averaging about 1:30 with hybrid off and 1:20 with it on. The attack chain I'm using is Ice Sword>Freezing Touch>Moon Beam>Ice Sword>Freezing Touch>Burn with critical strikes proc slotted in Ice Sword. There's a gap between ice sword and freezing touch so I'll hit build up or fiery embrace before ice sword after MB. I tried running the same chain with frost instead of ice sword and got nearly the exact same times. I had a few standout runs where I was really close to going under a minute.
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