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  1. I have a Psi/Ninja and I like it a lot. The Damage buff from getting Shinobi Iri (20%) and the movement bonus is nice. It was also easy to get soft cap positional defense and the self heal and endurance click powers come in handy.
  2. Thanks! The build I have it has 46% defense to s/l, 49% s/l resist, 50 hp/sec regen, but only 50% recharge without hasten. I lost the ability to proc some attack powers because of heavy need for set bonuses.
  3. I have a Dark/Regen Sentinel that reached 50 a while ago and I never did a new build. My question is what are the top 2 bonuses I need on a Sentinel regen build? I am undecided between improving my regen, defense, recharge, or resist. Any suggestion for a PvE sent build it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I don't see many people playing it, bit I like my Water/Plant Blaster. Plant has a target AoE hold and a toggle debuff. The +absorb is also really nice to have.
  5. I have a Water/Invul, Fire/Invul, and a DP/Invul Sentinels and I like them all. IF I had to pick a favorite Blast Power it would be my Water/Invul and my least favorite is my DP/Invul. On the other hand my DP/Invul is my toughest since I turned him into a meat shield. He has Provoke, Melee Radial Incarnate, Intimidate (Fear), Unrelenting (Heal), and Barrier Incarnate. He survives longer than the other two.
  6. Hey I was wondering what do you think of this build for the MoITF? It's kinda of a SenTanker build with taunt, but it also has Web Envelope to stop the AV's from jumping away. I have Accolades and Incarnates clicked on since I have them already. The good think about this build is that it should work for any TF and not just the ITF.
  7. We could try tonight. I really want to do that 🙂
  8. This is my Fire/WP/Elec build...
  9. Another thing I did was add Macro's that combine Small, Medium, and Large Inspirations and converts them to Reds. I also added a Fire Build Up Macro Icon that pops reds for me when I click it. It's little things I do that adds up. You could see in the 6th tray that has the red Icons that combines for each size.
  10. I first did this on my Spine/Invul Scrapper and eventually tried it on my Sentinel. When it procs, I could hit between 550-800 damage with Knockout blow. It does depend on the lvl of the enemy and Incarnates used, but when everything lines up it's amazing.
  11. I play on Excelsior and I have a love for Sentinels. I have accepted the fact they are not Blaster or Scrapper and I still just love to play them. I decided to post a screen shot of my favorite Sentinel's build. I am aware that my HP isn't that High, but with +408 Absorb I don't die much so it's okay with me. I am a few points shy of Max S/L resist and I am at soft cap s/l defense. I know that the Sentinel AT needs some work as a whole; however, I work with what I got. Below is a screen shot of my favorite Sentinel.
  12. I was just wondering if there is an all Sentinel SG and if so, what server?
  13. I built some of my Sentinels to have at least Soft Cap Defense with some resist too. It helps me stay alive since my playstyle is more like a Blapper (Blaster + Scrapper). My damage isn't near a Blaster or scrapper, but that is the playstyle I use on my sentinels. WB/Invul/Mako Dark/Dark/Dark DP/Ninja/Mako Dark/SR/Soul
  14. Big Soto74


    I didn't pick the tier1 primary power. I was mainly building for AoE powers. I skipped over Unstoppable since I have perma S/L resist cap and I also have S/L defense soft cap. I put the Sentinels Ward set in Whirlpool because of the +absorb proc and I use that power a lot. It gives a +181 HP and that isn't a lot, but with my current Absorb HP they both add up to +434 HP. P.S. I use this macro and it changes Whirlpool from a Targeted AoE to a PBAoE… /macro_image "WaterBlast_Whirlpool" "Tooltip" powexec_location me "Whirlpool"
  15. Big Soto74


    I have a WB/Invul/Leviathan at lvl 50 and they are great and lots of fun. The Invul is a great Armor set for Sentinels. It doesn't need enemies nearby to increase Defense like Tankers or Scrappers, so the defense is slightly higher amd this allows your to reach defense Soft cap easier. The Damage is a AoE beast; however, the damage is not the strongest. With that said you have to be creative and use procs wisely and it can help the toon a lot. The Epic Powers is where I got Knockout Blow and it's my boss killing attack. With the -Defense from WB and -Resist Proc in some powers, Knockout Blow hit hard. I ended up Slotting KO Blow with 2 Hami Acc/Dam Enhancements and 4 Damage Procs. I know its not the best slotting, but it works for me. I hope this helps a little.
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