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  1. The combo that should never work but works out quite nice. Just had to post this build for people that want to play dual blade and fire armor together, butt are scared to. With all the bad press the 2 sets individually have in the Tanker community combining them does not look like a good idea. Concept wise on paper it looks bad. Then you see the 2 fire swords with fire armor and you just want to make it work. So I had to try. Originally I started a Dual blade stalker, I have played stalkers before but I was I could not believe the amount of dps dual blade was pulling off because I never really factor in animation times in a lot of previous concepts. Why The Dual blade/EA stalker was super strong and I am still going to keep it and work it more for pure dps. Many times I was left scrapper locked finishing mobs while team is wiped on the ground not my cup of team since I like to run teams and try to make things run smoothly. So I wanted to try my old concept but was was discouraged FA/DB. With the grasp on Dual blade and previous experience with Fire. Concept wise was semi fast farmer that could do normal content. Not the toughest but a lot of damage. To get the highest recharge I could achieve and concept wise was fun. Sweeping strike and blinding feint back to back repeating that was the original concept. For Tanker Sweeping strike is hands down the best cone, 1.2 sec animation time allows you to usually get in 2 attacks for what takes a normal attack animation. On top of that it's one of the highest damage per application cone in game. In playing it did not work out that way I wanted. Recharge was just not good enough. So I had to fit a 3rd attack into the rotation. Gloom became the filler with a build up proc again 1s animation so in 3.2 sec I can get of Gloom----blinding feint----Sweeping striker repeat, throwing burn when needed. Blinding feint after 2nd strike gets 60% damage boost without proc and with 29% from sets the build is at 89% before proc. With Build up proc in Blinding feint and gloom I am getting 89% damage boost to 194%. Proc is 80% damage boost . In theory the damage should go up to 240% global but highest I have seen it is 194% global damage boost. Maybe someone could answer this question. Are Gaussian's and Decimation build up proc on the same timer? The build supports a 3.2 sec rotation with multiple build ups and Burn. Lets not forget the 2 big fire swords When it comes to survivability Fire Armor is not really know for being great but because I can loose all the fluff from dual blade powers. I can factor in some active survivability in unrelenting, unleash and not waste slotting on survivability but on damage and recharge. Since the build is focused on recharge I can get them up 1/2 the time. Not perfect but it works and if you feel you need more you can grab def melee hybrid to rotate the 2 unleash then melee hybrid. Also as a double safety net you got burnout for another unrelenting and unleash. 1k 10 sec Healing Flames just amazing heal and with quick animation attacks your never stuck to grab the heal. Cap res to everything when tanker proc 2x except psi. Now that we got to the psi hole let talk weaknesses of the build. Psi res is not cap like all others and with def only soft cap 1/2 the time you will have to work with your heals. If played smart should not be much of a problem. Also Fire tanks and brutes in normal content sometimes feel they are two slow on set up in fast group with set up burn or when not main tank in grouping mobs its no sweat with this build because even though Burn is a lot of damage your 3.2 sec rotation does a lot twho and is mobile. In all I am not saying this is the Best combo. But want to give the player that wanted concept wise to run around with 2 big fire swords and fire armor not to get discouraged from the negativity of dual blades which is really just more of a leaning curve not to rely on combos and rely on animation time and rotations. If I learn anymore trick with he build I will pass it on. Fire Armor / Dual blade works and is quiet enjoyable to play. If anyone wonders why Tank over brute for this combo. The larger cone is really needed for sweeping strike to become your main attack but making arguably one of the best melee attacks in game better and then making that your focus is why Tank is the only way to go. Combo plays like a brute, Lives like a Tank.
  2. Back in coh early days Fire armor and Ice melee Tanks were the original farmers build. Ice slick to KD and burn rinse and repeat with the addition of frozen stomp it's just better. The downside in today's meta the combo would still do great in farms and solo but super fast team play would be it's weakest point. 4-6 sec set up time =/ still great combo because u become a dps factory. Can't believe nobody said Ice/fire Brute for the classic combo. I love Ice armor to but when scrappers version is nights and days better. I could not play brutes version it would bug me, just my opinion.
  3. Regen on a stalker is like squeezing a grape. Your hp pool is to small for 200% regen to be effective or noticeable. Energize though is great at reducing end cost of all powers by 1/2 while its up saving you much needed enhancement slots to cap res on /EA armor at 75% S/L/F/C/E/N res which is far more noticeable. You still slot for the Heal in Energize but the regen is just a +.
  4. Just rolled up a DB/EA after tinkering with and playing. Building a DB/EA is over all a seesaw of Recharge vs Resistance. On one end Dual blades needs the recharge to play effectively combo or not. The more rech you have the easier the attacks play through. On the other hand /EA on a stalker is boarder line op and with enough tinkering you can cap S/L/F/C/E/N at 75% while maintaining 55% def cap. This is where it gets rough. To get res cap you sacrifice the recharge. What ends up happening is how much recharge do you need to play your attack chain and I think that just come with playtime. Still working it out ill post one (any epic) of the 75% res cap if anyone want to build off of. When I figure out the middle ground ill let you know. Still just feeling Dual blades out fun smooth animation quick attacks. Its a exciting combo and visually good looking combo.
  5. Never played a Invulnerability Sent where is the absorb coming from>?
  6. The strongest MM people will debate. What it really come down to is what are you trying to achieve. I really thought and wrote erased wrote erased and really I could not come up with one answer. Demon and Thugs are great for the extra pet slotting which gives them a advantage but you could do /dark for other primary get fluffy pet and mule it up. Everyone has a opinion what's the strongest and most holes can be fixed with incarnates. What I would say is cross your T and dot you I's. What does that mean? Focus on 1. Aoe Heal (/seconday without can be filled with destiny) 2. CC protection (/secondary without can be filled with destiny) 3. Pet mule (primary without can be filled with dark secondary) 4. -Regeneration (can cheat/improvise with envenom dagger temp power or -reg lore pets). ++++ Buff and debuffs are a plus. 1 and 2 up top are very important in my eyes so if you choose a secondary without both that's when things get rough because you cant fill both holes with one incarnate. Below are 5 combos all are super strong but playstyle and what your trying to achieve is what its going to come down to. 1.Thug/Traps (Great against AV and GM can solo them, Caps def for pets and MM. No Heal have to add medic pool and or Destiny. Slow set up not great for speed teams) 2. Thug/Time ( Has extra def to cap. Has aoe heals, but very important for Thugs has + recharge to with Gangwars. Even has debuff what it lacks is CC protection that can be made up with Destiny, ok against AV and GM nothing special really shines in tougher group content) 3. Demon/Thermal (Bread and butter. Cap resistance. Premo GM and AV killer. Has everything you need for all content except crowd controls which destiny fixes, can run fast. Weakness and strength is its resistance armor. While def pets don't get touched. Resistant pets feel everything even cap at 90% a lot of little sliver/debuffs needles can take your team down. 4. Demon/Dark( Has everything, 3 pet healers 4 including u, No CC except for destiny. Could be 3 its a wash between them. Has everything to kill GM or AV. No res shield= Less resistance more heals is the trade off 5. Thug/EA ( Force multiplier, can Heal and shield whole leagues and multiple gang wars, 250%+ rech , Best crowd control protection. Can run threw most content very fast, Not bad but not the best against AV and GM do to lack of debuffs which is the reason it is 5 and not higher) 2 more I will mention that could be thrown in the mix Thug/Dark and Ninja/Time. Are there other great combos? Yes mostly anything with /thermal or /dark can be put in the good category. You can also say for many different combos. This is just my suggestions for strongest.
  7. Imo unlike other classes MM don't have a strong meta like other classes because of the wide variety of playstyle a MM can do. If I could rank the most damaging MM combo 1-5 this is how I would go. 1.Thug/storm 2. Demon/storm 3. Thug or Demon/ kinda Anything 4. Specialty builds such as Ninja/time, beast/kin. 5. Everything else In theory Ninja/kin or Ninja/storm should be top but in practice you will never keep them all alive regularly equalling loss of dps. I believe that could be said for most content. Thug/ storm is the most damage on a pylon but I play a thug/ea because in practise my /ea can carry a team where storm can out damage my /ea. Storm has no saftey net no CC protection and a ST heal so if you get caught off guard there not as much opportunity to save yourself/team. That why I like Electric Affinity I have option to save myself,pets, and team can even buff/heal a whole league. So if your look for highest damge per sec in game Thug/Storm but you don't see them every where because MM playstyle are all very different. So if you want to change the question from "what the most damaging MM?" To " what is the strongest MM?" That could change everything.
  8. I was thinking exactly the same thing op. For your kid a brute or scrapper would be great. Willpower as someone else said is a really good secondary to start with not very complicated. Super reflex is also good and develops well threw the leveling experience especially on a Tank by lvl 18 on a Tank he will be def soft cap (almost unkillable). Brute and scrapper super reflex develops alittle later but still is a safe bet through all content. For primary what ever the kid likes you can't go wrong some do better than other but not much diffrent. For Pops I would say go with /kin or / Dark on a controller. Kin for more damage dark for more life. Strongest sugestion fire/kin or plant/kin. Strongest sugestion for combos Brute Anything/SR Controller Fire/ kin Mid game your son will get def cap and you will cap his damage to 700% with your kinetic powers. Maxing your kids character out with damage you cant go wrong. Also before mid game you will have heals, speed boost and other tool early. Threw out the game it should be fun. Fyi if you do go Fire controller drop a knockback to knockdown IO in bonfire turns it into a knockdown fire patch. Best of luck. After thought edit.:: /Thermal for a controller is also a good option and might be the safest bet with a mix between kin and dark not as strong as either but you get a heal,damage buff and resistant shields.
  9. Plainguy posted my latest build from the Powerboost EA thread which you can also see the numbers for the chains. To give some background on the build its the 4th iteration and belive it or not it was caused by this thread. I spent alot of time researching how to slot enforcer so many different values before this thread. The two contestant themes were Achilles Heel and Gaussian I ran those 2 with gamblar and 3 sup mark superior. I read BGSacho post and thought why does he have 2 then it hit me. My first three buids I was running off mids I had Agility Alpha slotted in mids from when I was in a concept phase. This cause my damage values to be lower I actually run Musculature Alpha. So I re-evaluated the pets and it made my build more efficiant downgrading to 2 Sup marks and repostion them. Two for each per giving me 30% extra rech. Below I will post my 1st build and the latest one with slight changes. I run superspeed in combat not with end IO in it. Its workd out better because it help me get into postion quicker for better chains and the stacking of stealth IO in sprint help me drop alot of threat in combat. This was the first build from concept to played. It runs more weapons than my latest build the problem is you can only click so many buttons and the chains seemed to benefit everything over me going pew pew pew pew. It still worked pretty good. The three main power difference between this version and the latest is empty clip, web envelop and tactics traded for experimental injection,toxic dart and adrenal booster. FYI I do belive it would work better with duel wield over empty clip because ST will proc more force feedback. The whole concept was empty clip and mace volley with force feed back will keep my recharge high with energize circuit. Mace volley proc 3/4 times and Empty clip was more like 1/8 times. Concept wise the pistol looked cool. Web enveloped in theory would keep mobs in burn patches but in play it just collected dust. In theorey it's perfect but in my play Gang war was up 3 out 4 groups and everything died so fast even on +4x8 I would just rather spend the one activation trying to get a force feedback proc over activating web envelope. To many buttons not enough time. So if you take the pet changes from the latest build and switch out empty clip for duel weild this would be another option for a player who wants aoe immobalise and a pistol attack. With the latest build concept switching to expermentation set was cause when my bubble burst and I realized I was not getting 300% recharge. Wah wah. So believing before I was getting 120% recharge from energize cuircuit was false. It was actually around 60% 3rd + link. With that realization and the force feedback proc on empty clip being low I decided to change. With the experimentation set I gained adrenal booster that gave 29.##% recharge + boost end and Tohit chain ( compensated loss of tactics). Toxic dart replaced empty clip and gave me a mule for a extra 10% recharge and a 2nd weak attack ( almost never use). Experimental Injection I thought I could use for Bruiser and it kinda works adds 13hp/sec regen and status protection out of cage so I can cage the enforcer/punks and let Bruiser go run off being him the downside is to apply the injection you have to be next to him so applying in combat is really to time consuming. Mace volley is up very often so when full recharge is going off your looking at 8-10 sec to recharge and proc force feedback very often for 5 sec of 100% recharge. Running 230% recharge with energize circuit in me and 300% cap when force feedback procs. Gang war is up 3/4 group and you looking at maybe 14 sec of downtime from when your gang war de spawned to when the next is ready. So gang war every 2min ish and Burnout for 2 gang wars ever 6 min ish. Not bad and with EA massive chains keeping all of them healthy is easy I rarely loose minions even gang wars. The trick is the shield spam the shield and energize circuit with sprinkling in heal chain and empowering cuircuit ( always after a new gang war) and when Mace volley recharges spam it for forces feedback. Another little trick if you have 2 gang wars or a large team it is good to use a jet pack to hover above to get catch energize circuit because in large groups sometimes its hard to get the chain back to you. Also prep your pets when entering a mission get some chains going before the first group or you will be trying to make it up. Find a bind for attack in defense and remember that attack in defense wont save you unless your pets are next to you so clicking follow to group them is not a bad idea once and awhile. I usually lead groups pets take alphas ( Perk : /EA prevents loss of pets on alpha). Also Gang War tags along near you so if you hang back to start so will your gang war. This is where super speed and sprint stealth IO help out. when engaging your 2nd group my playstyle is to click pet attack command (perfect world Bruiser takes alpha but arsonist is a showoff) then SS to middle of pack so gang war follows couple chains then SS out to enforcers. With the stealth IO and SS I pick up very little threat but its always a good idea to be aware of your surrounding and clicking def follow when needed. This build does cap S/L/E def sometimes up to 61 % but it is not a tankermind and not ment to be. The build concept wise was getting as much recharge without sacrificing damage. To get the greatest uptime on GangWar and keeping that gang war alive. IMO it plays like a team bio armor set that layers multiple protection and adds minor buffs to damage and Tohit. Plays like a Thug/kin with larger gangwars and similiar damage, /kin can buff gang war like crazy but looses a lot of minions vs /EA which keeps gang war at 100% but not as much damage compared to /kin. Compared to /Storm, storm is top damage mass chaos nothing will compare damage wise to them but /EA is a lot more team friendly and well rounded. Best of luck I hope the experience I learned and shared will help you build your character and you wont have to waste as much inf as I did on the builds.
  10. When I play electric affintey for sheer convinance I heal off of target acquired. 80% off the time it's to the melee tanking. So some /EA u played with was dropping amp up in his or her rotation. The best thing I ve seen Amp Up do is give a creeper patch mass discharge and watch a fire controller use immobalise like bonfire they were flipping like crazy discharging off dots and there was no Bonfire.
  11. Is it skippable heck yes it is but to add a counter. I have tested amp up alot and was about to drop it but I run alot of teams. So I asked players for feedback. Some AT and combos I've seen huge success I would not really have known without feedback the 2 I have seen amp up help the most was with Fire and Plant controllers. For solo pretty useless. If the build can fit it your team will love it visa versa no benfit for you. When I tested it on pets and lore I saw nothing. The only thing I've seen it do is buff healing on lore pet that is it. Has anyone seen amp up effect pets? I wish they added healing received to amp up that would solve everything. It would add a anchor in your healing chain. So that one pet or player would get extra healing in your chain.
  12. Mace Volley when slotted for proc returns around 326ish DPA vs photon grenade 150ish DPA also Mace volley can slot force feedback for extra recharge and proc more often than photon grenade. With a decent amount of recharge its up very often. I also use Toxic dart for my 2nd attack just as a mule for a sets and a way to get adrenal booster. For concept reason if you want to slot a pulse gun go for it. Pulse gun burst proc' d out with force feedback can help you up your recharge. Also fixing endurance does not mean 6 slotting stamina there is diminishing return ( there is a hard cap). I 3 slot stamina with shifter IO and shifter +end and energize circuit is sloted with 5 shifter and power transfer heal. The heal will proc off each link in the chain to keep your HP filled. My end is not perfect its like a yoyo but I spam absorb shields a lot. Since you play Robot/EA if your not sold on power boost you might want to pick up Ice epic pool with HP booster and Ice armor you can soft cap S/L def and boost your hp ALOT. You will also get a saving grace power in hibernate. Ill post my Thug/EA below so you can get a idea and get a template for your robots.
  13. Not true there is a min/max reason to go energy and that is for a high recharge builds if you are trying to spam a certain power in the 250-300% global recharge area energy will help get you there with perma force feedback. For example energy/storm. Energy gives you less damage than other range damage sets but lets you spam 2 tornados, 2 lightning storms and sub 6 min burnout times for up to 3 LS. Now with that extra damage from extreme recharge you have just surpassed some other combos. Somethings get a bad rap I think energy more so than it deserves. So for the op Energy/Empathy could be a good combo if your focusing more on team buffs than damage. Why? Recovery aura and regeneration aura have 500s recharge times and 90s duration if you have max recharge you could get it to 100s that is almost perma recovery and regeneration in theory it could be a good combo if your goal was perma Empathy buffs.
  14. Power boost on my build buffs The chain heal from 178 to 232 on 3rd + chain (team aplication not 1&2 values) now with Siren buff from lore I have got the chain heal to 290 3rd+ chain targets. T3 Running max recharge IO you can have power boost 15 out of 30sec. Also power boost buffs cage a extra 10% res which is not normal. Now you have to reapply every time power boost gets up because the bonus wears off when power boost where's out. Usefulness meh I would gladly trade this bug for them to fix Amp up on pets. Thought powerboost and cage were bugged retested cage when reapplied gives 5 secs of double value. I would argue usefulness on build. I believe it's alittle over-the-top. Even without it u can just spam chain heals and absorbs if you have your end fixed. If your curious if it works good it does you just have to use it. The question for you is a extra 120 hp in your chain worth it to spec out lore and power boost or 55+ hp for just powerboost. . That's what you have to figure out? After retesting here are the exact values for my character Chain heal % Regular no outside buffs 344-217-172----------> Powerboost 465-348-232 ----------------> Powerboost + Siren lore 580-436-290---------------------------> Absorb chain % Regular no outside buffs 423-317-211-----------> Powerboost 563-423-282----------------------> End chain % Regular value no external buffs 49-37-24---------> Powerboost 65-49-32----------------> Powerboost + Adrenal Booster 77-58-38-----------------------------> To hit chain % Regular no outside buffs 12-9-6------> Powerboost 18-13-9------------> Powerboost+ Adrenal Booster 22-16-11-----------------------> Power boost is nice but its not the only reason I went with /mace. I needed to go with a def armor base epic pool to def soft cap some damage types and mace gave me that also needed a KB attack for force feedback proc and mace gave me that. So for me powerboost was just the cherry on top.
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