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  1. Is Ninja worth it if you can almost cap everything most blaster can cap range but Ninja was the only one I could find to cap melee def, range def and almost cap aoe with IO. 44 % melee def, 46% range def and 38.9 aoe def. Can any other /secondary or combo do that I really tried hard to find something that compared? Coming over from scrapper and tanker really trying to find a tough blaster to play.
  2. I go focus a little more on damage for balance. Here is mine works very well. Solo DA mission all most as fast as my scrapper. Proc out aoe with Tanker proc in ST for AV fights. Build up proc in tactics because it procs the more people you have in group. Build also gives 21% def for teammates . 3030 base HP cap with T9. Def soft cap very good res. Very team friendly, damage and balance.
  3. I am a huge mini maxer but I went broad sword for ( Sith ) theme reasons. All the weapon sets you listed are almost the same damage. Public opinion on Mace is that it's stronger but numbers wise I see no evidence of this and when it comes to smashing or lethal damage they are resisted about the same. Mace does have a very small edge in single target damage. One thing people overlook is Broadsword has a great tier 1 power so for a Tank that really shines because you have to take the tier 1 damage power on a Tank and Broadsword tier 1 called Hack is usable and does almost double the damage of Axe and Mace tier 1 damage power. Build wise I will list the cliff notes on the three but again damage wise they are very close to the same. Broadsword: Has a strong AOE similar in damage to Mace cone. Broadsword also has a cone weaker and narrower than its counterparts but stronger than thier aoe. Also it's main heavy single target attack can strike up to 5 targets in a line but out of all three it has the lowest single target damage. Negative defense on opponent every attack. This set also has parry which will allow you to cap out melee def while leveling. Making you tougher at lower levels making the leveling experience easier. At higher levels due to shield capping def it is not needed. Mace: has a weaker AOE but has a strong and wide cone attack. It also has a highest single target attack of all 3; not by much. Mix of disorients and knockdowns as bonuses. (smashing damage) Axe: is very similar to Mace the aoe is the same and Axe has a slightly stonger cone with slightly weaker single target attack but adds knockdowns to every attack. (Lethal damage) I would say go with what your theme is or visually like the best. Also as a foot note Ice and Fire can wield there own elemental sword for theme reason. Ill post my SD/BS Tank build if you have mid build calculator. The build caps all def and can cap S/L with 60% + N/E/C/F everything else pretty close with out T9 and with T9 caps N/E/C/F. 3030hp regular and caps with T9 to 3460ish. Going all damage incarnate. Really great damage and aggro. Normally solo DA missions all the time, really fast almost as fast as my scrapper. FYI This is a end game build not leveling build. On a side not a week ago I was Tanking a mission and we were all getting lazy and I taunted from long range and stood in place instead of the point sword at opponent animation my character clanked the sword on the shield for 5-10 sec until I used a power. I thought it was really cool animation for a taunt. Anyone else have seen this? Also do other weapon sets do the same?
  4. My 2 cents SR/ is the best leveling Tank it can soft cap def at lvl 18. Yes, lvl 18 soft cap def but at max level it is overshadowed by IO builds. So what is more important leveling or end game to a person?
  5. Besides surviving, low aggro I would like to throw in Willpower/EM or Willpower/Kin melee. Without aggro are you really a tank>?
  6. You cant go wrong with any of them but out of all three I would go with Dark, for the heal and the 2 aoe u can proc out. SS toys can get to 415% damage with 2 rages and full against all odds but the crash might get your team wiped or sometimes you wiped rare but bad timing happens. You can over invest in def but will sacrifice resistance to do so for rage crash. Dark you could also go epic of your choice because your +end aoe. The other 2 you might have to go energy mastery for physical perfection to help end problems or go incarnate but if you go incarnate you will sacrifice damage. People do not relies shield is not endurance friendly at all.
  7. Beam and time would be a lot of jumping in and out gameplay. Will feel cluncky but will have really good - regen like above poster said could make a solo AV killer. short answer, better ST, -regen , av killer Ice/Ta really sync together. The extra rech and def is just icing to Glue arrow with blizzard. Just really a good mesh together. Also with proc monster slotting pushes ahead in single target but because it lack the - regen AV will be harder to kill but you will live longer because of other TA abilities. Short answer, better survivability, proc monster, better aoe with utilities. The question is what are you looking if it were me I would go Ice/TA will just be a better leveling experience and end game will be better for almost all content and if you pvp it is a premier combo. Now if its a bragging solo AV with no pets thing; Beam/Time would be better /psi even better. One thing I learned in this game is play your favorite concept because that is the best experience you will have in game. Everything can be made super in this game its just how super do you want to be and what you want to look like doing it.
  8. Once I learned to convert I was never poor again... The best part is I play what ever I feel like and don't feel I have to farm for infamy. Prices are driven down by converters. The only thing that might run short are some purple IO driving the price up. I am sure the dev team can up the drop rate if market gets to high. Supply and demand. There is also a point where you have to much money and its pointless. Right now it seem right it only takes a google search to learn how to make money in game or ask Alexa or Siri. Life is to easy these day . Also going to the community a new player lost 9 million at the AH on Indominable wrote to many 000 and multiple people were trying to help him out. So inflation haven't seen it yet and community is really good at teaching new players imo. If you don't want to ask google here is the vid Here is the video that help me and its start with him at lvl 1. Teaches how to get some badges to get merit then start your money making. When I was a kid I remember when I had to walk 15 miles in the snow for a COH game card to play a month. lol Really loved COH/COV
  9. Look at the clock 1:30am need to get off city of heroes to go to sleep for work. Before I go to sleep let me check the forums 2:00am ok time to go to sleep Not tired..... " ok ill jump on pines/mids " Look up 4:30 am Nooooo Boss " Long night at the club?" Me "Something like that."
  10. Mace is no way top 3. Mace propaganda again. Its good but it is not even top 5. No numbers support Mace as top damage. The top 3 are the newest powersets they just over shadow the old ones in every way. 1. Titan weapon = love it or hate it numbers don't lie 2. Psi melee = highest ST attack in game 3. Rad melee = damage aura, high ST, heal, aoe, splash the most well rounded and proc monster and close runners up Super Strength ( rage crashes hurt it), Electric melee ( mini nuke), Fiery melee (dps focused) Also you could switch Psi melee for Rad melee depending on AT you play. Psi melee being better for stalkers and Rad being more well rounded for Tankers an so forth depending on playstyle if ST=single target is more important than being well rounded. Damage armors 1. Bio = consistent 30% boost in damage + damage aura 2. Shield = against all odds 55% damage boost at max out enemies 3. Rad Armor = Meltdown 35% boost for 60 sec + proc monster slotting ( could argue the best if combined with the right build to free up more slots for procs) 4. Fire armor= Fiery embrace 2nd build up and burn ( why 4th? In farms its the best but outside of farms it is overshadowed by everything and burn takes to long to set. A good team would be ready to move on by then.) Combine the first 2 TW/BIO is meta right now. Until TW nerfed. Scrappers run it best. Some powers work better than others depending on AT like Tanks, Scrappers, Stalkers and Brutes.
  11. Ironscarlet


    Not complete moved to other projects but did fully test it on test server your not crazy. Cap res on pets and MM, great tankermind. If you play with head phones you wont like this combo.
  12. I played a Tanker on live from beta till when I left. Loved it never found a game after I liked to Tank as much as COH. When Brutes came out I hated them with a passion everyone said why play a tank when you could play a brute. For that reason I never liked brutes. I tried to make one but every time I thought if I wanted the life I would go Tanker if I wanted the damage I would go scrapper the middle was never my thing when the Tank changes came out I thought I would roll one out again. Scrapper been my main but getting tired of scrapperlock and thought I would make a team friendly build but WOW there's like 2-3 tanks a team now its like Tanker tug of war sometimes. I had to tell a guy "BRO I am not trying to play tug of war taunt I am just trying face the AV away from the squishies" finally he responded and moved to my side. Other times it turns into the leapfrog of tanks one gets the next group then the last one skips to the front and so forth. My best experience is when you see another tank on the team and you go but then something amazing happens when you get into a mission and you work together creating larger herds than you could do with one tank. That some fun. The true story is the game has gotten so dps friendly that people have really forgot how to tank and when you find another tank that shares the classic herd and line of sight tanking mentality it can be really fun but that's like 1/10th of the time. 90% of the time its new age Tanks that jump in and start taunt tug of war. Sometimes you get some teams you like better than others but I do wish some tanks learn to line of sight because it helps with some mobs greatly. Mace,Axe,Boadsword,Katana are all sub optimal. Some people have the belief Mace is so much better but they are all very close to the same damage. Are they sub optimal compared to something like SS where you can stack 2 rages or Greater psi blades massive ST damage or Rad overall power house of a set with damage aura? YES all the Weapon sets except TW are sub optimal but are they bad NO. Its how you build your character. For example broadsword is bad but put it with bio armor and its def whole gets filled with parry and bio can up the damage of broadsword or put Axe with shield so it can get a 55% boost in damage with against all odds. Sub optimal dosen't mean you cant make something optimal especially these days with procs and IO's. MiniMax is great but in coh play what you like and make it into something great its one of the few games you can. Ps:: Just in Blaster told Sentinel "get off my lawn you hippie."
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