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  1. The tooltip for Mutation's Heightened Speed effect shows negative flight speed, despite the effect giving increased flight speed. Current Text: Proposed Change: Flying Speed +5.01 (Ex figure)
  2. Less of a typo and more of a correction to a description. With the changes to invisibility, the Illusion powerset's Superior Invisibility should receive a slight update. Reason being it's not the only toggle invisibility power that allows you to attack while it is active any more. If this is the wrong place for this report, I do apologize. Current Text: Proposed Change: You can bend light around yourself to become completely Invisible. While this power is active, you are all but impossible to detect, and have an extremely high Defense bonus to all attacks. Superior Invisibility allows you to attack while it is active, although you will lose some of your defense bonus if you do so. Superior Invisibility cannot be used with any other self affecting Concealment type power.
  3. Major +1 here. To hide them all is not ideal, but it would be nice to see what I have active on a given teammate. Would love this to be expanded to include auto powers (like Mystic Fortune) too.
  4. @MisticRays - Manipulinetics (Mind/Kin) I think I recognize a few names from the good ol' days. :)
  5. I believe you'll find them under "Dividers".
  6. Thank you both for the clarification! I was wracking my brains trying to figure out if it was CoH or another game completely.
  7. As it has been some years since I've patrolled the streets of Paragon, I'm not sure if this window actually exists or if I'm confusing another MMO's interface with it. Is there a "Target of Target" window? And if so, how do I display it? (Ex: I select AV, they show in Target window; AV selects teammate, teammate show in Target of Target window.)
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