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  1. Just want to double check that you're doing this the correct way. Sounds like you were originally ignoring the texture header in favor of the width/height in the embedded DDS, which is wrong, but a number of the existing public tools do it wrong that way. The right way is to use the width/height in the texture header as the authoritative size of the texture; the values in the DDS are only used for describing the storage format.
  2. It's in the abandoned sewers, you don't have to run any particular mission or arc to get the exploration badge.
  3. Version 4360 System Use embedded TLS library instead of Windows schannel. The addresses the lack of working TLS 1.2 support on Windows XP as well as certain versions of wine on Mac. Previously, update mirrors using https, as well as server status and login did not function on those platforms. Forcibly disable Direct2D initialization on Windows XP to prevent a crash. Normally such a thing is impossible because D2D was added in Vista SP2, but apparently there are ways... Bug Fixes Fix a rare crash that can be triggered by switching update branches wi
  4. The launcher is, by design, portable and self-contained. You can absolutely have multiple copies of it that won't affect each other. The easiest way to make one is to simply copy the whole directory, maybe clearing out some of the settings json files if you want. Or you can do a fresh install elsewhere, it doesn't matter, the installer doesn't do anything magical beyond copying itself into the right place. There's zero use of the windows registry and no "global" state anymore so they'll be completely independent.
  5. Version 4338 User Interface In addition to the memory cache which has always been present, add a disk cache for images used in newsfeed posts, to avoid wasting internet bandwidth redownloading them after the launcher is closed and re-opened. Use the high quality resampler to scale newsfeed images to the actual pixel size the image will be displayed at. Previously they were being resampled based on the source image DPI similar to the UI components designed for a specific size, then drawn using the OS's stretch mode, This resulted in a lower quality image, esp
  6. The only "solution" is to downgrade to windows XP, which isn't much of a solution at all. Microsoft removed DirectSound's 3D audio support in Windows Vista, both the hardware support and the software emulation.
  7. Version 4318 Bug Fixes Fix the launcher failing to check for updates and/or automatically update when there was also an update to the profile configuration. Fix updates to the profile configuration sometimes causing a crash.
  8. @*Espy Try the HC launcher now and see if there's any change.
  9. Installing the new launcher doesn't currently work on XP because the default URLs were switched to https to work around some ISP caching/filtering problems. However, the secure socket library on XP doesn't support TLS 1.2 which is required by almost all sites now because of vulnerabilities in earlier versions. Working on adding http fallback support for the install step which should help.
  10. You're not the only one, someone else I helped on discord had trouble with one specific file (stage3e.pigg) stalling out over http, no matter if they tried to download it from the North America mirrors or the EU one. They could get it over https so I chalked it up to a malfunctioning ISP caching proxy or security scanner. Fortunately it was only the one file and they were able to get it manually over https. The new launcher does fail back to https, but for a stuck transfer like that it may take quite some time for it to give up on the http version. May have to flip the defaults for
  11. * teleporting with a non-combat NPC targeted if and only if it’s the first time you’ve teleported after doing something that syncs the character with the DB (zoning, starting a TF, joining a team, and a few other miscellaneous things). Can legitimately blame Paragon for this one since it’s a very old bug in a feature they added, but up until this point nobody had made a power that uses it in quite this way.
  12. We're pretty sure it's being caused by Momentum, but won't know for certain until the fix for that is in, which will most likely be Tuesday the 27th during maintenance. In the meantime, if you end up with a character that's missing powers after a level-up hiccup, open a support ticket. A GM can verify by looking at the power list and grant a respec to fix it. Kind of a pain to have to respec but it's possible to get the character back where it should be.
  13. Pretty sure you were affected by the bug that was fixed in 4250: Since live and prerelease had both been updated recently, and the crashhandler package that they all share also had a new build, if you had both set to update automatically and hadn't updated in a while it triggered a previously undetected bug that only happens under very specific conditions. I saw several crash reports on it that identified the issue, chances are some of them were yours. If you weren't able to disable the automatic updates, deleting the package json is exactly what you needed to do to ge
  14. The OP's problem is fixed in the latest launcher update, though if you're stuck in a crash loop you may have to use a workaround in order to get it installed:
  15. Version 4250 Bug Fixes Fix a crash that could happen if multiple profiles tried to update simultaneously (usually from being set to update automatically) that both depend on a shared package that was also updated. Fix a reversion that would cause verify tasks to block other tasks from running. UPDATING NOTE: If you have multiple profiles set to update automatically, you may find that the launcher crashes before it can update itself. To work around the issue, look in your COH install directory and delete the file settings/launcher/packages/launcher.json. As it
  16. We are actually 100% sure and the root cause was identified earlier today. The fix will be in a future patch, but for now the workaround is to switch targets to a critter (something other than a non-combat NPC) and/or press escape to untarget everything. After you successfully teleport once you’re fine to target anything and it will continue working.
  17. The self-update runs quietly in the background so as to not get in the way of launching the game. When it updates you won't see the new version until you exit and start it up again. From older versions that don't have the button to force an update check, this is the fastest method: Start the launcher fresh (close it first if it's currently running) Wait about 5-30 seconds for the update to install in the background, depending on Internet connection speed. Close the launcher, the start it up again. You should be running the new version. If it's not updating, yo
  18. Version 4212 Updating Extensive redesign of how the package install process works. No outwardly visible changes, just even more robust installs and updates. Better handling for version rollbacks in the rare event we would need to do one. Eliminated some unnecessary dependent package version checks, slightly reducing network traffic. Launch profiles are no longer uninstalled if they become inaccessible. They of course cannot be updated but don't disappear unless the user uninstalls them. User Interface New system for displaying high-level "pr
  19. The whole thing is moot since the duration/recharge timings that are going into the next build weren't even one of those 3 options at all. Let's not waste any more time on it, please.
  20. Everybody keeps saying this but it actually is WAI. It's just supposed to be something that randomly happens as you do other stuff.
  21. That would be a completely broken proc rate since it would calculate PPM based on a 10 second cycle but get to apply the resulting chance roll every 3 seconds. Irradiated Ground currently suffers from this problem. EnToggleflame - once the issue with it not passing enhancements through to the pet at all was fixed - was designed in a way that procs should have a chance to fire per the normal 10 second toggle rule. The dropped patches do not apply procs once they're on the ground.
  22. The current code is quite different than the original code. There are a lot of things that are possible now that didn't used to be.
  23. I really doubt they'd try to integrate it with Teams since Teams is much more business-focused and positioned as a Slack/Webex/Zoom competitor. Discord is a lot more gaming-centric, so it seems likely to me they'd try to tie it in with all their XBox network stuff.
  24. The lag / rubber banding issue is solved in 27.2.3885.1, which was pushed out as a quick hotfix to the HC Launcher. If you're using Tequila it will probably be in the next beta content update.
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