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  1. How do you get to find out your dps?
  2. Luckily for me, I tried this enhancement on test servers on my peacebringer, and results for me where it wasnt worth slotting, the proc chance and heal are way to low (heal was something around 50hp) and inconsistent with proc with different attacks.
  3. For me, i dont have toggles, but it what is annoying is all buffs and debuffs cant be used in forms, even temporary powers cant be used in forms. I have to time it right if im tanking to activate hasten, if im doing damage, its coming out of nova every 30 or so seconds for inner light as well as hasten etc.
  4. Il bite, combustion on dominator does 29.2 vs blasters 27.81 initial damage. The dots are 5.84 x 8 for dominator and 5.56 x 10 for blaster. Dominator deals more damage but blasters has been edited outside modifer to make it deal more damage and reduced cooldown.
  5. How do they seperate the scales? and what is the 45% damage buff if Nova gets scale of 1.2, it shouldnt need it? or the 45% damage buff brings it from 0.80 to equivalent of 1.20
  6. From what I can tell, both human and forms use the same damage scale so you I dont think its possible to separate human and nova damage scale. (If im wrong, could someone explain why) If Peacebringer does get a damage modifer buff from 0.85 how much should a modifer boost should it get? 1.05 should be a good number so give it a better damage scale than Tanks 0.95
  7. Problem with the idea is how to balance not just damage modifier, but max damage, hp, resistance cap, defence and resistance, status prot, resistance and debuff resistance without making it better than existing archetypes.
  8. As a triform, having more powers than slots I decided to go with powers that can support the team as well as self buffs, so resurrect (medicine), invis and tp power pools as fillers keeping my ranged damage for nova and high survivability to dwarf form.
  9. Just checked my system and cityofheroes.exe is using 15 threads and 5.75 cores.
  10. Im triform pb, lightform as human and lightform is very viable build, but requires you to be at a level to use it, dwarf enables me to be tankier at lower levels enabling me to perform both dps and to a point tanking in most of not all taskforces and group levels.
  11. Tbh, never quite liked human form pb, low damage ranged, relying on lf at 38 to tank and not quite having enough slots to fully equip what I want. Tri form gives me enough slots to tank and damage shame forms are so restricted to their forms powers and incarnates, cant even use temp powers.
  12. I would say the PB is a lot simpler to play and easier to slot than WS, heal and endurance on PB dont need enemies unlike WS which is same about WS's equivalent of LightForm etc. The WS is more complex in terms of buffs and staying alive and has some nice looking abilties and coming from a PB my self, it sure does look interesting. So, my best advice (which is what im trying to do) is to simply play both, keep reading builds and always ask for help on the forums, theres plenty of people who are willing to give some good help and guidance.
  13. Couple of things, how will you adapt if the tank tells you not to knockback enemies when using either Dwarfs Flare and Nova Detonation? Also, you could remove the recharge IO from Inner Light and replace it with Gaussians Synchronized: Chance for Build Up, using this in tactics will not active the build up chance since its a buff not a build up power, so Inner Light is the only location this can be slotted to gain benefit.
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