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  1. Simple solution could be to add an additional power to detention field that can remove detention field from said target with a low cooldown.
  2. Hover doesnt have flight stance on live right now either, so will combat flight have hover stance added?
  3. This is build 4. and yet no stance customisation for hover/combat flight on keldians.
  4. unfortunately as a form only player and the nature of forms and their restrictions, got 9 fillers either to fill or for set bonuses only edited, page 4 on flight changes, still no update on combat flight for keldians, makes me wonder if anything we suggest would taken seriously.
  5. not disagreeing its bad, only use it for set bonuses for my build
  6. Pulsar when compared to other ATs like lightening clap offers similar results. Lightening clap has shorter cooldown but disorient is shorter duration, Pulsar has longer cooldown but longer disorient duration. Both fully slotted: Pulsar 13.26s cooldown mag 2 and 1 - 23.7s duration Lightening clap 8.05s cooldown mag 2 and 1 15.4s duration
  7. Can already have double mire for warshades and pulsar is a peace bringer ability
  8. would be more of a fan of pulsar, nice addition to support defensive stance
  9. Assuming thats orbital death that can be toggled in dwarf for warshades? what could be equivalent for peace bringers to use whilst in their dwarf form?
  10. Have customisations been added to peace bringers hover?
  11. Would fully support it if more abilities are accessible in both dwarf and nova forms, not just "human"
  12. i can fully slot both dwarf and nova with their attacks, and still have enough to slot for abilities that can be activated/used whilst in human form, and then switch back into either nova or dwarf, more slots would only benefit human only. the only way more slots would benefit me would be having more abilities accessible in forms, but, its a known fact, that this will never happen.
  13. ive logged onto test, cant see anything in terms of visual fx, what am i missing?
  14. human form to me is just another version of a sentinel, the forms to me is what makes keldians unique
  15. I play triform, meaning im mainly in either nova or dwarf form only
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