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  1. I have managed to get a reasonable amount of defence on my PB through set bonuses, its not easy but it is definitely doable.
  2. I have managed to get 16.6% melee, 16.6% ranged and 17.8% aoe defence without any active defence abilities even in Dwarf and Nova forms.
  3. 1 - Keldians base damage is significantly lower than that of Blaster which requires them to have a larger damage scale. For a Keldian to match the base damage of a Blaster, they would need a damage buff of 60% which is acquired by use of their inherent. 2 - Dwarf form which also limits availability of powers or requires perma hasten to get llightform or eclipse on cooldown. 3 - Anyone can reach hit cap and even with max damage buff still wont match blaster. Refilling endurance and hp requires mobs to be defeated and present on the floor. 4 - Thats a no, again, forms restrict available powers making it a difficult choice to drop dwarf when taking hits from an av to activate other buffs.
  4. Il bite and ask for proof, because when I played one when they came out they werent used as tanks. Thats your opinion, and thats something I dont agree with.
  5. Exactly, just because dwarf form fits their narrative of what they think a tank is, doesnt make it one, as much as Nova form doesnt make it a blaster.
  6. Confront and provoke. Im surprised because I argued this when they came out with the buffs for tanks and brutes and why are peace bringers (keldians) being left out and was slapped down by rest of forum goers on how Keldians arent tanks.
  7. Point is, they arent "tanks", simply keldians with forms that can taunt
  8. Scrappers are resilient/survivable and can have aggro management. They also have access to AoE taunt both active and passive. Does this qualify them as a "Tank"?
  9. Then would you support dwarf form (and nova) buff to make them compariable to tank? Access to defensive buffs, more damage, access to abilities outside their respective form, larger aoes, higher hit cap, more threat?
  10. Designed to be more resilient and have a higher survivability.
  11. Keldians are jack of all trades master of none, forms do have a function, but a tank or brute will do that job much better. Having a Taunt doesnt make it automatically a tank.
  12. Still not a tank. Dwarf is between scrapper and tank/brute but with significant trade offs.
  13. But Keldians arent tanks and should be removed from that list.
  14. Suppose the biggest problem with warshade, which can be shared with dark powers, is its reliance on both living and dead mobs to maximise their damage and regain health, and some mobs simply disappear when defeated which can be irritating.
  15. When having light form activated and the visual style put back to the old glowing orb, when entering nova form at the same time as the effect is still ongoing doesnt look right. With the picture, your left with your two tentacles hanging from the bottom of the glowing sphere.
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