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  1. I'm curious how you solved the Windows 7 and Intel issues. Any info you can share?
  2. Originally I couldn't see it or customize it. Now I can. Not sure if others can see it, but honestly, that doesn't really concern me too much.
  3. Not sure exactly when it changed but my Ninja Mastery Sentinel has had a visible Katana for awhile now, along with tailor settings.
  4. Are you sure you entered the correct name of your OpenGL driver? Also, the location and name of the game's executable has changed. It's no longer tequila/homecoming.exe. It's tequila/hc-bin64/cityofheroes.exe (or tequila/hc-bin32/cityofheroes.exe if you're using the 32-bit version, which you may have to do). You should check the name of the installed driver to ensure you enter it correctly in the shim. Look in Windows\SysWOW64 for igXicd32.dll, where X is a number. That's the name of the file you should use.
  5. I doubt you'll find few people that actually play SS that agree with this (and the data doesn't support it), but hey man, believe whatever makes you feel warm and squishy inside. No point in arguing with you.
  6. It's a buff only for sub-optimal use of a power that's inherently designed to stack with little-to-no effort, which makes no logical sense. SS suffers badly compared to most other sets due to critters' high resistance to smashing damage and an inconsistent mix of status effects. There's a reason why Rage exists in the first place. Because the devs deemed it necessary for the set. This has been stated repeatedly by them and proven by players many times over the years, and frankly I'm a bit baffled by your intransigence.
  7. No, the correct question would be "why should SS users be penalized for using a power that's necessary to put them on-par with other sets?" Powers should not have penalties. It's always been a poor design choice.
  8. Geez, some of you talk WAY too much. The problem is easily solved: just remove the crash altogether. I never understood, and there is no legit reason, as to why it has to be there in the first place. Long discussions with Castle back in the day made it clear they're only there because he really, REALLY liked penalties on powers he thought were too good. With nearly all other powers losing their penalties on Homecoming it's high time Rage lost its penalty too.
  9. Same here. DP/Regen Sent, no blade weapon at all, with no option in the tailor
  10. Just came here to report a similar issue with Ninja Tool Mastery. I don't see any weapon at all; completely invisible to me at all times. And no option to change it in the tailor.
  11. I've installed the game on 5+ different systems all using the same base folder. All are running Win10 except one, which is Win7 x86, and is the only one that experiences the delay (as well as the "leave queue" dialog if I try to back out while waiting). The patch may have shortened the wait, but didn't remove it.
  12. Your CPU is more important for frame rates than the GPU. But you can always compare the graphics settings in-game and see if there are any differences. Those settings will yield greater improvements than anything in the Nvidia control panel.
  13. And yet another post where you claim you don't want to feel special, but then outline how you're upset because you can't feel special. OK dude, whatever works for you. You're welcome for the donation suggestion, btw. Not everyone can see true fabulousness. It's a truly special gift that works in mysterious ways. Just nod, tip the hat, and move on. Dude, it's not a competition. Chill out.
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