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  1. As the subject. Prime example is Schorr's arc, but there are other instances as well. Despite having "no bosses" in my mission difficulty they still spawn as bosses.
  2. All 8 have the Team Transport an the leader goes down the list calling out who's up next to teleport everyone to the next mission. By the time you get through all 8 the leader's is back up and the process continues. So 0 travel time or zone hopping except for the Hunts which, granted, add some time.
  3. Properly organized (such as everyone has a team teleporter power) Dr. Q can be done roughly an hour. 240 merits in an hour is a GREAT return on investment. Granted, expensive for first characters for those teleport powers.
  4. Just a note, you can GET the Ouro badge and power at level 1, you can even USE the power to spawn a portal at level 1, but you can't ENTER the portal the power spawns until level 14.
  5. I was in a team last weekend with Dracula and his son. Dude was so lucky to get the name Dracula. I was actually a little jealous. My only entry into the genre is a character who was dressed as a vamp on their way to a Halloween party.
  6. And where might I find my SG ID? Thanks.
  7. Glad to see the Hero Designer still around and being worked on. It was the first thing I went looking for when I was patching up Tequila. I do hope the "Moo Mastery" is still there for Sentinels XD
  8. Hallooo! o/ I recall having a file or macro back on live that was specifically to turn down specific setting for things like Hammi Raids and MSR's. Anyone still have it, know what I'm talking about, or have designed a new one? I was on an MSR last week and could hardly see a thing while in the safe-zone. XD Thanks!
  9. Virtue! I've missed you. @bpphantom and now on both Torchbearer and Everlasting. I hear Everlasting is the new unofficial RP server so I dropped Devoured One over there. Stellar Lass, Sudden Dark, and a few others on Torchbearer with a nice split between Hero, Villain, and Praetorian. Any others from The Defenders of Paragon (TDoP) or KGB Special Section 8 lurking about? Dang, I've missed this.
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