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  1. Sadly I don't have his pine setup or even his current set up properly. After a terrible terrible TF where I became so intimately acquainted with the ground, her paw came out with a shotgun and threatened nuptuals, I respec'd him in a fit of pique to pull out his set IOs to recycle into a dual blade/electric scrapper. It's the day after and like many things, I regret the night before so I wanted to check in with you guys and see if I'm doing something patently stupid before I completely give up.
  2. I messed up somewhere. My brute is a lotta fun but when going up against cimerorans and rikti, he goes down faster than a sack of concrete mice in the river. I saw that I was taking a LOT of smashing, lethal and of course psionic damage but I have no idea what skills in the wp set I should be taking...do I need to branch out to the leadership pool? Was combat jumping a mistake? halp, please!
  3. This was to pain train, so... the choo choo part was quite essential
  4. "Doesn't she know I'm 99% titanium?" "The other 1% is cheese nips, by the way."
  5. "I don't care what you smell, get in there!" "Wait, that was actually Han Solo, don't attribute this quote to me!"
  6. "Aw yeah! Non Union Ghost Busting!"
  8. "Keep away from the wackadoo, he'll put his fingers in your mouth."
  10. "I saw Lord Recluse punch a fish once, then we were ordered to destroy the ocean! What's up with that?"
  11. I'd love to have a playable war-walker set, yeah, plus 1 from me too!
  12. And this is why I put that last sentence in :) Thanks guys, I definitely see your point now, and I figured that blasters used it mostly as a 'back off!' but I wanted to get some more educated opinions in on the topic. As a melee dude, it's a royal pain for me because I WANT the 'enemy is flat on their ass and has to get up again' mechanic, but not the "ah crap, they're on their ass then stumbling around all the way over there and I can't reach them because I have fifty other dopes nibbling my ankles and I can't push past them" mechanic which happens a lot with knockback, as previously mentioned. When it happens randomly it makes it annoying. As for players doing it deliberately, that's another kettle of fish and we won't discuss it here. There's also the question if this is even possible, which may not be the case.
  13. Would it be possible to change all knockback powers into knockup/knockdown instead? It'd help melee out immensely, though it would invalidate the 'change knockback to knockdown/knockup' special abilities of some enhancements... I'm speaking from a melee afficionado's perspective however; what do you blaster/mastermind/defenders think, would this make your lives particularly difficult?
  14. I've been trying my hand at a street justice invuln tanker and it seems really fun and neat, but then the way the game goes everything is fun and neat until level 20 or so then the game gets difficult... anyone else try this combo? How'd you build it out? Am I just wasting my time here?
  15. Everyone's looking through rose colored glasses here, so I'll say it: it was a terrible change, it ruined a lot of fun in the game and quite frankly, that was Jack Emmert's MO. You played the game HIS way or not at all. It wasn't necessary, it was cruel and it was petty, and it made an already grindy game a horrible slog with lots of downtime (if you were lucky) or lots of deaths and debt accrual (if you weren't.) Thankfully, they brought in Invention Origins that were actually diverse enhancements. The game is now corrected, despite emmert's best efforts to force people to play HIS way. ED was not a good thing, but its sting has been rendered mostly toothless. Just... hope you got a lot of INF.
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