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  1. while funny, taunt is overpowered enough as it is lol
  2. blaster 100%, doms just arent very good in small team/solo stuff of those 3 psi/martial would probably be my vote, /em works too. /time is generally outclassed by /plant
  3. just to be clear, moonbeam isnt banned, just zapp because its damage is overtuned
  4. Overall this build looks pretty good, but there are some things that could be made more optimal: - nophase makes having both phase and hiber pretty redundant. but regardless of that i think youll find this build to be quite squishy compared to other blasters because defence armours kind of suck for non-melee toons, really you either want to go phase + an ancillary with a res armour, or go hiber + tough (for blasters, other squishies can get hiber through leviathan mastery and have both a res shield and hiber). if you do go for a res shield mastery i would probably go fire so you can proc out char for another hard hitting attack - you seem to have build for damage bonus a little bit at the expense of some health, im my opinion getting closer to the hp cap will serve you better in most fights (especially because damage bonus gets dr'd, so itll do almost nothing when you pop aim or build up). if you did want to go for a damage bonus build, i would aim to get closer to 40% or more from set bonuses while having around 1750 hp or so, at the moment you are in a bit of a half-way house. - the current meta for zone is very much based around jaunt for chasing as well as escaping (though not so much for 1v1's), especially as a /em where you can out-jaunt anyone with boost range. so i would try to get some more recharge and drop hasten in order to pick up speed of sound. - the preventive medicine proc is rather unique in that it works the same way no matter where its slotted, so you can slave a slot by sticking it in hibernate - kb protection is very much not worth anything in 1v1's, but its also rare to see people knocking people back in zone. you could drop some slots from kb protection io's if you wanted to (a good target to get is 41 though, which you hit so this is all very much preference) - having said that, because very few people bring kb, and so very few people slot for it, you can slot power thrust for kb and get some easy kills just from that. also its really, really funny - it is a time honoured tradition that you arent a real /em blaster without taking total focus, one must assert dominance with the 3 second animation to earn respect something like this for a hiber variant of the build perhaps: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1585&c=749&a=1498&f=HEX&dc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if you decide to drop some kb protection i would definitely aim to get more recharge. slotting brawl with hecatombs is an easy 10% but there maybe be better ways to get more without comprimsing. i'll leave the char version of the build to you, though i suspect it would be a bit stronger all things considered as for incarnates, it seems you are using the correct ones already in that build. intuition is always good, double hit hybrid is definitely the way to go, pyronic is op, degenerative vs reactive is largely preference but i think degen is stronger. the main debate will be which destiny to take, rebirth is definitely the safer play and more used in 1v1's, but in rv there are a lot of people who use incandescence with t3 green inspirations to be basically unkillable. which is better depends on how much effort you want to spend into restocking on greens a lot
  5. ah the great days of 1 minutes intros, 30 seconds of "pvp" which was really just AS's on afk people, and 20 seconds of outro good times
  6. 700m should be more than enough to make a top tier build, pvp builds typically arent as loaded on purples as pve builds as a tank you arent going to be doing a massive amount of damage, but fossilize from earth mastery can hit pretty damn hard, and knockout blow is pretty good too, they are just let down by their long cd's. regardless, you should still get as many procs as is feasible in these attacks. after that, you are mostly after movespeed cap (not useful for fightclub), hp and resistance. i have no idea how to make fightclub builds, but for duelling blasters and the like, something like this would be a good starting point: Tanker_-_Bio_Armor_-_Super_Strength.mxd the build is a bit outdated, for example you would probably go into mighty leap instead of super jump, and im sure it would be pretty terrible for fight clubbing (im sure you would need more melee attacks for dps, and probably be tankier too), but it might give you some inspiration as to how to move forward.
  7. MJB

    Sentinels in PvP?

    bear in mind that depending when you left live, you may or may not be familiar with the pvp diminishing returns mechanic, which regen is effected by. however, max health is not affected by DR and your regen is based on your max hp, so regardless of your choice, getting as much hp as possible will get you more regen than stacking loads of regen bonuses. if you wanted to tryhard, i would say go dark, you also get life drain which would synergise well with the concept
  8. MJB

    Sentinels in PvP?

    it depends what kind of pvp you want to be doing. in large team pvp (like 8v8's) sentinels are outclassed as damage dealers by blasters, and aren't significantly tankier to spike damage if at all however, for zone and small pvp (1v1, 2v2) sentinels can be really good, though not all sets are created equal. for primaries your main worry is to get as much damage as possible, which ice/ and dark/ are currently the best for a think, ice doing a bit more damage but dark bringing some extra utility, both sets can be procced pretty heavily. rad gets a special mention here as also hitting decently hard and being able to slot the -res proc, which in some matchups can be pretty powerful. im afraid i cant recommend psi (my first pvp toon was a psi/regen) as it just doesnt do enough damage and cant be procced very well, though the chance for placate proc in will dom is nice... its just not enough. i have heard tell of a legendary elec/ sentinel you end drains people like a boss. bear in mind that damage type isnt very important because most things have more or less equal resistance to everything in pvp, mostly because squishy res shields/tough/etc give res to everything in pvp instead of just smash/lethal no matter what primary you go, you will want to have dominate from psi mastery or netherworld grasp from dark mastery, these will probably be your hardest hitting attacks. /regen is the king of sentinel 1v1 builds, against non-spike damage you are ridiculously tanky. /bio can work too with the same idea of just having loads of heals, while also have utility like end drain resist and so on. other secondaries can work, just avoid all the defence based armours, sentinels get the same dr curves as the squishies and so defence is just pretty nonviable. ive been theorycrafting a /fire build for a while but ive never been able to make it work 😞 if you head over to indom youll often see people like "eternal one" looking for 1v1's on his ice/regen sent if you ever went to see it in action. there are also vods around of a double sentinel team winning a 2v2 tournament, and an ice/bio coming third in another 2v2 tournament, though both of these tournies are several months old now and the meta has evolved somewhat 😛
  9. yes they technically stack, afaik the stealth io stacks with everything however superior invis is enough to get you to stealth cap by itself so you dont need to io, im not sure about group invis
  10. MJB

    Max Hp help

    oh no, someone who is providing a build they spent their hard earned time building didnt do it in the format that you prefer but everyone else hates because who the hell likes scrolling through 15 builds in every thread? the absolute horror dont expect other people to cater for your laziness, open the file in notepad and you can see the build in your preferred long text format perfectly fine
  11. On live (and when I tested this before on homecoming several months ago) if you had the Kismet unique io in, for example, stealth, when you activate stealth and then deactivate it, the tohit buff would persist for another 120 seconds. The description for the io even states so. However I just tested this again and now the tohit buff disappears as soon as stealth is deactivated. The description still states that it lasts for 120 seconds. This may seem minor but it does have implications for detoggling for endurance management. I haven't tested the other io's that follow the same sort of rules, such as the numina and miracle uniques. I also haven't tested how it works in non-toggle powers.
  12. the problem we have here is that really, only the devs can say how much work it is the rest of us would just be speculating
  13. There is a bug where if you are the first person in a pvp zone, you become un-attackable (invalid target) simply leaving and going back into the zone fixes it
  14. whoever did the phase shift mez change needs a raise
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