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  1. I think hiber is being used more because of its faster activation time compared to phase shift, being stunned out of phase is the most infuriating thing in the world
  2. Curious in the list of powers that have had their mez duration fixed in pvp, there doesn't seem to be mention of corruptor > beam rifle > lancer shot? Though we've had a few games on the test server with beam corruptors and am 98% sure it is actually fixed.
  3. we use the discord server from hope to see you there 🙂 gl hf
  4. i for one welcome our new moose overlords
  5. All of this is from the perspective of arena pvp, as I don't have enough experience in zone to have a valid opinion. IMO masterminds bring too much passive disruption to a game to justify being a legitimate offensive threat. Purely by the mastermind existing, metaphorically being afk in the middle of outbreak, the other teams offence has to slow down significantly, this is currently balanced by the MM not being able to contribute a lot to a spike. This sounds like a fair trade off to me. And please don't say "just tilt your camera up", just because some people seem to have their space bar taped down doesn't mean this is a legitimate way to "counter" the disruption that MMs bring. Essentially when there is an MM in the game, the entire strategy of the game revolves around either dealing with, or playing around the MM. You target people who play away from the pack, you try (and usually fail) to catch the MM off guard to get a kill and hopefully 30 seconds of peace before they respawn, you position yourselves such that people have to leave the safety of the MM ball of doom, you try to find ways to pressure the limited offence (this is a big one that I really don't want to lose). I don't want to name drop because I don't know if they want to be forced into this discussion, but when I hear from someone that I think most everyone would agree is a top player, on a team filled with people generally known to instantly lock: I can't help but feel like MMs are doing their job just fine, hell I actually think its a good thing that they can slow the game down. 8v8s at the moment are a bit of a mess in that for standard jump teams, you can't really pressure an offence. The fact that things like MMs exist that can slow this down and make a game more strategic is a good thing imo (I also think that 6v6s should be the standard format for exactly this reason, but thats a topic for another day) Buffing MM damage would be like saying a grav/ta controller needs to do more damage. Their role is de/buffing and disruption, if you want to do offence and de/buffing, play a corr/def. Imagine we buffed MM capabilities to match that of a defender, why would anyone play defenders? You get the same (reduced) buffs/debuffs, the same damage, but you also make your entire team harder to kill simply through your existence. I hear you saying "well it would be less than a defender obviously", but how much less is that in reality? Defenders are already on the cusp of being too low damage IMO. I keep seeing this rhetoric of "MM's are only viable with a kin and this is a bad thing" and I just can't agree with it. Firstly IMO MMs are perfectly viable without a kin, they are just far less fun as you can't move around as much and yes, teams can abuse this lack of mobility, however I can't help but remember certain turtle strategies that seemed to work perfectly fine (but again weren't fun)... I also don't think this is a bad thing, I feel like bringing a buffer to cover for another characters weaknesses is perfectly fine. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that playing the afk "I exist" playstyle is fun, but fun and balanced aren't the same thing. I would like to see any changes to MM offence be counteracted with nerfs to their disruption/defence, but that would also have us lose out on what makes MMs unique at the moment. I feel like I should also point out that there is more to arena than just 8v8s, and I seem to remember a rather handsome MM players team winning a 2v2 tournament by being basically unkillable while afk with healing aura on auto, does that sort of playstyle also need to be a damage dealer? I don't think it does. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you want to play a high mobility offensive threat, maybe don't play the AT that is slow and low damage sorry for the rant
  6. IMO pain is better as a _pure_ healer, because the self debuff on share pain doesn't last as long as empathy's absorb pain. Emp is generally preferred because fortitude is arguably a better buff than world of pain, and adrenaline boost is very useful to put on your teams other emp, as apposed to painbringer which buffs a blaster to the detriment of your fellow support comrade. In general though, yeah pain is perfectly viable
  7. I think we can all agree that the all-mighty meatloaf was the first earth/fire on homecoming kickballs
  8. Is there any ETA for this patch going live? Discussions have started up once again about banning certain powers for certain arena events/matches and theres always the big elephant in the room of "well it'll be fine whenever the patch hits... any day now..."
  9. its cheaper, and if you boost them to +5 its almost the same buff
  10. pretty sure hot dogger and some breh were at the very first kickball and several others after the fact however, its hard to call it a trend where you often go weeks without seeing any sentinels, and other people not rolling sentinels to emulate (which imo is the definition of a trend)
  11. i feel like there is some confusion on blaster vs sent atm... sentinels dont get snipes having said that, all sentinel primaries kind of suck (except maybe ice), but it doesn't really matter because the epic holds from psi mastery and dark mastery are so good anyway, so yeah you can totally make energy work on a sentinel imo. having said that, sentinels are in a bit of a weird place, while they are viable, you arent going to be as tanky as you may think you are, and your damage outside of the dark hold is really really limited (though with it up, your burst is insane), just a heads up
  12. fears are generally not useful at all placate is definitely useful in 1v1's, making the opponent unable to attack you for about 5 seconds, psi blast is pretty much only viable in 1v1's because you can slot the placate proc in will dom, without that they would struggle a lot. in team stuff placate is generally far less useful though taunt is a little more interesting, all taunts force the opponent to target you and only you for a given amount of time (or until you break line of sight with the taunter or outrange the taunt) which can be incredibly powerful in team pvp, though not terribly useful in pvp. however, the tank taunt (and i believe brute and scrapper taunts too) from their powersets also comes with a -75% range component, which is really, really strong vs ranged toons, and i believe (someone will probably correct me here as well as other places) is not evadable by breaking LOS or the like.
  13. you have to take the web arrow, other than that you want: upshot eagle eye agility gymnastics and thats really all you need/what makes ta good i really like glue arrow as well, i tend to take it instead of single shot on my beam/ta ive heard some people like flash arrow, but it seems pretty niche
  14. its rare to see more than 1 sentinel at kickballs these days... some teams have been experimenting with them in scrims but really its usually better to just play a blaster
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