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  1. tested on a ice/poison controller both in an arena map vs a player, and in RV vs random npc's, spamming any attack/debuff/power i had for several minutes and arcane bolt double (1.5x in pvp i guess) damage never procced. it worked fine in pve when the patch note first made it to brainstorm i tested arcane bolt with a fortunata and that worked, though i havnt gotten around to testing that again to see if its a controller specific bug or a regression.
  2. fightclub has a community, but also imo scrappers are really strong in small scale pvp situations, for example: and really ive been having a lot of fun with this toon lately. in big stuff like 8v8's i think you would struggle to find people who want to play with you
  3. note: this is also the case on live servers, but as the beta build was supposed to nerf this, im posting it here on live servers we consistently tested the placate proc to last for 8 seconds when used in will domination, which ran counter to the advertised 5.33 second duration. on brainstorm this was supposedly nerfed to 4 seconds, however preliminary testing showed it still lasted for 8 seconds. this led to further testing and interesting results. methodology: 2 players enter an arena match, 1 player uses a power with the proc on the other. the player who g
  4. I keep hearing that people don't like that mez effects only affect half of the AT's. The solution is then obvious imo, lower the mez protection granted in armour powersets so everyone gets affected by mez's's's's's's's. Pretty sure the only reason this wasn't originally the case is because mez's's's's's's used to detoggle everything, but now that they just suppress I think it would be balanced.
  5. 2 years ago ski slope timers used to record in increments of around 0.12 seconds, over the years its slowly been getting worse and worse on indomitable right now they are recording in 1 second increments: which is obviously not accurate at all, however on the beta server its gotten even worse to recording in 2 second increments: i realise posting static images isnt the most accurate way to report this, but just trust me 😛 it doesn't seem to be related to server uptime (otherwise times put up soon after a server restart would show far mo
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it just gets weirder. i went to the trainer to get my slots back and realised all my purple and ATO io's have disappeared... i still have the slots in the powers they were slotted into, but theyre all gone... i still have the set bonuses so it seems its just a UI bug. might be related to going to the trainer again and the game not thinking im level 50? sure enough when i zoned back into RV all the io's came back into their correct slots so maybe not related at all edit: also it seems i now have exactly the same number of catalysts as catalysed io's that temporar
  7. probably nothing new, but i have had it happen to me where: respec in RV (everything is fine) slot in RV (everything still fine) zone into GV slots/enhancements were then gone again
  8. so apparently i can get my slots back by training up again (though dont get the enhancements back) and apparently this is expected behaviour. when i went back in RV after getting the slots again they stayed put, however due to the inconsistent nature of this bug it might just be a fluke
  9. "some loser" from indomitable, however this only occurred when I made the second build on the test server (it only has 1 build on indom) instructions are the same as main post, i'll see if i can get a minimum reproducer also since making this post i've had this happen without zoning, just coming out of the respec screen. it seems non-deterministic
  10. When I respec to get the slots back it dousn't seem to happen again, so might just be on first zone? edit: Actually just gets weirder, same toon this just happened on i respecced in AP, slotted and toggled up, went back into RV and CJ doesn't have any enhancements or slots again
  11. Noticed this on a few characters now, with the flow of: make new character insta level to 50 using brainstorm cheats slot up including multiple io's in combat jumping zone into RV combat jumping now has 1 slot and 0 enhancements in it (my character notably has fewer enhancement slots than it should) all set bonuses are also lost so its not just a ui bug it seems i've also noticed that combat jumping sometimes swaps places in my tray with double jump and detoggles itself, which makes me think somewhere on zone transition the game is confusing
  12. its to create a more balanced environment for people with less time they are willing to spend gearing up a toon. the jet packs seem innocent enough, but there are several other buffs that give significant advantages to those who get them, things like tf buffs, mayhem buffs, super group buffs, cathedral of pain buffs, warburg nukes, all of the summons that you can get, etc etc. essentially everyone would have the choice of pve-ing for 3 hours for every hour they want to pvp, or being at a disadvantage to those who do. so, all non arena (pvp) temp powers were removed fro
  13. @mjb @Tempty why are sentinels, warshades, veats, mm's and scrappers banned? who made up these rules?
  14. hoarfrost is pretty weak on blasters because its recharge is way too long. If you are going ice mastery its generally for hibernate and not much else this probably isnt the right forum for this though... im sure there are better threads to be asking for build help, or use the pvp discord
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