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  1. its to create a more balanced environment for people with less time they are willing to spend gearing up a toon. the jet packs seem innocent enough, but there are several other buffs that give significant advantages to those who get them, things like tf buffs, mayhem buffs, super group buffs, cathedral of pain buffs, warburg nukes, all of the summons that you can get, etc etc. essentially everyone would have the choice of pve-ing for 3 hours for every hour they want to pvp, or being at a disadvantage to those who do. so, all non arena (pvp) temp powers were removed from pvp zones, as this was a flag that was already in the game so was easier than going through and vetting every single temp power to see what was and wasn't worth limiting
  2. @mjb @Tempty why are sentinels, warshades, veats, mm's and scrappers banned? who made up these rules?
  3. hoarfrost is pretty weak on blasters because its recharge is way too long. If you are going ice mastery its generally for hibernate and not much else this probably isnt the right forum for this though... im sure there are better threads to be asking for build help, or use the pvp discord
  4. When you slot healing/absorb io's in sound barrier in the new blaster secondary, it barely changes the absorb values, only going from around 25 absorb unenhanced to around 50 absorb with enhancements at maximum stacks at level 50. Compare this to wild fortress from plant manipulation where after enhancements you are 100+ unenhanced, and getting 200+ absorb enhanced at level 50. I notice that the info on wild fortress has a line about absorb that is absent from the info of sound barrier too: on another far more minor note, it appears that the "bright sonic attack" costume setting for sound barrier is being mislabelled as "show floaters":
  5. ive tried to play back a few demo's and none of them have worked, but ive also only spent about 5 minutes trying
  6. Mids doesn't show any form of pvp DR. Unfortunately perma hasten is impossible in pvp (iirc you need about 600% pre-dr recharge bonus, which is over the recharge cap)
  7. minor thing but my resume_info.txt no longer seems to be working 😞
  8. https://discord.gg/grbegga this one should work, i set it to never expire but we'll see if that holds true i suppose
  9. can we get some clarification on this? i am assuming you dont instantly forfeit the match if you accidentally jump cancel for example
  10. when they don't have barrier? waaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy
  11. my scrapper has 1 melee attack (the default), can i play it in the ranged group?
  12. @Tempty - emp/psi defender @MJB - beam/dev blaster will change comp a few hours before the event
  13. you have neatly cherry picked pretty much the only example where animation cancelling macros do actually increase the skill ceiling massively (re-targeting after bfr/shout/whatever), however you neatly ignored the fact that pretty much no one actually does that because why would you when there are far easier ways to do way too much damage. you also neatly missed out people skipping the animation for blazing bolt, which i know you and your team dont tend to use anymore, but pretty much every other team still relies on it for a serious chunk of their damage. however as many people have pointed out, animation cancelling is in fact of marginal benefit to offence in 8v8s, however for emp/support characters it absolutely reduces the skill gap. i would go as far as to say that the biggest contributor to kill scores being lower now than they were 6 months ago isnt actually jaunt, but more emps using animation cancelling macros (i can absolutely see the argument for this being a good thing, but i disagree in the method of achieving lower scores). it used to be that positioning yourself not only to get a heal off on target on time was a skill, but positioning yourself so that you can do a followup heal was too, now the latter is completely trivialised by pressing 1 button with no downsides. on top of that it used to be a risk to buff people in between spikes, as the root might get you too far away from your teammates as they chase someone, now this is entirely not a problem. i remember commenting often that every time i would fort someone, someone on my team would die because i was then out of position. imo, this made me a bad emp, good emps never seemed to have this problem, now i press 1 button and one of the distinguishing factors between me being bad and good players being good is no longer existent. hell its gone far enough that now it is perfectly normal to just throw out spirit ward on someone you think might be the next target, with absolutely no downsides to doing so. i dont feel like im exaggerating when i say a team with emps cancelling their every animation has a massive advantage on one that doesnt, it doesnt make up for everything (you still need to be on time for the first heal after all) but it absolutely reduces the skill gap between good and bad emps, purely by adding 1 button to your tray, no downsides. its gone far enough that emps are now almost expected to also do more than just heal/buff, like playing a semi disruption role throwing out confuses and thunderous blasts, or helping the offence by throwing out ssj on target to hold spike people, and they can always do this while easily still being on heal target. it used to be just the good emps that could pull off such feats, now its normal. and all of that is completely ignoring the fact that there is more to pvp in this game than just 8v8s, i understand that its pretty much the only format you are interested in, but this isnt the "8v8 rules forum". i mean theres a 2v2 tournament happening soon, you may not care about it, i dont know, but i know of quite a few people who are quite looking forward to it. i honestly cant see an argument for how animation cancelling doesnt trivialise movement in 2v2 matches, suddenly you never need to time your jumps or anything while chasing that emp around for 10 minutes, just spam 1 button. its even worth cancelling super fast attacks like char or bib, so what if you lose target? they are the only target in your fov anyway... i would be surprised if whatever team ends up winning the event plays a single animation, other than drawing crey pistol of course. i remember when attacks like shout and bfr were high risk high reward powers in smaller team matches, now there is no risk.
  14. maybe you dont consider me on the higher levels of the skill curve, but imo animation skipping macros are bad for the game. yes they theoretically increase the skill ceiling, but they reduce the skill gap between good and bad players, a poor player using animation cancelling will be comparatively closer to a better player, regardless of whether or not the better player is using the same macros. positioning is a major skill in this game, or at least it was, animation skipping macros are literally "never worry about positioning again with this 1 weird trick". you press 1 button and you are magically a better player, imo the game is easy enough mechanically without such things. and yes, i am well aware enforcing such a thing as banning them all would be next to impossible, so really i suppose im just arguing for argument sake at this point (though i seem to remember no one had a problem with banning emote cancelling on an honour system before we knew we could detect it through replays...) p.s. please dont use "bad players are bad lol" as a defence for anything, its a lazy argument
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