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  1. I think we can all agree that the all-mighty meatloaf was the first earth/fire on homecoming kickballs
  2. Is there any ETA for this patch going live? Discussions have started up once again about banning certain powers for certain arena events/matches and theres always the big elephant in the room of "well it'll be fine whenever the patch hits... any day now..."
  3. its cheaper, and if you boost them to +5 its almost the same buff
  4. pretty sure hot dogger and some breh were at the very first kickball and several others after the fact however, its hard to call it a trend where you often go weeks without seeing any sentinels, and other people not rolling sentinels to emulate (which imo is the definition of a trend)
  5. i feel like there is some confusion on blaster vs sent atm... sentinels dont get snipes having said that, all sentinel primaries kind of suck (except maybe ice), but it doesn't really matter because the epic holds from psi mastery and dark mastery are so good anyway, so yeah you can totally make energy work on a sentinel imo. having said that, sentinels are in a bit of a weird place, while they are viable, you arent going to be as tanky as you may think you are, and your damage outside of the dark hold is really really limited (though with it up, your burst is insane), just a heads up
  6. fears are generally not useful at all placate is definitely useful in 1v1's, making the opponent unable to attack you for about 5 seconds, psi blast is pretty much only viable in 1v1's because you can slot the placate proc in will dom, without that they would struggle a lot. in team stuff placate is generally far less useful though taunt is a little more interesting, all taunts force the opponent to target you and only you for a given amount of time (or until you break line of sight with the taunter or outrange the taunt) which can be incredibly powerful in team pvp, though not terribly useful in pvp. however, the tank taunt (and i believe brute and scrapper taunts too) from their powersets also comes with a -75% range component, which is really, really strong vs ranged toons, and i believe (someone will probably correct me here as well as other places) is not evadable by breaking LOS or the like.
  7. you have to take the web arrow, other than that you want: upshot eagle eye agility gymnastics and thats really all you need/what makes ta good i really like glue arrow as well, i tend to take it instead of single shot on my beam/ta ive heard some people like flash arrow, but it seems pretty niche
  8. its rare to see more than 1 sentinel at kickballs these days... some teams have been experimenting with them in scrims but really its usually better to just play a blaster
  9. fire is definitely viable for blasters imo, i love both my fire/em and fire/ta in fact, heres 3 hours of me kickballing on my fire/ta: judge for yourself 🙂
  10. I guess you could reset with dimension shift, everyone get in the bubble for 20 seconds or so
  11. in kickballs its a bit harder to organise, but in scrims yeah we totally reset for 10 seconds or so waiting for respawns, sometimes its bringing the fight closer to our spawn. sometimes its evading for a while, sometimes its jumping on the roofs of outbreak for a bit etc etc. some of that works a lot better in smaller team sizes than larger (like 5v5's and the like). in 8's you can often get away with changing your calling strategy, depending on your team maybe youll call faster or slower, and often your target priority will shift when you are behind/ahead. emps are generally (not always) easier to kill than offence, so maybe if you are down 2 kills with 20 seconds left youll try targeting their emps, however everytime you target an emp, a blaster on their team isnt being targeted, making their offence stronger. conversely if you are ahead you almost never want to target an emp, and instead keep their offence down as much as you can to try to deny them kill potential. at least, thats how i try to deal with it with my team, others may have very different opinions an example of a reset: its not a big thing, just a little break to get a bit of room. something to note is they still got a kill while we were "resetting", but they had to work for it and we managed to leave them with 1 person from our team re-spawning instead of 2
  12. dark/ can work somewhat well, however /sr doesnt really work for sentinels thanks for DR 😞 your defence never gets particularly high as sentinels use the ranged class DR curve still unfortunately most/all sentinels are either /regen or /bio for good reason, the primary matters a lot less for the most part other than that, the only thing you need to think about is your mastery, which as long as its //psi (for dominate) or //dark (netherworld grasp) youll do fine, in fact most of your damage will probably come from whichever of those abilities you choose. as for IO's, i recommend having a read through:
  13. sonic as an attack set is a bit tricky to pull off atm i feel, its animations are pretty rough having said that, defender sonic attacks do -20% res each, which is pretty insane, i could imagine something like a kin/sonic defender or the like being pretty fun as an offence toon. nature/sonic could probably also work, but i feel like there is such a thing as "too much" -res, and so i dont think you would want to use corrosive enzymes much. cold/ and therm/ could also be interesting as disruption toons. of course pain/ and emp/ are really strong, but thats a very different playstyle and tend to be built around more than the attack set all of that is also true of corruptors, but i feel like the -20% res for defenders is sonics best asset I cant recommend /time as a secondary for blasters, its pretty overshadowed by /plant, /energy would be alright as iirc power boost effects the -res, but the animation times _really_ hurt. if you really want to go blaster i would probably go /ta (to help with rooting all the time) or /plant (to be a bit tankier, and -res works somewhat nicely with toxins)
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