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  1. not that i know of, there is the pvp discord (stickied a level up) but in general you are kind of on your own unless you get some nice friends, i know @M3z has some videos on his youtube about making a farmer/setting up a new toon and whatnot so you can be easily self sufficient, but thats about it
  2. we dont see many in kb because no one likes getting farmed, but the ones you do see always have a high impact. as for scrims and whatnot, havnt rare been running triple dom teams lately? (yeah yeah i know its because of the clean spike, but still). i know that other teams, including mine, have been talking about using doms a lot too, though talking and playing are different things yeah i do, i see people kb checking peeps all the time, keeping people honest. tbh this is one of those things that you can metagame (which is why i said you can get away with less). peeps dont run knockbacks because peeps run knockback protection, and so you can abuse that by not running knockback protection. this is completely fine, until you go up against someone who starts knocking you back, then you have a really bad time. the choice is yours from the sounds of it, our differing opinions come from the fact that we pvp in different ways, i tend to stay in arena matches and you like to zone, thats perfectly fine. i just want to point out that statements like: are not completely true, there are use cases where doms are good (and equally there are use cases where they are bad)
  3. yes please give me back 1 shot inferno's πŸ™‚
  4. I disagree with pretty much all of this, yeah perhaps if all you do is 1v1's (and maybe zone) youll think this, but if you do any team pvp youll realise that doms are always the high value target for the opposing team to call, because 4 second holds are stupidly strong. also didnt they recently buff ice so that it does pretty legit damage now? yeah blasters are good and easy and whatnot, but doms still very much have a place in team pvp anyway, i dont have a build, but some guidelines would be capped (1606) health, between 41 and 48 kb protection (can get away with less if you want to take the risk), min 60% recharge, a res shield (i think leviathan mastery is the meta atm), speed (hasten, ss), leaping (sj and acro, cj is useful for slotting kb protection), leadership (tactics) and concealment (phase shift) for power pools, and then whatever flavour you want after that, personally i like slotting for range bonuses
  5. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Bloody_Bay in particular: a way to warp to pvp zones would be cool, but yeah this isnt really a problem that 3 seconds of googling cant solve...
  6. its not bad, but it still exists my point is that eventually you dont _need_ more range, you will be "safe enough" and its a lot easier to get to that "safe enough" range for sets with a snipe than without, and thats where boost range is most useful imo
  7. unless my maths is off, they are actually doing pretty much exactly the same damage before and after for BFR (both within a rounding error of 153 if you calculate before resistances) what is more interesting to me is how come ice bolt and ice blast are doing so much more damage in the new calc than the old? while bib and fr and doing far less. im guessing its a flat damage bonus based on toxins animation time and not based on the power benefiting from the buff? but im pulling that out of thin air tbh. im at work atm so cant easily get the base damage numbers for each power to make a more educated guess
  8. IMO its better on sets that dont have a snipe, as the sets that do have a snipe dont need boost range as much with already being able to hit stuff from farther away (and the added range buff snipes give gets dr'd more with boost range)
  9. These are the best changes I've read since coming here, thanks to everyone who worked on this πŸ™‚
  10. I disagree about the build having endurance issues, energize is easily perma and makes endurance problems completely disappear. its nice as a heal and all but generally /em doesn't need to worry about end
  11. i think bp also destroying everyone with his ice/plant those first few kb's had an effect too
  12. good shit, i think natures coming into the fold started happening a long time ago but peeps only started gathering for the buffs recently so they are more obvious now i think its a bit early to call fire blasters a trend lol πŸ˜› no love for some gymnast and some vegetable 😞
  13. your assumptions are pretty spot on, my only comments would be: spore cloud is pretty optional, its cast time is a literal eternity and it will get detoggled anytime you get held (which is a lot) Rebirth can be used on a live target for a heal, but obviously its cooldown makes this pretty niche, however, it would be hilarious to pull off (worth thinking about imo (ok not really)) life giving spores might be ok if you are playing with a lot of masterminds, but yeah for the most part its useless, people move around too much
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