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  1. Sure who does not like getting some good vibes sent their way. As a regular TF leader I am always trying to keep the group morale up by telling the team good job after every mish, and calling out players for noticed actions to send them extra vibes. As for getting them, well yeah gotten plenty on live and now for my characters for one reason or another. Honestly though no random props really compare with having some of the original Devs end up in my social circle in game back on live. I mean I know Ive mentioned it, and I really hate to come off as a braggart, but thats kinda the spirit of this thread right? So yeah my oldest toon from live, last of my year one toons was T'Keron Valmaz, created based heavily on the lore of Infernal's own origin story. When I met him at an official CC by chance and greeted him by saying Hail and well met K'Varr old friend it made an impression that turned into chatting now and then about the game, lore, even abit of internal dev drama now and then, whichis maybe why I speak about Jack sometimes as if I know him. I dont but Ive heard enough first hand stuff about the guy to have an idea of the guy I suspect most have more of a vague outline of. Rest assured if you thought a guy who would create an avatar like Statesman had a serious ego trip, you would be very spot on. And maybe more awesome was my random encounter with Ghost Falcon. By sheer chance one day as I was leading amoonfire TF back on live, and doing the run to skyway for the talk to, I was passing through Ozone, and saw GF. I was caught off guard and even taken aback, as he wasnt in GM mode, which had a distinct color/title applied to ones character. At first I thought it was a player using the upper case i trick and sent a tentative tell saying uhm are you the GM ? because well you dont seem to be but that is def a CoC viloation. He laughed and was like oh yeah I am, but was had GM mode turned off because he was going to be running with an SG on a TF due to a contest one by one of the players at a convention. He actually toggled on his GM mode just to show me lol. Anyways we chatted for a few min, then I went and caught up with my team back in striga, and he headed to the warzone for his TF. But later we met back up so I could grab screenies of my character Invisible Falcon standing alongside his praetorian doppleganger turned primal ally;) Still sad about thta old tower dieing and losing those screenies. Now as for player compliments on game play. Yeah my blaster berk has garnered so many along the lines of how are you out tanking my brute, your blaster is a beast kudos over the years they honestly are status quo when on berk. I tend to appreciate them more when Im on characters that can help others directly and am acting as lite support while laying waste. Like when I toss heals on my tanky dps dealing PB. Or when Im casually leading a team of mainly lowbies on a PI council radio team, and not simply dragging them, but using a mixture of buffs to empower them up enough they feel useful and are having fun while I still get to be challenged enough by carrying the bulk of the load on my toon who isnt a solo selfish build meta maxxed to the gills, but a team leader build who revels in banding together random young heroes and forging them into something mighty. Its likely the thanks I get from players for that easy going casual leveling play I find most heartfelt because I know plenty hate AE PLving, and yet are also tired of the leveling content, so a good PI radio team when your a lowbie can really let you have fun and get up to the fun powers pretty quick.
  2. Yep nope. Lets use another D20 inspired pc game. classic Knights of the old republic. One of the most popular "Challenges" players have created for that game is to not take any level ups after the first one is forced on a character, so that when they can go jedi, they have usually around 7 levels saved up to instantly go jedi with. To beat all the early quests as a lvl 2 character is indeed very challenging, and the main tricks most use to pull this off is strategic use of consumables. This is especially true doing the arena quests to beat Bendak Starkiller and get his special blaster, as only a lvl 2. It is all about skillful use of the limited options one has that allows one to beat the arena master as the lowest possible level( and about 4 lvls lower than the contents challenge is designed for) Hell in PnP ones consumables and items are factored into a character/parties ECL( equivalent character power) So a DM is going to be basing encounter strength on all possible resources a party has access to, and thus those who never use their precious potions because someday will be a greater need then now, are far more likely to party wipe if the DM isnt pulling punches and expects the players to think and use every trick they have to survive. Let me guess when you toss dice, you prefer point buy stats for character building instead of 3d6 in order no re rolls unless you roll a shopkeeper( lacking at least 3 stats above 12)? I only ask because I meet a lot of 4D6 reroll 1s and put them in any order types who think they know what challenge is but actually are clueless cutters and more barmy then this ol berk.
  3. I do get what your saying but the fact is game devs rarely cater to extreme niche issues. Hell even wide spread things like color blindness are generally not taken into account, and can be a truly crippling factor in gaming. A good example is in the game Warframe. A character in it Valkyr, maybe among the strongest frontline frames to choose from, to employ her literal invincible mode and super damage claws, gets a red tint added to the screen that is bad enough Ive known a few players who due to their red/green color blind issues, have their screen become impossible to make out anything on and thus can not use valkyr no matter how they tweak their visual settings. The answer from the company when asked if they could allow the tint shade to be changed was nope sorry, that is the red of rage, dont like how it works dont use the ability or the frame. And no few players sided with this choice, saying that any dev energy from any department was better spent on anything the majority of players would benefit from. Then there is the even meaner dev response. Over on DDO the blind spell actually blinds you as in blacks out your screen, this used to be perma until a remove blindness spell or potion was used to negate it, now it has a few min duration but still when your hit with it, and cant cure it, your only choice is to sit tight or stumble into a deadly trap or group blind. There is even darkness enough in that dungeon that there used to be a spell favored by players to act as a light source, those who didnt have access to the spell complained about the unjust advantage such players had, so they removed the light source aspect from the spell, making everyone have to stumble around in the dark rather than make something like a lantern or torch that everyone could use. Visual challenges are valid challenges, and while it sucks some with issues related to vision cant always play them without suffering, its not fair to the majority to take away or dumb down game play to cater to a minor niche population. Now while I doubt it would be any less work, what I wouldnt oppose is things like signs added in missions that made sense, like tunnel a1, junction B etc added to help highlight the branches and entrances better without a massive change to tunnel scale or visual appearance. Heck even mall like maps like you are here would be more of a in game approach Id approve of. But trying to beat content mastery challenges on the forums is something Ive always had issue with in MMO forums.
  4. Now I am naught but a simple lad born in the U.S. of ol A. And even I know that the red menace was a product of fear mongering by politicians. Yes we understand that Stalin did some terrible things and killed more of his own people then both world wars combined. However and this is the part that will confuse most of my fellow citizens, in Russia then and now, That symbol is not seen in the way we see the confederate flag here in the U.S. The Stalin era is still held up by many as Russias last golden age. Many still tattoo his face on their bodies there. Basically your seeing it as bad because of the whole cold war rivalry thing. For many there it is as much a symbol of their national pride to a degree most putting the stars and stripes on their bumpers here could not even begin to imagine. And this may blow your mind further but the hammer and sickles meaning as a symbol has never changed, it is meant to represent the union, the natural need for the peasant or farming/ranching caste and the factory workers or to put it in more modern terms the urban manufacturing caste. That a society is built upon these 2 factions. That the wealthy elite that do not build, nor grow that which we live in or eat are not actually useful or needed by society, and should not be the ones to govern the people. The wall came down in 89, and the war was cold before that for decades. Let go of the red hate already.
  5. Seeing as Ive posted previously and made my reasons clear in the very post you snipped a line from to quote, methinks its not me not reading others posts. Call it an annoyance all you want, it does not change the very real fact it counts as challenge in the form of content mastery, which is very valid game design. That alone is enough to justify it being left as is rather than letting that challenge be perma beaten here on the forums by dumbing it down or removing it out right.
  6. Yeah they do seem to keep on the low key side of things, only stumbled upon them because I have a human form PB and that is part of their RP theme, which they seem to use just enough of the in game lore to basically defend their existence and even be tolerated. They basically borrow from the council/5th column and CoT. Wear white colored outfits they claim are based on the old robe wearing CoT mobs( their sg name without naming/shaming uses the word white, and a specific flower, and plant in the name. I mean I guess with 2 nazi factions in game it shouldnt surprise me, and almost be expected at this point that some who want to get away with acting like nazi will base their characters on the nazi and body snatching demon cult. Still when you see them all hooded up out in Perez Parks more remote regions it kinda makes you wish for open world pvp.
  7. You have yet to provide a valid reason why content mastery based challenge should be removed imo. Any content that the meta is to memorize lay out, spawn locations, etc qualifies as this form of gaming challenge. How many times did you have to play that map before it was just a minor annoyance? Maybe you have a photographic memory and took just one time, but most it took no few to master that room. That is valid game design, one that yes annoys some gamers who do not like having to learn, and find the inherent speed bump such design represents to mass murder clear speed an intolerable thing to ever encounter most typically.
  8. Ill be honest Id actually love to see variants on the cosmetic rocket boots, rocket packs, and wings that also acted as temp flight powers we could charge up. I mean I get that some hate em but they are a decent inf sink and we need more of those not less.
  9. After pondering this one and wanting to approach it without having to bring in RL pollywog tongue waggin here is my 2 inf on the top hat here. Statesman for good and bad is the old school golden age era icon of this games multiverse. And he does not wear any direct symbol denoting his fealty to any nation, and in fact its far more the other way as Statesmans word was basically law to all the civilized nations of Earth more or less. This was by no accident and went hand in hand with J.E.s pov on the subject of supermen like beings ( let me put it this way he likely loves the DCU movies and the ego trip that is superman in them). This is why Statesman garbs himself in the colors of the leader of the free world, but is not beholden to it. States really is only a few years behind Emperor Cole, or one major world wrecking disaster from the deep end when he thankfully bites the big one. Ironically ol Wade may have saved the world a far greater threat in the long run. As such I think it far more fitting with the game setting to not have heroes wear actual flags. I think Heroes considering themselves first and foremost servants of any faction political, religious, cultural rather than a hero to all that chooses to wear colors or bear a name that denotes their faction of origin is more then enough. Someone in this thread I saw who seemed unhappy with the lack of flags showed a screenie of their outfit that imo was actually quite a good homage to the flag they wanted while keeping far more akin to statesmans own design. So yeah Id have to say its best to keep such things to a client side visual mod, so people can look like walking political propaganda if they want without bothering anyone else. Its bad enough there is an actual KKK rpsg on everlasting in full on white hoods/robes with torches.
  10. Aiming? WTF is aiming? I use a mixture of telekinesis to guide my rounds and psychic ability to know where my target will moving to so I just have to fire where they will be going or at least in that general direction. Then there are the tech types with self guiding smart bullets. Aiming is what non hero cops and soldiers who do not rate at the same level of ability as Meta's rate. Aiming is for those detectives we help out.
  11. We really just need a side arm pool with 5 good single pistol attacks. So that those who want a sidearm for short to medium range can have it no matter what super power themes we want via primary/2ndary.
  12. No one is saying remove the current animations. So even if you like the current ones, having at least 1 alt animation set for every set seems like something all players should be able to side with.
  13. While I cnt say for certain, I do seem to recall a few early conversations here last year around this time, asking about the idea of updating all city zones like AP got face lifted back on live, as well as fleshing out Khallsiti wharf, and the HC team seemed to express that npc placement/spawns/behavior, and map creation and alteration was some of the most difficult work they could begin to undertake and for their small team would demand basically all their time for quite a while to come if that was to become their focus. AE p building is basically just connecting tile sets( anyone who place pen and paper D&D is likely familiar with the pre made boxes of dungeon tiles you can buy), and to me I think that is what is causing this disconnect for some here. They see AE and how we just pick a map for a mish in it, and think hm well thats easy I could create a hundred new missions a day like this. But being the artist that creates those dungeon tiles is a whole different level then the DM who uses them even if creatively to create a random dungeon for his players game session. And again its not even the work for me thats the reason not to. I do not consider maps that confuse and disorient players some annoyance to remove, but a challenge that should if anything be the standard for new maps going forward. I was one of those that never used some map ui overlay to cheat my way through the maze of the perez park forest. You see in gaming there is a type of gaming skill referred to as content mastery. It dates back to the original days of video games like the first Mario Brothers. Remember how to reach the final boss you had to take a very specific path on each screen and if you didnt ever stop to think, who could run on until time ran out. Learning the ins and outs of a room like the pancake room isnt all that hard. Yes as someone who has hover on the majority of his characters its challenge is heavily negated, and that is as it should be. If terrain never made slow hover the optimal solution few would ever bother with it. Since citadel is a regular TF for my namesake to lead folks through, ran it countless times on live and likely a few hundred now on HC. Its a a favored daily for me. All I can say is you want to stop being challenged by content, master said content. But beating the challenge by demanding it removed or lessened on the forums, well yeah nope, fact is folks like that have a pretty derogatory term for them on most other MMO forums, and is one of the few Ive never seen forum moderators remove or infract for using because such gamers who QQ for the game being easier in any way so they dont have to use their ol grey matter are not held up in very high regard by the gaming community in general. Now do I not get were players are coming from here? No, because I really do. Im 40 years old now, my eyes and twitch reflexes are not what they once were. I enjoy a game galled Warframe, it is very fast paced, and not being able to keep up with the younger gamers can lead to real issues. To that end one of my favorite frames in that game is Titania. her main ability is to turn into a small flying fairy form. Between her flight speed and small size turning every tight tunnel into a canyon I am able to keep up and even out run plenty of the parkour speed running younglings on that game. I had tried other speedy and stealthy frames as well, all to find ways to compensate for my lack rather than demand the tight tunnels made wider, or the long maps made shorter. When I want to play slower frames I solo or only play with RL friends so as to not impact puggles with my slow pokery.
  14. Well since you are gonna bring me into this whole rambling tirade of yours. Hard no vote on changing the cave maps. Adding new ones to the rotation sure, but I am a firm fan of things like the hated cake room, water storage council room, and in general the designs of all the current cave tile sets. Hell I can pretty much consider council cells my 2nd home after all these years. The entire burden of any suggestion to change or add is on the onus of the idea man. When others do not like or agree with your idea, digging in your heals, sticking your fingers in your ears, and yelling at the sky for the answer you want to hear from the source on high that likely has little interest in wasting their precious time getting drawn into your mad little world should tell you all you need to know about the value your idea holds to people at large.
  15. Thanks for reminding me why your on ignore, My reply is aimed at, and obviously so, their saying brutes are somehow unfairly screwed over. Yes the larger topic is IO sets and their bonuses, but their post seems to imply that the Brute, due to their high dmg res cap, should be entitled to maxing those, and that IO dmg res bonuses should be higher to help them achieve that. Someone here is certainly being willfully obtuse but it isnt I methinks.
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