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  1. You mean 5 leadership powers dontcha? And SS+SJ is a classic combo for high speed global mobility. Not to mention any homage to Superman demands flight, super speed, and super jumping. Without any one of those its just not a true kryptonian homage. Only pure meta gamers have issue with such paltry impacts on over all potential. If a build can sustain all the leadership toggles and the player teams most of the time, then its far from a bad build choice. Plenty of primary/secondary sets have powers that are easy to skip over even from a meta perspective depending on play style. This is perhaps most true for offender builds that will not take any powers that effect allies only. This gives them plenty of free power choices to just make something fun and flavorful while still being a solo Monster Slayer.
  2. Again abit off topic, but personally I do not rate a comic book character, or anyone in RL for that matter, as more heroic based on how much risk they personally take. In fact if risk taking is a prereq for being heroic, then one could argue that Lex Luthor who is but a mortal man challenging The Superman( along with the rest of his cosmic class peers like GL and WW) and in fact does so because he views such beings as inherently threatening to humanity is the greatest of heroes( fun fact that actually is a long standing popular pov from LL fans I gather). Now do not get me wrong I love my mortal man charcters that are homages to the likes of batman. I do however intentionally gimp them abit by design to capture that feeling. IMO thats a good thing. That the level of personal power we want for our characters via concept is well within our control. Just as if those truly seeking challenge want, can make custom AE content that will target their characters weak points in various ways. The fact most AE content is farms or very story driven and little is made to actually stress test builds is exactly why some of us here say folks wanting mass game wide power balance toned down are in an extreme minority. Actions speak loudest to me. Until I see some kind of in game trend that suggests otherwise, my view would be that the OP and those here that want such things would be better off making a small private server to find the play experience they seek.
  3. You seem somewhat confused. Within the comic book hero genre are several distinct sub genre, you seem to be speaking specifically to the costumed vigilante genre as your preference. Characters such as batman and punisher who are but mortal human men using skills and a private arsenal to wage war in the streets. Superman is most assuredly the icon of the actual super hero genre. And I myself enjoy both genre equally along with the various other sub genre such as the anti hero genre. However trying to infer men like batman and punisher are more heroic than say The Flash is absurd. Punisher and Batman are both examples of severely mentally ill men suffering from all sorts of disorders. Both could even be considered borderline authoritarian fascists as they are willing to use violence and intimidation to enforce their personal ideals upon others. Especially in the case of batman who has wealth enough to do plenty for the downtrodden and desperate and remove many of the social pressures that drive people to common street crimes like drug dealing, pimping and prostitution, and gang life in general which largely depends on children from poor homes largely neglected by family and society to fill their ranks. The trait of Batman that has largely defined him as a hero is the version that is unwilling to take a life no matter what. A strict code of honor like that in the face of all the evil he sees is very much super heroic. Superman is super heroic because he so easily could instead be a living god ruling over humanity as a tyrant till our sun fades from the sky. Its his tight grip on the morality instilled by his foster parents that makes him super heroic. Random dude taking the law into his own hands and taking lives is what we call a murderer not a hero.
  4. While it may be true that due to the nearly unlimited character slots many like myself have made pages of alts that are just collecting dust and day job badges until their turn in the Q to be capped comes up, The extremely active, vibrant, lvl 50 pugging scene makes a liar of anyone trying to claim its comparable to the virtually nonexistent PVP scene in terms of active player participation.. I have 7 fully decked out 50s among my roster. They all get plenty of play time alongside whichever of my lowbie alts I feel like leveling atm. My SG is thick with capped and incarnated 50s. And even the more casual players tend to log in a few times a week on them. Many revel in running ITFs and LGTFs. They are seen by many as introductory incarnate content. A good way to test ones limits and work on unlocking their slots. The Shard TFs are treated by many as incarnate content exclusively ime, as a great many hesitate to go there otherwise. I know PVP has always beena near nonexistent portion of the CoX population. But trying to act like people playing at cap is as rare is insane, as it is well known in literally every MMO the majority of the population prefer playing at cap with fully developed and kitted characters. Its why WoW had to constantly expand the level cap and devalue the current BIS gear, because so much of their active population would have achieved that and need to have the goal post moved to keep them going. In CoH even on live most everyone I knew who had been around for more then a year had at least 1 capped toon well setted. When incarnate stuff hit, TFing blew up in popularity due to the WST mechanic drawing many who had given up on TFs due to a bad experience in the early years. As an active TF leader back then for PUGs I met many during that year who had not touched TFs since year one. Who once they got a taste for smoothly lead TFs became TF junkies, in large part due to the incarnate system and quest for notices and double merits.
  5. Let me make it as plain as I can. My blasters, sentinals, even my PB have nukes with CDs or around 35 seconds or less. The nukes are far better and up more often then any judgement choice. Lore Pets have a good amoung of CD between uses, meanwhile my sentinal has a nasty widow who is perma'd. So my dark/regen sent who can just float around laying waste, and always has a strong pet is supposed to feel surpassed by peoples incarnate powers? Because that seems to be what those hating on incarnate powers and judgement seem to be saying I should feel like. However I dont. Because news flash nuke up every 27 seconds is what matters to my mass murder power, not a only at 45-50 long cd nuke. This isnt whataboutism. Power set nukes are clearly a superior power to judgement nukes in every way. Ive seen plenty of brutes bitch about the power of blasters and sentinals in actual game play for the very reasy that such high recharge nuke builds can indeed single handedly go from room to room nuking and leaving the bosses who are half dead to be cleaned up by the stalkers and scrappers. When a Brute cant get their fury meter up I notice they get very moody. OP do you main a brute by chance?;)
  6. Let me help cure your ills. 1st step. Stop crafting. Yep you heard me. I mean why bother. Sell everything you find of any value. liquidate merits for inf, and buy attuned IO sets that can be hand me downed to future alts after you fine tune and trick out their capped build. thanks to number 1, the answer for number 2 becomes clear. Dont bother storing salvage. Instead use a base empowerment station regularly to keep salvage from maxxing out. Sell rare salvage when found for a nice little burst of inf. 3. Enchancment storage becomes only for those hand me downed attuned sets you have now. which are way way better for leveling with then any other option. Only my first toon struggled on HC. Since then every toon starts getting tricked out early by my collection of attuned sets Ive built up. And boom, your now free to play the game and not spend time crafting, sorting, and can just have fun.
  7. If only that was true. It is said the power of an Incarnate can make a bad build functional, a poor build decent, an average build ok. But a good build is good no matter what you put on top of it.
  8. First, ever on a team with a couple blasters with their nukes recharge at 30 seconds or so? Yeah next to that a team full of judgement isnt that impressive. Likewise lets see its only from 45-50 exemped incarnates get access to their powers. Most folks I know wont even try shadow shard TFs if at least a few full incarnates are not on the team to help speed it up. I cant even think of content that is drastically impacted by going incarnate, but I suspect that has to do with the way i build my toons. IME people like the OP here are really QQing over nothing, because odds are they will be dead weight for most teams with competent builds and players behind those builds. Because lets face it, what the OP is really saying is he feels useless as a moderate DPS build, that offers no utility or support to the team, so they are pissy about feeling useless because they build to be a one trick pony, and then found out their pony wasnt the Black Stallion.
  9. Something to keep in mind. in the pre ED/IO Set era, hasten being perma was a staple, but that was only hastens bonus globally. If you get at least 70% from sets and special IOs, your as good as having hasten perma back in the 1 acc and 5 dmg SO building days. For ATs like scrappers, if they take most or all of their primary set, then they will have a full attack chain without hasten being in the mix. If your toggle heavy, then global recharge really isnt doing that much for those powers either. For example I never bother with heavy global recharge on a set like will power. maybe a few lotg specials and some easy set bonuses at most for abit of extra but its not a need like on say a click heavy set like regen.
  10. Im not sure why you seem to be so combative and hyperbolic in your response. Im not suggesting some massive over haul, and trying to offer an idea that both encourages team centric play, while avoiding an out right buff to the discussed powers in terms of duration that could be exploited by dual boxxing. And yes blasting may be a defenders 2ndary but that doesnt mean they shouldnt be able to enjoy doing such actively on a team and not merely play cheer leader to the big bad warrior ATs. And what about controllers? Their buffing aspect very much is their 2ndary, yet they can also be expected to go full nannybot by certain player types who demand support be the focus of such ATs. Its pretty common knowledge among MMO gamers that support characters are always in short supply, in large part because many dont enjoy the style of play. CoH has always been atypical in that its support classes can often be very strong in offense or control, and that buffing allies has typically seen it made more user friendly to encourage more trying the ATs. I have troller and defender toons and honestly do rarely play them as support as a primary aspect of my play time isnt that fun at all. I do such as a way to help the community, so yeah I myself am an advocate of making support play something more will try by making it as stream lined and hassle free as possible.
  11. Should of quoted and asked me, as the OP of the comment your asking about. Nothing about my post suggest changing the nature of the powers themselves. Its simply suggesting that once a buff is applied. by simply staying in regular close contact, the buffs being talked about here, the annoying short term, single target ones would re apply. I suggested this inspired by the title of this very thread. The core goal seemed to be to reduce the hassle of playing certain support sets, while also promoting team interaction. My idea was with the goal of keeping the buffs themselves short, so buff botting, or buffing and then letting team mates go running off on their own wouldnt be able to benefit. But a team sticking together and working together, will find the buffs basically endless in duration once cast, freeing up defenders to use their blast set, and trollers to focus on controlling, rather then being forced into nannybot duty due to the nature of short duration single target buffs.
  12. Yes buff botting would be a very real reason not to break every standard and make a stupid long duration. This is part of why long durations never got added. In some, hell most MMOs I have played buffs get cancelled when entering dungeons so they have to be reapplied. Especially when the buffs can lasta long time. CoH buffs persist and as such, making a buff last too long would make it so every supergroup, hell every blaster could use a throwaway ftp account for a buff bot to shadow them and sit outside missions. We also do not have any kind of re entry penalty as many MMO use. The things that make CoH unique also make it so your idea just cant happen. Id say at most 4 minutes, But here is an idea Id offer to maybe make your original idea not needed. What if as part of the power sets with these abilities, they get an inherent aura that refreshes the duration of the buffs they grant, so as long as people stay in regular contact with their ally, the buffs will simply auto maintain, freeing the defenders up to fight, the trollers up to troll etc.
  13. IMO Pool,Ancillary, and epic pool powers should all be as good as any other powers. Every power costs a power slot. The vast majority of powers require at least some slot investment. The only reason for them being second class powers is because there are some who have this silly idea that these powers ( the ones generally called bad,trash, power tax etc) should be as they are. While often making use of those pool powers well known as strong enough to be vital to builds. Hasten is obviously the frontrunner. We have been able to perma it almost the entire life of the game on live( except during the period after ED, and before the rise of sets, though even then 3 SOs in hasten will get it to perma or near enough as to not matter)). Yet Hasten is not as alone in its awesomeness as many think. Air Superiority and Hover from fly are both so good and widely used Ive met many in game that still take sorcery for mystic flight(for flavor) and still grab the other 2 above powers from the flight pool, as flying without them seems almost pointless to no few Ive met in game, and I have a PB that wanted the cool magical fly visual effects so yeah I wasted my PBs inherent fly advantage for flavor. Guy still rocks pretty hard so I dont stress, as when a PB goes perma light form they actually have too many power options. Then there is Stealth/grant invis. Stealth was always popular to pair with Superspeed for lvl 14 full stealth builds to fit in recall friend for fast TF leader builds. A great many of my live runs on original posi, that never was that hard, used this pool combo to make short cutting through the hordes of Vahz. Really the bad powers in pools, mostly have always been the attacks. too long of animations like flurry and jump kick. Or just too little return even 6 slotted with attacks like boxing and kick. Thankfully with cross punch, the early attacks actually to feel good enough to warrant being use at least for flavor builds without feeling like major self gimpage( fun fact my trying to be as human as possible builds often do take these attacks because of their weak nature ironically enough)) The only factor should be at what level these attacks become accessible. And they should not simply be weaker then attacks from primary sets like blaster and scrapper. Really if we want build diversity then we need to make people be able to go Hm you know I dont really see my guy using a fire sword, Id rather punch people and kick them in the teeth. Their 2ndary aspects should be as strong and reliable as Air Superiority. Their Dmg should be as good as a T2 from blaster/scrappers. Especially when you factor in animation times on some of the pool attacks. Hell the new ones from sorcery and force of will are both such long casting times they could be full on T9 Nukes and I know some who still wouldnt touch them simply because they favor attacks and abilities that trigger the moment you touch the button. Powers are powers, and frankly it shouldnt matter how you will a power slot, that power should be a fun new addition to your characters build, not some thing paltry or lame as to make what should be the big fun in an RPG the leveling up and gaining new powers instead be a blah throw away power pick cant wait till I can take a cool power. Every time we get to pick a new power while leveling should be AWESOME! moment and never a blah who cares moment.
  14. Uhm super inspirations are a very reliable way to turn excess threads into inf or stock pile for truly challenging oh shit situations. Why would liquidating merits for inf be hard when your still slotting? That is why you liquidate. To afford filling slots with sets. If you run just zone story arc series like the hollows, faultline, and striga island. between the arcs and the zone completion bonus, you will have a few hundred million for that character. And thats by the late 20s only doing chill easy to run story arcs solo. Add in TFs and random arcs and your looking at likely half a billion. Especially if you get lucky on drops. Plenty of set recipes still fetch a few mil. As someone with both character still being developed, and toons totally done in being built. I really just dont find your issue one of the game. Im not hardcore, I dont play the market. I dont farm. I run arcs adn tfs for fun solo or with friends. And have 0 issue financing builds. Not every build gets top tier sets but that is based more on their concept then anything else.
  15. Uhm sorry cant see this as a need. by the time you are vet level 20 or so you will have all your incarnate stuff unlocked and T3 or T4 easily. People shouldnt be wasting TF rewards on alpha T1 salvage, thats just not using their heads. I doubt anyone is burning a 100 mil on making a bit of T4 I salvage. If they are, well good, we need that inf drained one way or another. Im not sure what Dr. R is going on about above. No one tight on inf is wasting it on incarnate stuff. Yes maybe the old conversion option was based on live when some IO rare could go for several times a 100 mil. Maybe it could be adjusted with the HC economy kept in mind. However in my experience, while sure not everyone is an efficient farmer type. most earn plenty via tfs and story arcs to invest a few hundred mil into even a casual players main toons. Due to taking the time to personally teach them, I can safely say everyone in my mains SG knows how to liquidate merits into influence.
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