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Bentley Berkeley of Virtue. Often called Bentley the beast, bloody berk, and the original blanker.  I was likely best known back on live as my character demetrios vasilikos who nearly daily lead multiple TFs, my personal record 8 TFs in one day, though that took it out of me for a fair bit;) I almost always pug the TFs though if you have run TFs with me and made my global list you will likely get a tell asking if interested before I start recruiting in lfg.


I am also a very serious RPer, making heavy use of lore for names, back ground info, and which villain groups a given character will focus on. I dont try to run every bit of content with every character.


Berk leads the Midnight Club, an RP SG on Everlasting, meant to be the player half of the game faction the midnighters. We take magical themed characters from both sides, are  not stressed if people dont always use OOC or (( to keep things IC, we can usually tell if something is meant in or out of character, though most of us tend to always be abit in character because our toons reflect some aspect of ourselves and our current moods.

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