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  1. Hi, so I managed to get myself this error. What'd I do, and how do I fix it? EDIT: whatever I did, an uninstall/reinstall fixed it. /shrug
  2. Thanks, that's kind of how I figured that goes. On my Blasters, I favor the Sustain options that are "set it and forget it".
  3. If Voltaic Sentinel lasted longer it'd be worth it, but having to cast it every minute gets aggravating quickly, IMO. Powexec_location at least made it less painful to use but it's still too much.
  4. Generator


    Hey, So I've got a build concept that would work well as an Ice/Martial Blaster. Anyone got any advice on the pairing? I don't think I've tried MC before. Later, Generator
  5. Hi, is this a bug, or just a feature gone horribly wrong?
  6. I had an extremely similar issue yesterday (different file but same message). I solved mine by specifically saying "Run as Administrator," I hope that helps.
  7. Hi there, So I got the 3.0 version of Mids running, but it's doing this weird thing where when I make a new build, every time I place another slot, it takes all the slots I've already placed and auto-arranges them. This is more than a little annoying. Is it a feature or a bug? If the former, how do I stop it? Thanks, Generator
  8. EDIT: never mind, I fixed my issue by doing "Run as Admin". Rookie mistake! 🙂
  9. I have a Stone/Bio brute that's a ton of fun. I love how the SM powers leave these little bits of crystal debris, that Bio's aura powers pick up and whirl around her. When she solos, sometimes I'll just stand there for a moment after the fight, watching them go. It's captivating. 😁
  10. Hey, Well one of my buddies is using the Energy Manipulator proc, for the chance to stun guys. Calling @Aerobar: I forget if I've ever actually asked this question, but does that work often enough on Volt-Aire that you think it's worth replicating elsewhere? Later on, Generator
  11. It's Galvanic that does the bounce for buffs, but I get your point. Voltaic bugs the crap out of me because it only lasts for a minute at a time. Not a terrible idea about the sixth slot on SC. Not sure it takes Annihilation, but if it does that's a good idea. Thanks for the feedback! It's Galvanic that does the bounce for buffs, but I get your point. Voltaic bugs the crap out of me because it only lasts for a minute at a time. Not a terrible idea about the sixth slot on SC. Not sure it takes Annihilation (that's a Ranged AOE set, and SC is a Melee
  12. I could see it coming up to that same 0.3725 ratio the other APPs are up to (those are this power's comparables, not Tesla Cage or Freeze Ray), but that's it.
  13. Yeah, that's what I'm getting at here. There's some existing mobs/factions that, if making them into Lore pets isn't a "bigger than the Hoover Dam"-sized project, could give good concept/theme-related support to many character ideas. Thanks, man.
  14. Hey, So the below is what I've currently got in mind for my El/El/Mu Corruptor. Not gonna lie, I didn't have a strong plan for what I wanted from him when the time comes to start tricking out sets. Just took the slots I had and tried to decide what worked well there. The only power I'm really open to ditching is Voltaic Sentinel. I've tried, but man I can't get behind having to recast that damn thing every minute. If it lasted longer, maybe. If you've got any feedback on how to focus the build/Sets a little more, LMK. Later, Generator V
  15. IDK, so I figured I'd ask. On a scale from 1 to GTFO, how hard would it be to make new Lore pets, assuming you did it using existing mobs/artwork/powers? I was just thinking some things like Mu Mystics or Devouring Earth Lore pets would be cool. Later!
  16. Generator


    Also, if memory serves, for both PI and FF, the arson key mob spawns pretty close to the front of the mission, if that matters to you. (Sometimes it does to me, depending on my mood and what alt I'm playing.)
  17. If Task Force BZZT rides again, I think we've all got to mix it up some. You've got other Elec guys, right?
  18. Hey there, Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks who joined us for an all-electric ITF run tonight. I didn't get the full list, but you know who you are, because you're reading this and thinking, "Hot damn that was a fun time!" Later on, Generator
  19. (Just chiming in again for S&Gs, she's up to 25, and using nothing but Common IOs so far, she's up to like 38% 36% defense for all positionals. She's gonna be a beast!) 😁 EDIT: Perils of going from memory. Still pretty nice.
  20. Thanks for confirming. I actually doped that out last night. Got her up to 19ish then, and she's already pretty great. I've gotta say with the Tanker boosts to AOEs, Spin is absolutely roomy as far as the area it hits. 😁 Looking forward to this. Thanks and have a good rest of the weekend!
  21. Proc, global, Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo, whatever you call the piece, we all knew what I was talking about. 😁
  22. Hey, So I took a look, and the below is basically me pulling apart my Scrapper from 2010, and remaking her as a Tanker with some 2020/HC practices. She's nothing fancy but she Incarnate-caps without using Alpha, so I think she's off to a fine start. 🙂 Later on, Generator Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Steel Sparrowhank Tank: Level 50 Natural Tanker Primary Power Set: Super Reflexes Secondary Power Set: Claws Power Pool: Leaping Po
  23. Thanks everyone! I'm gonna check these out later, see what I can do with one of my own. I'll reiterate my question from above, though: where's the auravoke? I was pretty sure Tanker SR has one but none of the power descriptions said anything about that. Later on, and thanks again!
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