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  1. Mine too. I remember PvPing way back, getting confused in the fray and killing an ally. Also was in a team recently where the poison player got confused and some of the team started choking, forcing him to get away from the team.
  2. Neat. Sometimes in Grandville an alarm will go off and a bunch of Arachnos soliders will come out a door like they are going on patrol.
  3. Twitch skills I find less important in this game; things seem to stack and overlap, that often when you try and pop an inspiration, computer says no and you're already dead. Trying to predict aggro's land point and spread I find more important. Often trying to do that on an incarnate trial though is akin throwing confetti into the air and trying to catch it all. I got a character to the vet levels without dying (a lot easier now), then stepped into an incarnate trial for the first time and got nuked from orbit. Oh yeah, the hospital run on this one isn't nice. Then by the time you get half way back, everyone who was alive is now dead and running back from hospital too. And THAT gun toggle. I think the person who designed THAT gun toggle was the same person who designed the character bio editing. With the except of the Lady Gray TF and the mothership raid, you'll probably never have more Rikti attacking you. Why then the only weapon that can hurt the AV and keeps you from using your other powers, takes 12.. 17.. 23 seconds? to untoggle I do not know. I say all those numbers because it seems that it can be any of them and totally random. Yeah, as other's have mentioned, The Hollows and Independence Port spring to mind. I remember doing the Atta mission where a number of the team were self declared, stoned as hell. It was a team full of scrappers and blasters, I was the only defender and I didn't have recall friend. We got there in the end but it took about five hours. In the early days, I also remember a guy in The Hollows who repeatedly and impressively crossed the through the middle of the Gulch only to die every single time to the same mob outside the mission entrance. The mob was too high to defeat but not too close to the door. He never moaned, in fact he never said anything 😄
  4. This is one of the many reasons I like St. Martial as a zone. There are Family on large garden balconies and Tsoo milling around. I remember getting a few levels on live just balcony hunting and using Crane Kick as my finisher to kick them off the roof. I like the idea of another player seeing a couple of bodies fall out of nowhere. I know I'll forget a bunch but other little details include: * The looping fairground music at Fortune's Wheel * The shanty house by the water in Port Oakes * Standing next to Singularity with my Assault Rifle Blaster and seeing it collect all my bullet and shell casings * The big red ball * Random NPC's that don't do anything * Though it can and probably does effect gameplay, I absolutely love when enemy groups fight each other. I believe this was added in Issue 5 for Croatoa and then other zones. I remember when that issue came out watching a bunch of Redcaps fighting some Cabal and thought it was the neatest thing. Before that NPC's just mimicked fighting (as they sometimes still do). I think this is when they added ragdoll physics too. You're missing out if you haven't seen a full scale battle between Longbow and Arachnos in Siren's Call * Ragdoll Physics! * Alternate animations * Puking * Badge descriptions. They've got real thought and lore put into them. They could of gotten away with meh descriptions for half of them but they didn't. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Baumton_Avenger_Badge for example. * Neighbourhood music. I'm not really a badge hunter but on the rare occasion I don't want to team, I sometimes collect badges for the merits and something to do that's non combat related. I think it was Boomtown where hunting I heard music I'd never heard before, perhaps even on live and you don't get more old school than Boomtown. The fact they added unique music to some corner of a zone that was never highly populated, highlights again the thought and passion that went into the game. * I'm a sucker for anything Tiki so obviously the Tiki Lounge in Pocket D, but I love that some of the bartenders are spirit masks from Banished Pantheon 😃
  5. Yeah Sutter is a good one. First time I did it since live was with 5 MM's and a leader who was all 'GO GO GO!' I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I just made sure I got to the doors first. The last mission/maps in the Operative Renault and Silver Mantis SF's I always find fun too.
  6. I always thought this would be a neat way for a small team SG/VG to play.
  7. You can have four power pools and a patron pool. Same with epic power pools.
  8. If you haven't got your heart set on a blaster, you might want to also consider a fire/dark controller. You get 'Smoke' from fire/ and 'Darkest Night' from /dark (which you can colour to look like smoke too). Then there's 'Char' on top too 'Tar Patch' might also fit your concept perhaps.
  9. Congrats on the one off. Cipher, do you think we could ever get a list of vet lvl 50+ or vet lvl 99 type dealy? I'd be curious to see who continues to play these combos, especially some of the odder ones.
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