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  1. hey man check out this thread, is all about power customization. I recently personalized all my melee powers to give my char a feel that matched his concept. good luck, stay safe out there
  2. Im glad this thread is resurrected. I hope a Dev or GM makes a comment like they did with super strengths rage mechanic
  3. yes i have its what took me so long to figure dragon tail out. the AV version is coded as Vandal low kick.
  4. some animations are broken up into air and ground counterparts, just trial and error.
  5. iirc this is a pvp issue. MM pets are supposed to block other players from reaching the MM. In pve is definitely a nuisance. Unsure if this could be separated would be nice if a dev or GM could chime in and let us know if its possible at all.
  6. i actually used to do this with my SS tanker slotted with KB it looks great but isn't efficient in the slightest
  7. give it up man i suggested the same thing in a thread where the op wanted to remove all translucency from stealth and i got swarmed. Personally i feel your response is warranted @golstat2003
  8. sounds cool but how would jumping be handled?
  9. it does both, which is kinda the point. negative fly is irresistible. Potentially this change could make air superiority one of the strongest attacks in the game given enough altitude.
  10. Interesting food for thought. Since knockback and knockdown is all an order of magnitude and not really separate functions, doesn't this mean if you are flying way up in the air and hit a foe with air superiority they would take massive damage when they hit the ground?
  11. UPDATE: found out the locations of the sounds of powers stage2b > Player > powers
  12. UPDATE: due to character positioning modifying [fly_up] is doable but looks wrong on every level. still no luck with [storm_kick]
  13. get some xp, you get xp proportional to the damage you deal.
  14. i also tried adjusting the ninja runs however its a little more complex due to positioning of the animations. For example Ninja run backwards imo looks way better than ninja run forward but when i switch em up i get all kinds of weird hijinks Also [storm_kick] is listed as itself and oddly enough i can make other powers use the storm kick animation using that file but i cant change the original storm kick to something else.
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