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  1. 10k per charge? Good lord that's a lotta money XD
  2. no worries milk duds, raisinets and goobers were all invented in the 1920's. The war raged from 1962 to about 1989. For awhile i though goobers were gonna win it but in the end the dark chocolate raisinets cavalry were able to dominate.
  3. milk duds? such an outlier. i dimly remember the goober wars.
  4. Hasten is a real hot button issue. Any change whatsoever is met with pitchforks usually. That being said its not as essential as it once was and i rarely use it myself. As far as the fighting pool goes. Most mmos that feature skill trees force you to choose weaker abilities early on in the tree to unlock the more effective ones later. This is fairly normal and accepted as a standard. Changing this pool to inherent sets a dangerous precedent. For example nearly all support AT's take the leadership pool, should this also become inherent? I personally use a pure human form kheldian and find him to be terribly powerful as is. Built and played properly kheldians are quite good on their own. Adding more slots to just one AT is unfair to other AT's and is a definite power creep. Finally, welcome back. Its great to see you again. We hope you stay awhile to kil skuls.
  5. the really fun thing is when you realize that the low level endurance draining clockwork occur before you had access to stamina. Ahh good times
  6. I respectfully disagree with your choice of powers to drop. IMO a stalker could drop Defensive sweep, shift a few powers up a tier and work in AS. This would keep all the abilities you personally think are key.
  7. Can we get a GM per zone spawning every hour at specific intervals? and possibly an accolade for killin em all?
  8. wouldnt yo yo just be a skin for a whip powerset?
  9. i use Diamagnetic when i solo with my blaster at high level difficulty, great for taking down EB's and AV's
  10. Just because you are not wrong doesnt mean you are right. A good mix of buffers/debuffers/healers in mobs would help even the field. Right now as it stands most mobs only do a couple at most. also nerfs are never the answer.
  11. still less annoying than the outside find the hostage missions
  12. how about a new difficulty called incarnate. no minions just luits bosses and EB's?
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