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  1. interesting bid gonna raise the stakes a bit skinless......
  2. uhhh "ducks behind a shield" how about increasing cast times on aoe powers and reducing them on single target skills? "Runs"
  3. maybe the OP means they'd like more content similar to summer blockbuster?
  4. i regularly solo 4x8 with a blaster and have no issues with malta (or carnies) aside from that hella long stun and even that is easily managed. Can we get someone to balance pass the rularuu please?
  5. #1 ANIMATION MODIFICATION. the animations are there. All attacks should have at least 1 different animation to choose from. #2 Aoe/single target balance between cast times, recharge and damage. Basically the longer the cast time the greater the damage and single target should do way more damage than aoe's #3 Energy melee (what happened here?) #4 Super Strength crash, nuff said #5 T9's should feel worth it #6 invite friends mid flashback missions #7 More passive accolades, giant monster hunter, etc. #8 pvp loot table rewards need to be updated. (i dont pvp, but still its terrible) #9 a higher difficulty level than 4x8 for people who want more of a challenge #0 Nemesis system improvement. Your clone/nemesis should appear regularly and randomly in an effort to thwart your plans.
  6. I dont understand your satire. The name "Aura Urumi" was pretty well thought out; considering the only whip models we have to use are flaming, and the Urumi weapon is a literal flexible sword whip from India. Since this is all spit-balling do you have any constructive suggestions?
  7. I for one have never encountered this bug/issue. Energy Blast is my favorite set, from the looks and the sounds its just epic in every single way. Yes it could use some love. Opinions vary on how usually this could be accomplished. I think this issue could be resolved by opening up more animation customizations. Tbh tho my favorite annoying animation is shooting eye beams at point blank range and having them shoot off up in a corner somewhere instead. ahh good times
  8. So i know there aren't enough animation for a full whip powerset so. how about a combination of one handed swords and whips. A whip sword if you will. Set Name: Aura Urumi Due to animation costs this weapon set is always glowing with auras like fire or energy. LOW Lethal damage, stackable dots 1 handed sword attacks are single target melee whip attacks are pbaoe. Similar to Titan weapon's momentum this set instead has "Zeal". Focusing more on speed rather than power zeal greatly increases attack speed. Whips Pbaoes are larger than Titan weapons. This powerset can be used with shield but power "against all odds" becomes "Soul Siphon" all applied dots become hots for the user I don't have time to make a full moveset atm ill make one later if this idea is received well.
  9. how about making it an endurance heavy toggle? so its there when you need it.....at a cost.
  10. DA is already one of the best armor sets in game. The proposed changes would make it THE best set. Every power-set has its strengths and weaknesses. This is a called balance. Personally i went from hating DA to loving it. In fact id argue that other sets require more love to bring them up to par with DA.
  11. or at least make it an aoe cast so one cast covers the group?
  12. I dont farm anymore i just dont have the time. I play extremely casually at this point and while money isn't an issue for me it could be for others who play casually and don't have the time to farm either. i disagree. stacking should definitely be disallowed. people will find exploits and while there is a cap i can imagine a kin popping a few of these stacking themselves up with siphon speed and then just alternating between siphon speed and fulcrum shift to stay at the damage and recharge cap. and that's just an off the top of my head example.
  13. love this idea but lets throw in a way to earn these for those that dont have large amounts of cash, perhaps dropped or won in pvp zones? or added to loot tables? Also just throwin out here but certain t9's might require some retooling to prevent exploits.
  14. No sonic blade? Vibrating your blade at supersonic speeds allows you to cut through high resistances like butter: Special high single target damage, recharge medium ignores resistances low chance to crit. Also makes lightsaber sounds as it cuts through the air. very high mana cost
  15. iirc if you have whirlwind toggled and use an attack the spinning animation is cancelled but WW is not. please note whirlwind is extremely endurance heavy and is difficult to maintain for long periods of time
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