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  1. I run acro semi regularly on my blaster/controller/defenders. Its much easier to get KB protection from a power or IO but acrobatics has one thing going for it mag+2 mez protection. I know its not much but every little bit helps. Id like to see it bumped up to +3.
  2. Forgive me if this has been suggested/requested before: As the only support skill in the storm set, could O2 boost be possibly be made into a targeted aoe heal? Thanks.
  3. I always took a pass on this power cause its so lackluster. 8 second hold with a 32 second recharge and to top it off minor damage? yeah this power needs some love.
  4. what server is this, and also is there a version of mids that allows this?
  5. im getting a the client cannot connect to sever error? perhaps the servers are down?
  6. this is a wonderful idea but it would require an overhaul not limited to radiation powers. If radiation causes toxic damage because logically it should then...... Energy blast should cause blindness cause logically getting hit with a beam of energy is blinding Dark Blast should cause fear, cause living shadows are scary as hell archery should cause stacking bleeds cause arrows cause huge bloody wounds assault rifle should have the knockback that energy blast currently has cause rifles have tons of kinetic energy Beam Rifle should have dual pistols swap ammo
  7. wow thats impressive! i feel like weve gone off topic but since we are here what up with that delay?
  8. in addition, can we get the amount each bin can hold increased so our bases aren't full of well......bins?
  9. i agree with nearly everyone here, the Veats biggest issues is endurance. I think the inherents need a bump. i have one of each and although they are well rounded in many aspects endurance management seems to be a common issue with both. Another solution is to diversify the epic patron power pools so that they can pick up body mastery or some other analogue.
  10. not to mention we have masterminds which specialize in companions and controllers somewhat less so. IIRC you can buy npc's companion powers at the p2w vendor although they are slightly expensive. That being said i do miss the OG sidekick system and level pacts. Maybe the devs will create a sidekick arc where u train up a hero/Villian in your image? A pervasive arc that gives u a mission every 5 levels or so where you either teach or help your sidekick. At the end of the mission they level and you train them up. while im having this nice daydream lets also allow players to design the sidekicks
  11. odd enough though, according to mids they have the same cast time. (although i agree it doesn't feel like it)
  12. yes more enhancement sets plz. There's a bunch of outlier powers that have no love. "Im looking at you acrobatics"
  13. i think it would be easier on the devs to just open up the animation to similar sets. animation customization for the win, because my energy blaster will never be happy until his explosive blast can look like Neutron bomb.
  14. wow this is one of the best suggestions/requests ive seen so far.
  15. Not every player is lucky enough to live in a country that enjoys free speech. Im not advocating the discussion of "religion, politics etc.." but i do feel we need to learn to manage our own emotions and not expect others to do it for us. If someone makes you uncomfortable, block them. Looking for an authority to swoop in and remove someone that is just speaking an opinion is at best Karen-like and at worst gestapo.
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