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  1. i dont mind the animation its the cast time thats the issue for most of us
  2. actually the summer blockbuster awards a KB-IO for free if you are of appropriate level and are lucky
  3. 4. Rob from the rich and give to the poor mentality. IO's are easy to get and plentiful with the Merit system. Any IO is possible to earn with an hour or play using the flashback system. 5. You are correct I am thinking of level 50 content some of which can be quite difficult for some AT's to solo such as Defenders. Or perhaps you want to force people to team?
  4. sounds like some horadric cube stuff going on here. heheh
  5. the purpose of this discussion is so that nobody HAS to do either of those things. Its ok if you want to make those choices but forcing others to do the same is.......well.....anyway uh how about making the overwhelming force set non unique? any thoughts?
  6. uh its rare i dislike an idea as i consider myself very open minded or at the very least objective however. this would not work for the following reasons. 1. This suggestion would change nearly every persons build in the game at once, the public outcry would be astronomical. 2. Its impossible to say how badly this would unbalance the game at the very least builds centered around recharge would be heavily impacted for example every dominator's perma-dom would be undone. 3. Removing two rarely used (once high level) p2w powers do not justify making the fighting pool inherent. The p2w powers are not slottable and at a certain point a most players phase these out of their rotation. Tough and Weave are arguably two of the best power pool powers granting both resist and defense respectively in decent amounts once slotted. 4. Nerf all set bonus by 50%? Lets for argument sake say that 25-30% of a characters capabilities come from set bonus'. Youd like to reduce the potential capabilities of every character by 25%? for what purpose exactly? It would be far more feasible to raise enemy difficulty by the same 25-30%. Thats assuming the reasoning behind such a suggestion is to increase the overall difficulty. 5. Some archetypes require softcapping to play properly. Have you tried to play a Super Reflexes character without softcapped Defenses? Tough only gives Smashing/Lethal resists so other damage types would most likely kill you at higher difficulties without softcapped defenses. Also see energy aura, ninjitsu, & ice armor. 6. While being able to choose your travel power at character creation is not a terrible idea (see DCUO) it would lock you into 1 of 4 power pools and therefore reduce your options in the long run. Normally this wouldnt be an issue but some people choose not to waste a power choice or even a power pool choice on a travel power. I myself love beast run for example. And giving players the option to choose more than 4 basic power pools (excluding epic) may not even be possible as it may be baked in the the early code of COH. 7. The p2w Sprints are a classic part of the COH experience. They are purely optional and it isnt even necessary to pick them up. Im not sure how dropping them will change anything. 8. Removing jump/jet packs would force players to choose vertically inclined travel powers. Red side is not very kind to Super speed. 9. Finally /jranger
  7. @siolfir Thanks so much for the chart it really helps when we have hard numbers to use. That being said i think Martial arts could benefit from the combo system & Stone melee could benefit from the momentum system
  8. hey guys instead of the slightly entertaining banter can we discuss possible meaningful solutions?
  9. here is another potential solution. Make overwhelming force un-unique......pretty sure that's not a word....
  10. strawmans argument. This game has always been, is, and most likely will always be heavily customizable. Its one of the things we all most likely agree that we love about the game. All we are asking for is more options. If your play KB well you will never get any complaints. If you play KB poorly you will get complaints whether there is a change or not. Regardless if your stance on the whole KB-KD issue the one thing i think we can all agree on is the set Sudden acceleration needs a fix. It provides a ton of KB and then takes it all away. Maybe improving this set will bridge the gap between the two camps
  11. actually 19+16+12+4 = 51 (these are the votes that are ok with some change) 24 (voted for love it, no change at all) So more people would prefer some change over no change. Good day sir
  12. Hello, this is like the 3rd thread suggesting this. I play a human only PB and he is very OP. So he doesn't require this change. however i am not against this change, as it wouldn't affect me in any way.
  13. theres lots of ways this could be balanced These legendaries can only be placed in Rest or other passive powers. These legendaries cannot be traded they are character bound A new legendary io is unlocked for every 100 badges earned on a character These legendaries cannot be boosted stuff like that just saying
  14. wow folks are chock full of great suggestions today. May i suggest some additional abilities? Dodge. Dodges the next attack within the next 5 seconds (recharge 30 seconds) Cannot dodge psychic attacks Block. Negates the next attack damage with the next 5 seconds (recharge 30 seconds) cannot block psychic attacks Deflect Returns 50% of the next attack damage to attacker within the next 5 seconds (recharge 60 seconds) Cannot deflect psychic attacks Obstinate Absorbs all psychic damage for the next 5 seconds. (recharge 120 seconds)
  15. There are other sets that would benefit much more from the combo system than EM, conceptually and in practicality. For example Martial Arts.
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