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  1. Hi, i six slot lvl 50 Oblits into spring attack and it does umm like 120 damage...... Is this superior damage or is it mislabeled? Could the label be fixed or the damage upped? thanks sorry if this is the wrong forums, im super new
  2. Hi Im new. this is my 1st post. I have carefully read this entire thread. It appears many aren't happy with this change to SS. I played SS on live and remember many of the changes they did to "rage". There are many different ways this issue could be addressed. 1. Make rage an end heavy toggle 2. Reduce the benefits and/or detriments of Rage for the sake of "balance" 3. Change the detriment to something like -hp to affect all classes equally while making the crash less lethal 4. Revert to live or Keep as is. Perhaps a Vote is in order?
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