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  1. All the statues should come to life once in a while and rampage across the zone
  2. So, where does patrol xp max out? Someone said in chat that it was 10 days, if so when does it max out if you're using the police office dayjob?
  3. Under cut the bastard that's trying to horn in on my niche, if I can't make inf on it no one will
  4. Titan from the Superpowereds books but it's a series of novels not a comic
  5. Running 157 global recharge plus I have the +recharge proc in CC So I'm running the 3 attack chain on my single targets
  6. So, I've made a WM/SD scrapper and I love him. The only thing is that he seems to lack anything special to take down GM's and AV's and such so I was wondering which interface proc works best, the -regen, the resist debuff or the max HP debuff? TIA
  7. Is there a way and or setting to cut down on rubberbanding? It's getting to the point where the game isn't even fun!! AFGGGGTGGGHHHH!!!!! SO FU**ING FRUSTRATING
  8. Proton sweep is awful and go for a full gaussian set in fusion
  9. I "think" it's happend in WoW but on a different sys and a LONG time ago. I can't test that now as my WoW account is long unsubbed and it's not even on this system. thanks
  10. Hi folks, I recently replaced my keyboard and ran into a minor issue. I can't turn left while gaining altitude with either flying or super jump. This has happend before with other systems and I was wondering if you could tell me how to change it without just buying a bunch of different keyboards and switching them out until I find one that works the way I like. i.e. being able to go up or down while going left/right/forward/or backward. TIA
  11. lokpyrite

    Something New

    So, I've decided to make a WM/SD scrapper. I'll be pulling out all the financial stops and should get to soft cap on all 3 positionals "fairly" easy. I usually take the same 4 power pools and it gets a little boring: Speed for hasten, fighting for tough and weave(plus boxing sigh) leaping for CJ and super jump, and leadership for anything I have the slots for. I'd like to try on of the newOrigin pools but the classics are classics for a reason. What can I take to shake things up but still be just as good if not better?
  12. Never seen another rad melle /shield defense scrapper. Also I've been seeing lots of regen lately
  13. I only remember the Brute set doing that, which other sets do that?
  14. lokpyrite

    RM/SD got END

    Also pys perfection and maybe an end mod alpha
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