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  1. lokpyrite

    RM/SD got END

    Also pys perfection and maybe an end mod alpha
  2. I have around 73 percent ddr, grant cover and another power that I can't remember also give ddr
  3. The F button to follow and go to an opponent
  4. lokpyrite

    Claws electric

    So, I've decided on a claws/ electric brute. Build advice is welcome but I'd really like name suggestions
  5. I have a rad/sd scrapper and the baddies stay around
  6. Also the unique resist and scaling resist IOs
  7. My rad/ sd scrapper is an aoe machine. The endurance issue kinda sucks but I'm hoping it gets better when I get an epic power choice
  8. Not to be a dick but super strength isn't available for scrapper so your only options are tank and brute
  9. An extra 1300 or more HP's at the start of every fight really helps push Bio over the top
  10. End drain resistance from the base empowerment buff unit
  11. My rad/ bio brute farms the comic con s&l farm at max with no issue
  12. Rad/bio is great until you hit serious debuffs
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