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  1. Teaming tonight with 2 other people with missions set to x8, the mob spawn was nothing close to that of a full team. Ran the Terra Volta Level 24 Respec and this same issue occurred, 3 member team set to x8. Ran a Market Crash with the same results, lesser mobs in the first 2 missions. We completed the Market Crash however the point was to have full team mobs with just 3 people on it. Again, set to x8. On the flip side of this, ran a Manticore with a full team of 8. Lesser mob spawn in several of the missions. (6 to 10 per mob) A teammate remembers this being an issue on Live and that there was a fix, however details on that fix are not remember because it was a long time ago. I attempted to replicate the issue along, set to x8. See image below that the spawns are obviously not there. (9 to 12 per mob) Or am I just missing something?
  2. This has definitely come a long way, from Diellan, Energy Aura and DeProgrammer to Pine... to what it is now. Good job to all who were ever involved. Thanks for keeping this up-to-date so we can continue to enjoy building our best builds!
  3. Thanks for all you do. In all aspects of the game. From the contests to the support tickets you have to deal with hourly. Thanks for making me have to type out GIANT MONSTER every time I say let's go defeat some GMs so not to confuse people that I am out to get the team. 😉 *holds glass high* Thank you.
  4. I did not know about the purchase by Amazon, so ty for making that clear to me. Yes, I have been under a rock lately. And I was just speaking with a friend about this. You'd think that Twitch has bigger fish to fry. The handful of people that do stream CoH go unnoticed compared to the highly populated Twitch channels of League and other games. Good information to know. Ty again.
  5. I agree completely. They can't police videos like that. But they can ban people from playing on these servers. Those who want to continue to play will have to abide by the change. It sucks. *waits patiently and hopes for the best, but expects the worse*
  6. I get what you are saying Sylar and I am interested to know as well. One caveat that the streamers need to keep in mind, if they haven't already is that they are breaking Twitch TOS. Streaming a game that is considered not legit at the moment. They are putting their own stream in jeopardy. I definitely don't want to be the negative nancy here either. I wanna know how it's all going, but I doubt they will tell us. Just my 2 influence.
  7. Just a note, another power to consider for recovery and recharge is the Accolade Geas of the Kind Ones. My hami taunter has it. I haven't had issues with Rebirth, but already stated was Ageless as an excellent source of recovery. *thumbs up*
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