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  1. Created a page for them on the wiki using the list in that thread: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Super_Pack/Lords_of_Winter
  2. Would be nice to have the Kilts/Shorts options available for Monstrous Legs. One problem with this is that likely every model of shorts would need modifying to fit the leg shape of monstrous. Technically, at least on Male body types, they don't even fit normal legs. The leg model in kilts/shorts are downsized to fit, so it's possible that for this to work one would need to make a separate category of Monstrous legs that are similarly downsized at the front and back to fit the shorts.
  3. The 7 Lost Bosses at the end of that arc are also references to Wacky Races drivers, Slag of Skyway - The Slag Brothers Gruesome of Galaxy - The Gruesome Twosome Blast of Hollows - Sergeant Blast Ruffcut of Perez - Rufus Ruffcut Ant of Atlas - The Ant Hill Mob Blubber of Steel - Blubber Bear Dastard of Fault - Dick Dastardly And of course, Penelope Yin - Penelope Pitstop
  4. @JayboH You can view this "power" in-game by typing in the chat window "[stance.nothing]". There's also "[omega.nothing]", "[mind.nothing]" and "[vitae.nothing]" (though mind.nothing doesn't load a power window). They're all identical with no real power information. Likely placeholders for further development. There's also 4 Genesis Powers and their Core/Radial/Flawless etc variants [Data Genesis] [Verdict Genesis] [Fate Genesis] [Socket Genesis] But again they're placeholders, I think they are largely duplicates of various other incarnate powers.
  5. Weird issue, some categories are double counting entries. Can be seen here in the Rogue Isles Alignment Missions Lvl 20-29, where the listed number of pages is 20 when it should be 10. This causes issues on pages like Alignment Missions where it displays the contents of a category in a list. Here it shows that each page is for some reason listed twice. I'm not sure if this only has to do with prefixed pages like "Mission:", can't find the cause. May just be that the categories aren't correctly removing old entries when changes are made. As far as I've seen this is affecting the three Rogue Alignment Mission categories 20-29 30-39 40-50, not sure if there are others. The only page in these that isn't currently duplicated in the category is 8UFF00N's Left Hand for whatever reason. This issue is not found on the same pages on the Paragon Wiki. Edit: This is also likely responsible for Mission:Common - Take package to Stephanie Peebles still appearing in the Category:Candidates for Deletion
  6. Was able to do a quick test run of it on the Beta server so I've made a WIP page for The Clockwork Paladin zone event. So now there's at least some documentation on it!
  7. This event is so broken I didn't even know there were a thing called Psionic Brass Conduits! I've never seen them the entire time despite having defeated the Paladin at some point! As @ZacKing said, the Prison Break event in Brickstown also breaks often. As far as I can tell, if a player starts the event but leaves and isn't there to defeat the Freakshow in phase 2, they get damaged by the cars they destroy, get scared and seem to run off somewhere in the map leaving the event stuck til the zone resets.
  8. @ImpousVileTerror Oh yeah, forgot about that. Maybe a "We have this new phasing tech to test, let's use it for everything!" situation.
  9. Well I wouldn't call Villains invading Paragon City sewers as their home environment just cause Arachnos is there. Just seems odd to have functionally the same content partitioned off into Hero and Villain side when other similarly structured trials were co-op like Summer Blockbuster, Dr. Kane's House of Horror, Lord Winter's Realm (though granted these were weird seasonal events). I assume back on live Redside was a bit more active than it is here, though my memories of it on Defiant EU certainly don't feel that far away from now. Just that they took an odd half step above the most economical option of identical trials led by a neutral faction, obviously not wanting to spend too much time on them by making unique trials per side, by changing out the trainers and captions but nothing else. Since they're so similar I feel it would have been sensible for them to be a merged co-op trial. But since they're separated, it's odd they didn't change just a little more like the setting, framing or enemy groups. For instance Villain side DFB could have been an excursion into the sewers and tunnels of Mercy Island. Same basic setup, could have used largely the same map, swap out a couple groups for Infected and Snakes, maybe a 'goody' group like Longbow or Legacy Chain, and say that the Hydra had expanded out to the Rogue Isles. Would have been a good way for the Mercy Island Snakes and Infected to stay relevant since Kalinda, Burke and the other OG Mercy Island contacts were removed with Mercy's low level revamp. They're reinstated now with Homecoming, but with Mercy's Issue 21 revamp use of these contacts was completely disabled, so new characters never fought Snakes other than in Mercy's open world, losing the setup for Stheno's return at level 45-50 with Operative Grillo's arcs. Similarly with DiB, I feel it could have been run as a joint operation with Vanguard. I don't think there's much sense in them being separate trials, especially with how much less often it's run compared to DFB. I've only seen Villain DiB when I was working on cataloguing the dialogue (there's a lot, not all of it good, particularly with the Commander and Scientist. At least the Shivans have some interesting things to say and are a talkative bunch! Haven't got around to finishing that as I'm too rubbish to solo the Shivan Decimators at the end >_<), and I don't think I've ever seen someone advertise it redside when I've been playing, which is a shame cause it's a neat experience and hints a lot about the Coming Storm. But then again, who knows what technical issues or time constraints there could have been that may have forced their hands! Edit: Found a Dev Diary about designing Drowning in Blood which is an interesting read: https://www.pcgamer.com/city-of-heroes-dev-diary-balancing-story-and-combat-in-bloody-bay/ At least with DiB, they apparently wanted to tell more of a story which is understandable, but due to the pace of these trials I doubt many stop and have a dialogue with these NPCs. Seems a bit of a waste for the story to be here rather than in a solo-able story arc where you have the time to stop and read it.
  10. It always baffled me that with both DFB and DiB they made the contacts for them Longbow and Arachnos, necessitating two versions of each, rather than choosing a neutral faction like Vanguard and just making them co-op. They're identical other than the NPCs and dialog.
  11. I think the only thing that specifically calls Hero 1 a Tanker that I'm aware of is his CoH CCG Card, but then again no mention of Excalibur.
  12. No it doesn't, that was updated and removed in May. Edit: Ah I see, maybe you were referring to the Duelist page? In which case I stand corrected! Have now updated the Duelist page.
  13. When you drag any of the psi melee powers into the chat box it just shows the power name itself, no brackets.
  14. @ImpousVileTerror According to the credits in the manual (circa Good Versus Evil Edition) Cryptic Studios Sound & Music Department Michael Henry only good link I can find Joe Lyford only good link I can find Additional Sound & Music Kevin Manthei - Wikipedia Kevin Riepl - Wikipedia And beyond Cryptic: Going Rogue: Jason Graves - Wikipedia Paragon Studios Adam Kay (Listed as Sound Engineer. Can't find any solid info about them.) As far as I'm aware Michael Henry composed City of Heroes. Joe Lyford, Kevin Manthei & Kevin Riepl composed CoV. Jason Graves composed Going Rogue. No idea if Adam Kay was a composer.
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