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  1. As far as I'm aware it's just an Elite Boss.
  2. Just wanted to chime in my support for this idea. Many times back on live I'd make a character and leave the origin on a random option at the start, changed concept mid powers/costume selection and forgotten to go back and change it. Lucky since origin affects next to nothing mechanically anymore, but frustrating nonetheless when you've invested time into a character and only notice it hours later with no way to go back other than starting over with all that time having been wasted. Not something I've personally done on Homecoming I think, since it's baked into my brain to double check the ID badge at the end now! Code troubles notwithstanding and it being possible to implement an origin change, I could see this likely being implemented in game in one of the following ways. Override: The Null the Gull option, similar to how the game allows you to easy-change alignment via dialogue, quick and simple. Cost: Via the P2W Vendor, again similar to Null but more easily accessible zone wise. Could then have an associated inf cost or other trade-in required. Narrative: Via Tip Missions or other contact. For instance, after level 20 a special tip mission could be gained that upon Investigation would give you 4 options corresponding to each of the other Origins. A short mission then ends with an interaction that affects your being so fundamentally that it changes your origin based on the option chosen earlier.
  3. Even the grim future of Recluse's Victory isn't safe from the spooky season!
  4. I think this might have something to do with why documenting it wasn't strictly necessary...
  5. Yeah, it was a weird decision for the devs to make Calvin Scott a mission contact outside of his introduction role. They didn't make the same mistake with Loyalists, Provost Marchand other than his introductions only gives the Rift mission to leave Praetoria which is well labelled as a point of no return and only at level 20+. They should probably have made the final Crusader contact someone other than Calvin Scott, maybe using him as a Task NPC during those missions and setting up the final moral choice mission.
  6. In game? No. In the files? Yes, if it's not new or changed. The numbers listed there as the Set Bonus in the enhancement window are I would assume not really numbers, but a copy of the actual set bonus' description text. If you put the name of the bonus as it appears in the players combat attributes or their personal info/powers into the chat with square brackets as you would any other power it gives you a power window for that set bonus showing that exact text as it's description. For instance the bonus you are describing is technically a power called [Large Increased AoE/Fire/Cold Def Bonus] (not to be confused with Large Increased Fire/Cold/Aoe Def Bonus like I did the first time writing this post >_<). And it's description matches the listed set bonus exactly. And unfortunately the detailed info tab, since this is a power window, truncates the numbers the same as the Combat Attributes window, showing 3.13% strength to AoE Defense and an even more rounded 1.56% strength to Fire and Cold Defense. You will basically never find un-rounded numbers displayed in-game, though I am sure they are used as their full number, just rounded for display as you suggest. During live I remember people often asking for the true numbers to be displayed. However, out of game looking this 'power' up in the deconstructed Powers.bin file for Issue 24, it's file name is 'Set_Bonus.PVP_Set_Bonus.Increased_AoE_Fire_Cold_Def_4' and is primarily made of three parts (truncated here): Attrib Mod 0 Attrib = 112 (AoE Defense) Scale = 0.03125 Attrib Mod 1 Attrib = 124 (Fire or Cold Defense?) Scale = 0.015625 Attrib Mod 2 Attrib = 128 (Fire or Cold Defense?) Scale = 0.015625 I assume the same numbers as in the leaked spreadsheets which I think the .bins are largely built from. So can confirm at least as of Issue 24's files those numbers are/were correct. If you have the spreadsheets you're basically working from the same info I have, just in another form (Issue 24 unpacked .bins courtesy of Codewalker on the CoHTitan Forums and his .exe that can dump them to plain text) Unfortunately, I have no means to unpack the Issue 25/26 .bin files. There's a guide out there to extracting info from them but it's DIY and far too technical for me. If I'm not given an extraction gui I'm stumped.
  7. Looks good, only change I'd make is give it a soft gradient in the background as the pure white makes it look too stark. Maybe a light blue to white, like this. Just an example, don't use this one it wasn't made with source files 😞
  8. Done, added new optional parameters to match the Infobox TF parameters since there's so much crossover between them now. Updated the documentation too: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Template:Infobox_Trial
  9. This template was changed by Thunderforce on a temporary basis according to the revision history for the Merit Cost template, relevant changes here, just so the wiki wasn't claiming it was the current cost and showing totally incorrect info, rather than for any historical preservation. That kind of info is definitely best left for the Paragon Wiki Archive. I would say feel free to update them, and I agree no reason to use those Alignment/Astral/Empyrean Merit templates since they're of no use at the moment and just clutter the page with pointless non-information.
  10. It's either the page properties are messed up, or we no longer have the Semantic Mediawiki extension. Or both >_< Edit: And it's all back again. Cheers!
  11. Looks like another bug as a result of the move, pages don't seem to have properties anymore? Or the way to access these properties has changed. This has caused any template relying on the #ask and #show query to not be able to display the associated page image, most notable on BadgeBox and ISalvage. Edit: And it's been fixed, cheers!
  12. Same for me, all User Pages are inaccessible. I think it happened after the recent downtime.
  13. Here is a list of the missions that had simultaneous objectives changed to normal ones in Issue 25. The missions now have a game tip noting the change on the hcwiki. 2 Common Missions: Recover idols from the Banished Pantheon (Level 20-24) available from: Andrea Mitchell Cain Royce Dr. Cheng Josef Keller Oliver Haak Piper Irving Go to the office, prevent the fire from starting, and rescue the people that are being held by the Family (Level 25-29) available from: Christine Lansdale Collin Larson 4 Contact Missions Eliza Thorpe - Check out the caverns (Level 25-29) Phillipa Meraux - Stop the Rikti raid and destroy the Council's files (Level 30-34) Anton Sampson - Stop Nemesis' Macro Assembler (Level 35-39) Madeleine Casey - Save the office workers from the Carnival (Level 40-44) 1 Trial Karsis - The Cavern of Transcendence (Level 12-15) 4 Task Forces Penelope Yin - Stop Clamor from Destroying Paragon City! (Level 20-25) Ernesto Hess - Infiltrate the base (Level 25-30) Dr. Quaterfield - {{Several missions}} (Level 40-44) Faathim the Kind - {{Several missions}} (Level 44-50) Apart from Penelope Yin, you may notice these are all Issue 0 to Issue 3 missions. The live devs appear to have not (as far as I'm aware, let me know if I've missed any) made any more simultaneous objective missions post Issue 3 completely skipping City of Villains and Going Rogue, right up until Issue 23 when it returned in Penelope Yin's Task Force. I feel like the spirit of these objectives lives on in some of the optional badges in Incarnate Trials.
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