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  1. Finished all the Ancillary and Patron pool updates as far as I'm aware, possible errors in enhancements due to copy pasting existing powerblocks to save my sanity but good enough I think! Will probably start on either new powersets, proliferated power sets or sentinel sets next.
  2. Yeah, I'll be getting to that at some point. Shouldn't be too bad, they usually only have one or two powers different I think? I've just finished updating all the Sentinel Patron and Ancillary Pools (except Ninja Tools, got a bit more to do on that one), so making progress.
  3. I always felt it was a bit of a shame the way new Faultline sacrificed the verticality, only other zone that comes close to it is The Abyss. Completely understand why, old Faultline was an absolute pain to navigate, if you slipped down a fissure while hunting/running from Vahzilok hordes it was a 20 minute job to find a way back out pre-travel powers, and you would near guaranteed be ganked by some Circle of Thorns ghosts! Interestingly that section behind the dam in old Faultline was originally never accessible on live, though you could see it through the war walls, the doors that go there are new. They never developed any content that used that section until the revamp.
  4. I agree, best to keep it simple just listing the transit systems for Redside. Totally pointless to list out the same zones every time. Only reason we'll ever need the Connecting Zones for redside is if they ever open the tunnel between Port Oakes and Cap au Diable!
  5. Ah weird, must've missed that. Maybe had bad luck with it the first time round, thanks for the heads up. Don't need to import into the .piggs but rather repack a .dds as a .texture file. So long as it's in the same folder structure it'll overwrite the in-game texture, but for some reason mine seem to corrupt while doing it with PV1.61 and appear as scrambled pixels.
  6. Piglet can't export texture files as .dds or import custom textures, but works fine as a general viewer. Pigg Viewer Pro can export texture files as .dds but can't repack custom textures and doesn't recognise Homecoming's piggs as valid so won't open them, can only be used on the I24 piggs. Pigg Viewer v1.61 can only open individual piggs, not whole archives, and for me won't preview textures giving an error message when I try. So to find the right texture I want, say for a Homecoming exclusive power, I need to open the pigg archive in piglet, search for the file, get the filename and which pigg its in then open the individual pigg file with PV1.61 to export it. Just makes everything slightly more annoying than it needs to be! Not to mention that when I try and import textures at the moment they seem to corrupt. Still need to figure out what I'm doing wrong there!
  7. Floating bones in Peregrine Island, Tempest Quay neighborhood coordinates (2588.7, 0.0, -6456.4) Minor issue, purely visual. A corner piece of road in Kings Row on the border of the Kings Garment Works neighborhood has incorrect render distance and allows you to see through the world from approx 320yds away. Coordinates (897.5, -0.5, 2429.6). The sidewalk of the T junction it's connected to appears to have a similar issue but does not become fully transparent.
  8. Does anyone have a way to dump the Homecoming .bin files? I found an exe that can convert the I24 ones, but Homecoming's bins aren't compatible so I'm currently working off the old ones. Very useful for finding the exact powers that NPCs have and exact numbers when the powers detailed info screen lies to you! Unless it's against the code of conduct, in which case I never said anything! In a similar vein, does anyone have a decent damn .pigg viewer/extractor as I currently have to alternate between three awful programs for different jobs and it is miserable!
  9. Typing [Electrical Affinity.Fly] to get a chat clickable link to view a power's information and clicking on this link in chat will cause a client crash. Could be used to grief.
  10. Not sure what he's doing professionally at the moment but he has a Twitter.
  11. I always thought that the Knives looked quite fetching in Midnight Blue. Considering that Malta were potentially going to work with Battle Maiden for her nanotech, maybe the Knives could have latched onto Battle Maiden, replacing her Warrior Earth allies.
  12. I feel that Kallisti Wharf should make use of groups that received high level refreshes towards the end of the game's life or never appear in high level zones. First off, Council should be there, it's a stones throw from Independence Port where they have a decent presence and Boomtown where they have an actual base. There are currently no Level 50 zones with Council in them (Rikti War Zone they appear but only around Level 40), the only way to fight Council at Level 50 is in missions and TFs. Could give them their Boss War Walkers from Marchand's arc for a bit of variety. Could also have the UPA in zone if they're still around following Marchand's arc, having conversations and making deals with the Council. I'd say Family is also a good option with the refresh they got for Levels 40+ with Praetorian weapons, also not found at Level 50 in zones, highest I think is St Martial which caps at 40. They could be making deals with Syndicate (high level versions found in Mr G's Primal Earth arcs) for the guns, who could be clashing with the Tsoo. They need a new purpose with Dark Astoria dealt with. In summary: Council UPA The Family Syndicate Tsoo All groups that got refreshes towards the end of the game's life and/or don't appear in high level zones (apart from the Tsoo)! Win-Win!
  13. Paragon Wiki is correct in this case. I would recommend not using the CoH fandom wiki as it's based on an old copy of Paragon wiki and so is very out of date in a lot of places. Paragon Wiki itself contains no Homecoming specific information and is purely for archival of the game at shut down. For Homecoming there is currently an Unofficial Homecoming Wiki that's being actively worked on and updated to represent Homecoming as it is now, contributions are welcome!
  14. Here it is without all the writing!
  15. Here's the full size image. You can see a little marker between Skyway and Talos for Skyway International Airport. I always imagined a zone revamp of Skyway would've expanded out to the East to incorporate a proper airport for the City. Either that or an outdoor style mission map for a new Task Force or similar, with an airplane in flight interior mission for defending a plane from hijacking by the Sky Raiders.
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