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  1. Basically there are a limited number of costume slots reserved for weapon customisation (4 slots) and some of them overlap such that the last saved one overwrites the previous option in that slot. Dual Pistols left often overlaps with Archery options, and DP right overlaps with Munitions (same slot as Assault Rifle). See the below threads for more details.
  2. Just to clarify, the shoulder pad is not upside down, but is just lower vertically on the arm. Only happens on Huge body type, Asymmetrical Left Shoulder. Across all Upper Body options.
  3. Regarding the new Story Arcs tab in LFG. Pandora's Box Part 1/5 [Lastri Kayumanis] - This arc requires unlocking via completion of the A Window of Opportunity tip mission, and should probably be greyed out in the menu in the same way that Mortimer Kal and other TFs are greyed out before they've been unlocked. As it is, you teleport to her but she won't offer you any mission. The popup infobox needs to have: Extra Requirement: Complete A Window of Opportunity [Tip Mission]
  4. In this case, since the Tip missions don't have a contact per se, I wouldn't use this template. In the past it has generally only been used for mid-mission dialogues and task npcs, rather than the mission's contact dialogue, otherwise the whole page just fills up with images of their face and links to their own page! @SuperPlyx The changes you've made so far have been top notch! 👍 Speaking of which, in your addition of Athletic Run to Inherent Powers, you asked about finding the right icon. You can currently find every power icon image in the game on the page Macro Image (Slash Com
  5. @Greycat There is Sunstorm as a Hero/AV under Peacebringers in Architect, complete with White Dwarf transformation, light form, and a self rez.
  6. Known issue that's not unique to Beta and a different issue than the Katana one. Basically there are a limited number of costume slots reserved for weapon customisation (4 slots) and since Epic Munitions Mastery uses the same customisation slot as Assault Rifle it conflicts with Dual Pistol Right (also Beam Rifle, but there I think they share the last selected model). There is a similar issue with Blasters using Dual Pistols and Tactical Arrow which conflicts with Dual Pistol Left. My hope is that it may be possible for the Munitions Mastery AR customisation to use the same customisation slot
  7. @UberGuy Speaking of Tags, when Entity searching is implemented would it be possible to apply a similar tag link system that powers with Defiance have, for IF Target.HasTag Power Tags like Undead, Ghost, Demon, Electronic, Human, Human Skeleton, Humanoid, Raid, Beast, etc. with "powers affecting"/"entities bearing" pages? This is relevant for certain powers that have special effects against certain enemies. I've worked on wiki pages listing the enemies and player powers (mostly temp ones) that use these tags and this would also help make sure these can be brought up to date with any Homecoming
  8. @Tahliah It was referring to the Issue 27 Page 2 first build currently on the Beta server. It's going through testing at the moment so it'll be a while before it comes to the live servers. Details here:
  9. Only thing I can think that's missing is the /completetask command which could be added under misc. More powerful than /completemission which only completes the active instanced mission when you're inside it, /completetask completes any mission in your mission tab, even hunts in the world and task npc missions. Requires an integer to function, from 0 (first mission) to 6 (7th mission, the current max afaik), so it could be an additional menu. Freebies > Misc Commands > Complete Task > 1st Task (/completetask 0)
  10. So far since Homecoming launched, outside of maybe asking for 1 person to join to complete a difficult encounter here or there, I think I have been the leader and started an activity twice that I can recall. These were because I desperately wanted to run Dr. Kane's House of Horror so I could document it for the wiki, but it was being run very infrequently on Reunion. I'd tried and failed to join teams in time on several occasions and I was worried I wouldn't get the opportunity before Halloween 2020 ended and I'd have to wait another whole year. Eventually I just bit the bullet and put out the
  11. @Nayreia Very, very minor issue I have: In Skyway City the "Inspect the MedCom's central node" tour mission. This mission text and the Healing Node badge description it leads you to are as far as I'm aware, the ONLY places in game that still call it the "MedCom" system/network (and out of game, I think one Paragon Times article. part of the Peregrine Island description from the story bible, and by extension some guidebooks that use that info). Everywhere else in the game from the tutorial, npc dialogue, souvenirs and even the signs on Hospitals, refers to it as MediCom or Medicom. Was wonderin
  12. Handily, there's already an inbuilt narrative for an ambitious 8 person trial that could be setup as an additional Summer Blockbuster feature: Alpha Team In this new feature film, experience the thrilling tale of the Surviving Eight during the first Rikti War as they defend Paragon City from alien invaders and take down the Mothership, buying time for Omega Team to infiltrate the Rikti Portal. The ground team led by Back Alley Brawler focus on the streets saving the lives of civilians and taking out Rikti forces, while the flying team led by Statesman head into the mothership
  13. In the story bible they refer to it as "Smuggler's Run", the distribution of stolen art and artifacts starting at the Hellions, through to the Outcasts and ending with the Warriors. It shows up a bit in some of Shadowstars early Warshade arcs, and appears mostly in common pooled missions like Hellion Interrogation, Outcast Auction, so it's easy to miss references to it when there aren't any major arcs or TFs around it, and the Warriors are rarely mentioned until you reach Talos itself. Interestingly in the Take Out Frostfire mission, the Outcasts guarding the Warding Altar object m
  14. Uh.. It's gold coloured Enchanted Impervium! Very strong, very rare!
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