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  1. There's two of these in Atlas Park. The other one is at (-639.7 487.0 -2077.8), two buildings north of Wentworths. Absolutely agree, would be nice to have more of these cool spaces usable.
  2. Pre-sunset, Issue 22. High level Banished Pantheon got a big redo for the Dark Astoria Incarnate content. The Tsoo also got a bunch of new mobs including female characters.
  3. This one is there. It's under Flat>Mummified.
  4. If you want a Carnival schism, best bet would be to set it between the Praetorian Carnival of Light and the Primal Carnival of Shadows since the Praetorians Carnies are now refugees on Primal Earth.
  5. @Oxmox I would say Who Will Die should be somewhere after The Underground Trial and before the Dark Astoria arcs canonically as (SPOILERS) I'd put it after Minds of Mayhem and before Dark Astoria. EDIT: Just realised, I think Who Will Die's later episodes (4-7) would be after Dilemma Diabolique as (SPOILERS) So I'd say that Episode 1, 2 and 3 can be played anytime, but 4 to 7 would be after Dilemma Diabolique. Probably easier to slot the whole thing after Dilemma. I'd put Pandora's Box after Magisterium and before Marchand / Mr. G as it started coming out a couple months after Issue 23 but well before 24.
  6. Thats a very good point, never made that connection. Thats what all the construction in the northeast part of the map was supposed to be for too. Seems likely. Damn that 5th Column moonbase!
  7. Colonel Taggard is mentioned in Laura Lockhart's Council/5th Column story arc as her commanding officer. I assume that after her arc they would have passed you onto him for a second arc about the Council and 5th Column schism. Interestingly the souvenir of the arc mentions you receiving a medal directly from Col Taggard which doesn't happen, and would have been the natural lead in to his arc, or at least a text debriefing. I assume this and the Graham Easton arc also in Steel Canyon were part of the I24 beta and so weren't fully finished. Possible that Albert Maurer would have been more post-pretoria content similar to Roy Cooling in Talos, but no info on that that I'm aware of.
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