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  1. On a frustrated hunch, I used my cell phone as a wireless hotspot. The file downloaded fine, and I logged into CoH fine. I then switched back to my main internet, and now everything works fine. So it seems my mainline internet connection was downloading a bogus file for some reason. I'll have to look into this myself and see why. I'm wondering if Comcast has a problem with the manifest's website or something.
  2. It's happening again. A stealth update to CoH last night resulted in requiring another update but I'm getting the exact same Checksum issue. Download error: hc-bin32/cityofheroes.exe Size mismatch (89146 vs 8712704) Checksum Mismatch (b44560186adbb093e756a25a31303177 vs 4d380e0a16f780e85f323ec34032f126)Download error: hc-bin64/cityofheroes.exe Was unable to download file The file downloads fine for Closed Beta and its respective manifest. But unlike last time, I can't simply copy/paste it over to the Homecoming folder. It still reacts as though the file needs to be downloaded, then apparently fails to download the file. I tried to use both Tequila and Island Rum. Island Rum will not even provide a helpful error message, simply saying "One or more files failed to download" followed by "Error downloading Cityofheroes.exe", while Tequila cites a checksum error. Is something going on with the manifest site that this happens?
  3. Copy/pasting the hell out of that, thanks.
  4. Here's one I was never able to replicate since live. On live I remember making special binds for point-and-click powers. IE: You select a power (IE: something like teleport or shield bash) and then you have to click on a patch of ground to engage it. I used to have binds where it just either immediately targeted myself or whatever I had targeted, turning my shield bash into a sort of 'launch' towards my target, or a PBAOE or something. Does anyone recall how to make this bind?
  5. This has happened literally every single time in a very repeatable way, since as far back as 2010, for me. Here's a fun way to demonstrate. Play the game in windowed mode. Then Alt-tab to another window smaller than the CoH window. Then left click -back- into the CoH window by clicking on a power. The power will not activate, but it'll act as if you click-dragged that power into that slot 50 times or so, showing "dragging power x" in the system text. If I were you, I'd alt tab and see if there's an open window approximately where that tray comes up. I am betting you have something like a Steam overlay or Messenger pop up that you're not seeing in the lower right corner. (I will note that in full screen mode, Tray 1 is at the bottom and is where the task bar would be. But tray 2 and 3 is right over that, where pop up notifications from Windows and other software will pop up for you.) It's possible that another window is interfering with the game interface. Another way to check is to just move the power tray to another part of the screen and try clicking.
  6. I deleted everything, started over, and got nothing. It seems to be issues with the files on the server-side not my own. They're simply not downloading to me due to the checksum error. Leandro: You seem to be right about that, but I can't tell why I'm getting the wrong files, whether I'm being redirected or not, I can't tell. But I solved this by running the launcher for private Beta, downloaded the files from that manifest, and copy/pasted them into the Homecoming folder. So it seemed to work fine for one manifest, and not the other. I'll see if this happens again in the next update.
  7. I cannot log into any base that features the new base items. It results in a hard crash every time. I tried to re-validate and got this - Download error: homecoming/bin.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 8806001) Checksum Mismatch (ce2d5f22284312d1071c27d4b8beaf73 vs 95adf6248bf4bad12f4e0b4619374314)Download error: homecoming/bin_fxinfo.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 2911158) Checksum Mismatch (8a6b463ad1f4a20dd91b9e23286fcc3a vs 76ab845ebfc195494597d3910509cc44)Download error: homecoming/bin_powers.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 3745501) Checksum Mismatch (02fd611f8f78db90c7883d5b0a4d9452 vs 4fb8985499d34cbc1523b72e128b0db7)Download error: homecoming/texture_library.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 12973402) Checksum Mismatch (298c87642fe4a50e706c9829a5767e55 vs 6b374c19f0232a9596ee26a01fc783cc)Download error: hc-beta/bin.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 8848814) Checksum Mismatch (61c46b58d98db286214ba730bf3215e9 vs 58f0f105ed7025ea7888a4e0f72a6b6c)Download error: hc-beta/bin_fxinfo.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 2916073) Checksum Mismatch (07b66fa42d3a04d28dd8ab1460041a7b vs 85bda060b894d01a136eb430a39c59b5)Download error: hc-beta/bin_powers.pigg Size mismatch (89146 vs 3751008) Checksum Mismatch (4ab837efc81f3c1350b88ea10fb05b66 vs fc915e7f5bf63f322b34eec85295f22d) - Anyone know what the problem is, here, exactly? What can I do to fix this?
  8. So what you're saying is that you doubt it, but it may not be impossible? That's more hope, for me, than doubt!
  9. I'll throw in on this question too. I would like to restore an old base on Everlasting. Is this now, ever intended to be, a possibility?
  10. Will this ever be a feature for the public servers here?
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