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  1. Yeah, I don't mind the 24 hour span to get another discount ticket. But it DOES seem inconsistent that it has to be 24 hours CONSECUTIVE logged off, and the counter resets when you do log in no matter how close you are. I may be wrong, but it does not appear that the other accolade powers work that way. Nor does the cumulative time for badges like Pocket D VIP have to be done in one unbroken span. What I've been doing as a work-around is log off alts in the shop and let them sit for several days at a time. You can't move the tickets around, but you CAN hand off crafting of expensive set IOs that you can't get a discount any other way to someone who has accumulated a lot of tickets. I just wish this accolade worked like most other things in CoH seem to, and credited you for the cumulative time and not discard any progress when you log in before completion.
  2. I do not know the exact details of how long it is supposed to take a crafting discount ticket from the day job accolade badge Entrepreneur to appear in your inventory. I have successfully gotten them on multiple characters. Nearly every character I've created, as it happens. My main crafting character I've been parking in a shop now for about 2 weeks at the end of every login. He has accumulated 3. Difficult to say for certain, but what I think MAY be happening is the system is only awarding a discount ticket if I do not log in for the entire period it is supposed to take to grant one. Since I log into this character every day, sometimes more than once, he is getting one only occasionally. If I am right that is what's happening, that behavior is unlike any other dayjob accolade power I am aware of. No way for me to tell with the limited information available to a player, but it almost looks like all progress toward the next discount ticket is discarded each time I log on or something. So far as I can tell without keeping more records, the only reason I ever get any is that occasionally I am busy enough in real life not to log in for an entire day. That's of course more likely on some of my alts I do not play as often. In any case, the production rate of these discount tickets is nearly non-existent unless I park a character in the shop and just let them sit for a week or so at a time without logging into that hero. I very much doubt this is working as intended, just wanted to point out to the developer team what I've observed so they can add it to their copious list of things to test.
  3. Rather than starting a new topic, I'll just update the date in the title. I'll be around this coming Thursday 10/10 and run another ongoing Halloween event league (blue side) starting about 20:00 (8 PM) EST / 00:00 UTC / 02:00 (2 AM) CEST. We'll hit any Deadly Apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse, Halloween Giant Monsters, Dr Kane's House of Horrors, and/or Trick or Treating as events are available. Will advertise in LFG as regularly as I remember. Come one, come all, and get those Halloween badges.
  4. Many thanks to all the heroes (and a few villains) who joined us in saving Paragon City from Halloween. I probably will not be around much of the weekend of 10/4, but I will try to run a few more rolling leagues like this while the event is live. And, of course, I encourage others to do the same, so my lower level alts can get in on the fun. (grin) People seemed to have a good time, and we fought off lots of zombies, dead apocalyptii, and ran Jack and Eochai off any time we saw them.
  5. Ran this tonight 10/2/19, and it seemed to both work well and be appreciated by participants. SO we'll do it again. Starting at approximately 20:00 (8 PM) EST / 00:00 UTC / 02:00 (2 AM) CEST (and I'll let you work out the other conversions from there), I'll periodically advertise in LFG for a rolling Halloween event team. We'll be hitting any Deadly Apocalypse or Zombie Apocalypse we can. Between horrific battles to prevent the end of the world, we'll look for Jack and Eochai and Trick or Treat to pass the time. Come one, come all, stay as long as you like. Tonight we managed to keep it going for around 3 hours, and successfully stopped so many Apocalyptic events and giant monsters I quite lost track.
  6. Pretty much. I tend to get it by mentoring, then never use it because it takes too long to both use and recharge. Or wait, that's assemble the team. Base teleporter is from the Rapid Response member accolade. But anyway...
  7. Protector was my home server for many years. Main was Bladesnow, with way too many alts. Hmmn, I should put my CIT page in my sig. In the meantime... https://cit.cohtitan.com/profile/3066 - Now playing on Reunion.
  8. The most desirable feature of the current "enterbasefrompasscode" to my mind is the capability to return to the exact spot you teleported away from. I am unaware of any other generally available teleport which allows you to "mark" a spot and return to it later. I understand the developer's objection to the uninterruptible instant effect the slash command allows, but I *do* hope they see why people like it so much. As others have noted, it allows you to build "custom" teleports to go to multiple different specific bases. Hopefully whatever you come up with eventually will offer similar functionality in a fashion which you see as maintaining the ever elusive and usually illusionary notion of "balance". (shrug)
  9. It is possible I am just misunderstanding what is supposed to happen. But I've earned both Day Trader and Shop Keeper to get the Entrepreneur accolade. So far as I can tell I'm not getting invention discount tokens. I asked about it in in-game help, and confirmed that I should expect to see them in my salvage inventory. I can see the awards for both Day Trader and Shop Keeper accumulating, but nothing from Entrepreneur.
  10. Nvidia 2 x GTX 1080 Windows 10 Pro version 1803 loads and runs flawlessly driver 419.72 pair of 3840x2160 run in Nvidia surround mode as a single 7680x2160 display - I run 3840x2160 windowed so I can see paragon wiki on the other panel. Multi-monitor (yes, see above) Graphics preset - started with Ultra, turned every dial I can find up to 11 only issues I've seen were all network related
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