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  1. That's super interesting. I wonder if I can trick the sequence into working by making an important NPC optional but tying them to a non-optional collection or something. Thanks for the tip! 🙂
  2. So, I've been working on an AE arc and I've been playing around with Escorts (IE Allied characters who you need to bring to a destination to complete them as an objective), and I've noticed what I believe to be a bug. Any escort who I place in a mission that doesn't have enemies surrounding them (either by setting the enemy group to None Selected or Empty) before you walk up to them will spawn and count as completed without needing to be escorted to their destination. I've tried this both on escorts who want to go to go to the mission entrance, and escorts who want to go to collect
  3. um, holy crap. HI!!!! I guess I'll re-introduce myself, I went by Mako (as in my main for a long time White Mage Mako, also Mako Avalar) on victory before CoV ever came out. 😛 Eventually I wandered off to Virtue and made a whole buncha new friends there too. I was @Mako on live and I'm @Mako now, mostly playing on Everlasting!
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