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  1. If the protector bot is my sever as a Mastermind it seems that it should place a Force Field on me first then the others. I do not know if this applies to other Mastermind sets but it seems to me the Mastermind should be the primary target for pet buffs where applicable.
  2. For a tank that sounds ok. On a Brute it is normally less than 5 minutes.
  3. I am sorry but I don't believe anyone makes "Billions" AFK Farming. A maxed out build being very active played could potentially net 138,006,431 (Per the Farm Fresh guide) influence an hour or ~3.3 billion if played 24 hours straight non stop. Trying to say that you can make billions standing there with Burn on autofire while standing on the middle of the map when many mob groups stay on the sided and never come to the center I find HIGHLY unlikely.
  4. Sounds like someone is off their meds. How can anybody "Have all the money"? This isn't a closed economy, influence just pops into existence. I decided to check out the aforementioned "Tighty" AE. The description is an equally psychotic rant about being kicked from an SG.
  5. Just wanted to point out that I am so glad your post started with this. I always cringe a bit when it is suggested a change should be easy.
  6. Just at a quick glance I would have a couple suggestions purely based of tanking in general as I am less familiar with Elec/Elec as others may be. You are off to a great start but here are some things I noticed. The defenses are really low. You are over the resist caps in some places, you may be able to move a few set bonuses around to get a better return on your slots and sets. For example you are at 97% resist on Psi. The sixth Aegis in charged armor is a bonus to psi so you could drop the End/Recharge Aegis and slot in the Gladiator's Armour unique for the 3% defense bonus. You have both Rune of Protection and Power Surge. These are two situational powers that do the same thing though Power surge is much better and requires no wasted power choices. (Arcane bolt when already have MU). I noticed that you have not used the two uniques for damage resist. Were it me I would drop Rune and Arcane Bolt and replace them with Combat jumping and Maneuvers. 3 slot them so you have shield wall defense + unique in one and reactive defenses defense + unique in the other. Then you can add a LOTG + recharge to each. With the resist uniques slotted you can change the Mako bites to 4 Kinetic combats in those two powers. You now have the same or higher resist values with far better defenses making your tank far more durable. (Out of 100 S/L attacks you are now hit 27.3 times as opposed to 42.9 previously.) I have attached a brief work up below. You seemed over slotted on health/Stamina so I made those 2 slots each. I also dropped lightning clap and put in Hasten since recharge was a priority. With Hasten the LOTG IOs and Ageless Hasten and Energize are able to be perma. The only drawback is that you actually have more attacks than you need or will be able to use. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1519&c=711&a=1422&f=HEX&dc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
  7. Depending upon the hardware 2017 may well be the most current iteration of the drivers for your device. The game may be looking at Intel graphics generically and not specifically or just a date range thing. I had the same issue with and older AMD card setting up the game for a niece. If the game is running I would just ignore the message and keep punching bad guys.
  8. Annoying are any mobs that you have to hunt down because they keep running away. I had a Council Lt the other day that kept running back and forth constantly. Even when taunted he kept running. Rikti Monkeys. Who decides to invade a planet and says to themselves ,"Let's not forget to pack the psychic monkeys"? That said, my live Invul tank hated Psi. These days it is not so bad. I actually like fighting Psi baddies on my Bio tank as he is nearly damage type agnostic.
  9. Is it though? You haven't patched or changed any thing on the PC in question since 2012? If you haven't that is what is commonly known as a bad idea. Same game in name only. As with any application it has undergone changes and the version of the application used now is not the same as the one you last played whenever that was. For all we know you could be trying to run the 64 bit executable on a 32 bit OS. Happy to help but sort of PC specs and the OS version are vital to being able to.
  10. Infinitum, have you posted that Shield defense build anywhere?
  11. I just wanted to add that Kin is NOT the best support set in the game. Fulcrum shift is best support power in the game hands down. I think that Transfusion could use an accuracy buff. It is painful at lower levels in my experience. I would be very curious to know how many of those with Kin were power leveled in some way to get to Fulcrum Shift.
  12. Not disagreeing at all. Though I would point out that even if a character is abandoned it does not invalidate the fun of having played the character. I do not think that allowing the Tanker to actually do meaningful damage is a redefinition of the AT. It seems more in line with the original definition as well as putting it more in line with the comic book origins of the AT. Not trying to put words in anyone's mouth but a summation of how various post from more than one source have read. I was not attempting to point fingers at any individual player. (Well, I do recall one message I saw somewhere asking why a tank needs to do any damage at all.) Not so sure if about superior resilience most brutes are just a skittle or two away from having the same resilience as a tank. To say nothing of outside buffs. I understand that, I like the aspect of aggro management and being the hero's hero. Where bruising is concerned in my testing I have noticed the damage increase far more than I ever have bruising. I also tend to run in small groups often as a duo or trio. You absolutely have and I think it is great that you have. I just may disagree with some of the conclusions drawn from those numbers. I think we both agree the first pass was a bit over tuned. (Though I was really hoping for the endurance boost.) The entire crux of my post is that the test bed is too small a fraction of the player base to determine the real gameplay impact of the changes as they stand. On a raid where players are buffed from multiple sources almost everyone is as survivable as the tank. When a team gets together that is all T4 incarnates with a billion inf build almost everyone is as survivable as the tank. What we don't know is how is that level 38 tank with the generic IO's and a bad build who is waiting for 50 to respec affected? How is the player still learning the game being or learning to tank affected or the players whose rotation is crap? I would just like the largest group of players possible to be able to glean input from. Once more I do not disagree at all. That said I feel players as whole would rather have the changes and face some potential nerfs if they already knew it was a possibility. Much like the /enterbasefrompasscode. May I just add that it is not my intention to insult anybody or to minimize one's input even if I disagree. I simply want the best CoH possible.
  13. Honestly, at this point I am ready for the changes to put on live. I understand the want to make sure they are close to perfect as possible and not over tuned as it is far easier to give than takeaway if need be. But, given the small percentage of players who frequent the boards and the smaller percentage who actually test it seems much more comprehensive insight would be gained by maximizing real game use of the AT with the changes. After nearly two months and 80 pages of "focused" (using the term loosely) feedback it seems nearly everything has been said to the point where there is an ongoing discussion about blaster damage. Feedback has fallen into the camp of "That's not how I would do it!", "In this very specialized, synthetic test with the character maxed out X happens and I am unhappy about it!" or, "Why not do this thing you have stated multiple you can't or won't do for technical or other reasons?". Who has tested by leveling up with groups in DFB or Positron TF or Talos radio missions to see how it feels? Most tests (not saying all) are ran at level 50 with incarnates and high end builds. I consider something like a Rikti Pylon to be a synthetic test that is not really indicative of the vast majority of game play where a tank is managing aggro, hitting taunt, and generally being a tank. The changes as they stand have not broken anything from a technical standpoint and have not broken the game in any way. These should be released on live to the actual player base to see they affect the actual game and players enjoyment of it.
  14. This please. My PC is ok but I turn graphics way down in a raid, especially particles. (I keep sight distance high though.
  15. You could always use the AMD for your very CoH server as well.
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