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  1. I have never that "Standard Code Rant" before. I love it !
  2. For some clarification are you looking for just a farming build or a farming and content build? I have two build on my farmer one for farming and one for regular content. I will assume you mean fire farms. At a quick glance it looks like the first one would be OK for general content. It gets close to the S/L defense with a buff, purple, or Barrier incarnate it is there. Also, Resilient Alpha caps S/L Resist. Though there are definitely things I would do different it does especially well given the lack of very expensive IO sets. I would not want to run a fire farm with either build. Allow me throw out some general considerations in regard to making this a farming build. Please note these are just my viewpoints and the most important consideration is that you enjoy your toon and have fun. Firstly I would not want to try to farm on a tank. I love tanks but not to farm with. This may change dependent on the Tanker changes being considered by the team. Throw spines is a great power and absolutely should be in your rotation. Combat Jumping is a good power for a bit of defense with very low END costs. You need more AOE damage for farning so you will want look at an epic pool that provides it, MU is a popular choice. To farm you need damage and more damage consider switching to the the Musculature for your Alpha. Lastly Mocking Beratement is a great set to put in consume.
  3. RNG is a harsh mistress at times. Even without purples though you with that much work you will likely have a decent amount of Orange recipes. These are weird as some sell for millions while others sell for less than vendor price. You can always craft the cheapones and play the conversion game to make them far more valuable. There is an excellent thread on the in the GUIDES section.
  4. I would love to see your build if you willing to share it. I posted mine in a topic if you would be willing to take a peek as well. Your Invul build helped my Invul/SS main.
  5. I know it is just a typo but I laughed at the "Haven", it is like Schrödinger's verb.
  6. Odhinn

    /Bio advice.

    Disclaimer: My Bio is a tank. Bio Armor took me a while to figure out myself as I main an Invul tank. Bio armor is far more active using the click powers and a far more layered approach to survival. Even slotted out fairly expensively on a tank I do not reach the defense soft cap for S/L though the resist is 90% (Keep in mind with Bio the more enemies the More S/L resist you get). Conversely you will get decent defense to other damage types (except for Psi) but, somewhat anemic resistances to those types. I mention this as it is easier to build the defenses and resistances already offered by the set, and tough weave. Bio plugs the defense/resist holes with regen healing and absorb. You want to slot up Ablative Carapace for heal absorb and recharge and keep it up as much as possible. To that end slot I slotted for global recharge and regeneration. Getting the Accolades for +HP helps as well. The Absolute biggest difference I discovered with Bio Armour from other armor sets I have played is that the set works best by being proactive as opposed to reactive. Hit DNA Siphon before you Really need it and use it to debuff as well. Start Parasitic Aura before jumping into 20 mobs and keep up Ablative as much as you can. Choose your Adaptations wisely. Offensive does give a nice DPS boost but drops your resistances but be sure to factor in offensive you are not, of course, getting the boost from defenses from defensive stance (around 5% on my tank). I know this seem obvious but is easy to forget. I have my Bio/Spines build posted on the tank forums. While I understand there different numbers and goals it may give you a jumping off point. Hope that helps.
  7. Recently got my Bio/Spines tank to 50+1 and slotted out. e has been a real joy to play and far more survivable than I would have imagined.
  8. It seems to me that many Tanker's last primary power (T9) tend to be garbage especially since Incarnates. I main Invul so i will use Unstoppable to illustrate. It offers 70% resist to all (but psi of course) and then crashes s hard you are likely to die if any mobs are left. I skip this power and I don't think I have seen a good build that takes it. Conversely on my Bio tank Parasitic Aura is a good power. Not trying to start a rant on T9 powers (for armor sets especially) being trash but I think the last power is a set should be one you look forward to. Regardless, what power sets have the best T9 in your experience? Or worst.
  9. Thanks for the response. While I certainly understand what you are saying I do not think those scenarios are endemic of farming. Wandering into a PvP zone in many games can lead to a quick squish for any number of reasons from build to "skill" to equipment and that billion inf for IO sets could come from other sources as well. I have never experienced an equipment check in all my time in CoH from issue 1 to present.
  10. Odhinn

    Bio/Spines Build

    This is my Bio/Spines build i have been working on. While it is not the cheapest build it isn't a billion influence either. I have been playing the build for a bit in PI radio missions and DA missions against a variety of foes and damage types. So far he has been remarkably tough and had been resilient enough to run offensive mode is many circumstances. Most importantly he has been fun. Any feedback or advice is always appreciated.
  11. Okay I have to ask the following. This is the same question I nearly always ask when one argues for a nerf. Does someone enjoying the game their way negatively affect the way you enjoy the game? Does a player farming keep you from enjoying a mission arc or a TF? I do not see how AE farming does that. This is not a retail game wherein grinds need to be established to keep subscribers.
  12. This looks solid to me. I think temperature protection looks a bit over slotted. I would drop the resist/endurance/recharge and swap in the Impervium Armor psi resist IO at least. If you were to take the resilient Alpha that would free you up to move some slots around. Just for example, with resilient you can drop a slot from Burn (losing the 6% S/L bonus) and still be at 95% S/L.
  13. Tough and Weave really depend on the build and character you are going for. My Invul/SS/ has neither as he is capped on S/L resist. He does have leadership and is an extremely expensive build. My Bio Armor tank does have them though he only turns on Tough if it is needed he usually has Weave running. In the case of Rad/Rad taking a quick look it with Mid's it seems that when everything is slotted with 3 basic IOs ( I use this as a baseline ) S/L resist is around 47% and with tough it goes to 71%. S/L is the most common type of damage in the game though other types get more common in the later game. Still having that extra resist leaves with more HP for that Psi attack. Weave gives the same defense as Combat Jumping and Maneuvers combined. I completely recognize that Rad has other mitigation as well but I would take tough if making a Rad/* tank myself. I will add that I hate having to take the (to me) useless puch or kick though.
  14. I like the various levels of tech in the props. I think the CRT monitors have been replaced by flat panels but the brick cell phones are still there all the cars seem to be from another era and details like that. It makes the high tech things feel more high tech and gives the world its own unique time frame setting.
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