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  1. Hurricane has both a Knockback component and a Repel component to it. Sudden Acceleration changes the KB to KD but does nothing to the Repel, which while it only has a small chance to go off, will go off and cause mobs to be flung about. Repel though, oddly enough, only has the KB component, so using the KB>KB in it works perfectly. It's odd but there it is.
  2. I fail to see "achieving parity" in this and everything else, comparatively, but what do I know? I refer back to Tac Arrow getting "nine nerfs" as referenced by Moonlighter, not counting the blaster-wide nerfs. Nine ... that's a lot. I didn't know Tac Arrow was THAT overpowered and I play one.
  3. Darkness Manipulation has ranged powers at 80ft also, an immobilize and a fear. So it's not just Mental Manipulation.
  4. Nice job misquoting what I said ... THIS is actually what *I* said. Why are you so vehemently defending this change? Have you played it before AND after the change? I have, others have. Why are you so absolutely DEAD-SET that it MUST happen above all else? I'm done, tag me, quote me, I'm NOT coming back to engage with you.
  5. No melee attacks (which has been stated time and time and time again in reference to the range cut and the initial statement of "encouraging blasters to enter melee range" and yes, I know 50-60 feet isn't melee range but it's what was said) so where are you gonna get s/l defenses from? No PBAOE attacks so ... no s/l there either. Oil slick only takes certain sets, there's only a tiny amount of s/l in there, I'd have to double-check on Test. You can't slot superior avalanche ANYWHERE in Arch/Tac Arrow ... Time Bomb in Devices, there we go. Honestly, if I worked at it and ya
  6. Alright, let me just respond to your "too safe" comment. My Arch/TA blaster doesn't have capped defenses, pretty low resistances and takes Fly to stay out of Melee. So, sure, I guess we can call that marginally safe for a blaster. Since every blaster can take Hover/Fly though, he's pretty much on even footing with anyone else. I can EASILY build (expensive, but with a farmer, who cares about expense) a water/devices blaster with ALL (except PSI) defenses capped and I don't even NEED to take Fly to stay out of Melee. So now ... which is TOO SAFE? Because I promise you, if I can do that wi
  7. While I do appreciate you saying that, it still remains that I, among others, don't feel this way regarding this change. You can scroll back and see the many, MANY discussions regarding psi blast, defender versions of blasts, etc.. as an example. Ultimately, it's YOUR game and we're guests here and we'll choose to play in your sandbox or not. I say this as someone who continued to play Regen on live AFTER the nerfs and STILL plays Regen today in your sandbox, hoping against hope that it will one day be restored to at least a semblance of it's former glory. But I've yet to see, one sim
  8. Correct ... but it at least INTIMATES that they are LISTENING AND PAYING ATTENTION TO FEEDBACK. And as was said, it certainly doesn't FEEL or SEEM that way to those of us submitting feedback.
  9. You know what this change is going to do for my archer? I'm going to take those two powers, remove any slots in them, remove them from my bar and never use them again. Oil Slick? Meh, I may take it, I may not. That's how I'll adapt. Maybe I'll replace Ice Arrow with a pool power that gives me good value for a single slot. This is a change for change's sake, nothing else. It literally makes zero sense apart from "We want to change this because we want to change it." Enjoy my first post.
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