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  1. OAS is a convenience thing. I.e., you want to stealth a mission without disabling your damage auras or effects that might alert enemies, or you don't want to un-auto your autoattack so when you target an enemy by mistake it doesn't fire. Some stuff are also unwise to untoggle while you stealth, for instance, mez protection powers that have enemy effects. So instead of untoggling several things, you just toggle this new thing on/off. Disable All Powers is there to support a future change to Walk only disabling travel powers while leaving everything else up (so you can walk with your
  2. Regen debuff resistance does nothing in Hami raids. Hami and green beam regen debuffs are unresistable. On top of that, it diminishes the regen buffs you get from Rebirth Destiny as they're resistable (this is likely a bug).
  3. Some set combinations unfortunately can't afford very well being a good Hami tank + being good at other content, and Regen is one of them. Sets like Rad or Bio can be built to be great at tanking Hami without letting go of anything that makes them great in PvE. For min-maxed Hami tanks that can't be such hybrids, a different build for PvE is recommended.
  4. Issue #1: KB resistance buff switches on and off How to Reproduce: - have Fly and Evasive Manoeuvres toggled on - change zones Expected Result: - KB resistance buff should remain steady Observed Result: - KB resistance buff switches on and off randomly Workaround: - Retoggle Evasive Manoeuvres after zoning Issue #2: KB resistance buff is granting 99% KB resists How to Reproduce: - have minor KB protection (like 3KB from IOs) - turn Fly and Evasive Maneuvers on - fi
  5. The new effect for Disruption Arrow is customizable. If you paint it black, the effect disappears completely. Not sure this is good or bad, but I want to say good.
  6. Thanks for adjusting the animation instead of trimming it. I noticed I can cancel the animation near the end by moving, but that's okay. The animation will play in full if I don't move or attack next so that's a nice compromise. This is the only instance I dislike the change in cast times. I'd have preferred it stayed long (6s even!) and DPA adjusted instead. Rambo'ing for that long can be appealing to some people. Probably an unpopular opinion tho.
  7. Thanks for this! MMs will become a lot more enjoyable to play in Hamidon raids now. This is already Live, so should probably be removed from the patch notes. wat
  8. Rad Armor is right there with Bio in the list of top tier sets for Hami tanking. Both have Absorb, unresistable heals, end drain resists on auto powers, and high toxic resists. Rad, Bio, Regen, Dark, and Fire Armor can stand on their own against Hami regardless of the secondary, while other sets like Stone Armor will likely need Dark Melee as a secondary to have a reliable self-heal in Siphon Life. But good Hami tanks don't necessarily make good tanks for other content. Good Hami tanks can be built with little to no resists to anything but toxic, and also have zero defense. Such ta
  9. It may look like Crushing Blow animates faster, but activation times are not that much different from other powers: Crushing Blow: 2s Defensive Sweep: 2.2s Rend Armor: 2.3s Titan Sweep: 2.43s Arc of Destruction: 2.7s While every other power lands the hit at the end of the activation time, Crushing Blow is the only exception where it lands the hit (and activates Momentum) in the middle of activation time. The result is a rather long recovery animation after the hit lands, which cannot be cancelled into other attacks, wasting Momentum time.
  10. Every opener (with the exception of Crushing Blow) applies Momentum right when the activation ends, allowing the next attack to be activated roughly at the same time Momentum begins. With Crushing Blow, there's a noticeable delay between the time the Momentum buff is applied, and the next attack is activated. This makes the Momentum window shorter when using Crushing Blow as an opener. This affects all ATs.
  11. When buffs are resistable, say your build has resistance to Regeneration debuffs. Then when you get a Regeneration BUFF, that buff will be incorrectly diminished by your debuff resistances. When debuffs are unresistable, it generally means they can be way too powerful in some scenarios, like against AVs or monsters that naturally resist them.
  12. In Mids, click View Totals button, then a new window will pop up, click the last tab and "Debuff Resistances" will be there. "Recharge" is what you need to look at.
  13. The build looks good and yes, I'd plug that slow resist to above 90%. If you place the winter set (Blistering Cold, 5-slot, skip Acc/Dam) in Barrage, you get a bit more melee def and 15% slow resist, taking the total to 95% which should be good. You'll lose a bit of MaxHP but having near immunity to slows is worth it. I'd also improve the slotting in Radiation Therapy. Since it's your only heal, you want it to heal as much as possible and also recharge as fast as possible. You don't need to worry about accuracy slotting in it as the Healing component doesn't require enemies, so you
  14. /Dark is only the "best" due to Siphon Life (self-heal). But certain armor sets (Rad Armor being one of them) don't need to rely on that heal. Also with the exception of green mitos dealing toxic damage (which we can resist), all other mitos and Hami deal Special damage which bypasses all defenses and resistances, so the choice for /Katana was not at all about defense. My choice for it was purely cosmetic (the taunt looks good). Bottom line being, with Rad Armor, you can pick any melee set really, and tank Hami just fine.
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