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  1. Teleportation: Recall Friend, Teleport Foe, Teleport Team, Long Range Teleport: Cast times are too long. I'd reduce everything considerably. Teleport: Current cast time is too long; should be at least as good as Jaunt, activation-time-wise. Motivation: a power pool that specializes in teleport should be the king of teleport. How come Jaunt is better overall? Could have different customization options, including current Teleport, Jaunt, and Burst of Speed animations/effects Random Observation: Burst of Speed does sound like an attack that belongs to the Teleport pool. Concealment: Invisiblity: Revert changes done in HC. Previously it had Only Affects Self flag and kept the defense bonus in combat, being much more useful for scouting. The current changes make combat worse by providing no benefit (since they all suppress) and still draining endurance. Flight: Fly: My favorite travel power. Could have customization options that change the default flying animation. I'd improve max flight speed by a small amount, to make it more appealing compared to P2W jetpacks. Suggestion: have it affect the owner Pets (MM, Controller/Dom, Epics, etc) while it's toggled on. not the same as Group Fly, and not limited by area of effect could be tied to the last pet upgrade for MMs, so non-upgraded pets don't fly Air Superiority: I love how it looks and its soft-control usefulness. Speed: Flurry: I dislike this animation. I understand it has a long animation time to give the impression of speed with multiple fast attacks. But the current animation still feels slow and heavy. Should be something like... One Thousand Cuts, but with punches. Fighting: Boxing: I like the gutpunch animation. More animations would be welcome. Kick: The current animation is okay (not bad, not good). Would love to see more animations. Leaping: Jump Kick: I strongly dislike this animation. Could use more animations. Acrobatics: I like having the option to have hold protection. But it takes a lot of investment. Spring Attack: I like it overall, but could recharge faster. Medicine: Aid Other, Aid Self: I understand the reason they have long cast times and are interruptible -- it's not supposed to be a full fledged healing set. But they can be "bad enough" just having a long cast time, so I suggest removing the interrupt times altogether. Field Medic: Without interruption time in the base powers, the passive effect of this power could reduce the activation time of both Aid Other and Aid Self, while its clickable effect could increase the healing amount of those two powers. Since it requires heavy investment, it makes sense to me that such investment could make the two heal powers closer (but not equal) to a full fledged healing set.
  2. Many of the Martial Arts animations are great, but once Martial Assault Combat for Blasters came around with that *amazing* spinning kick animation, I just want that ported to MA. That's my #1 request for the set. The alternate animations however, IMO look really bad, all of them. The momentum just feels wrong, lacking weight/impact. For those wanting more "punchy" animations, I think more alternate animations from other sets could benefit the set and maybe reduce the migration to Street Justice or Kinetic Melee (which have their own issues). Also it would be cool to restore the Chun-Li kick as an alternate animation to a power with the appropriate activation times.
  3. Everlasting. We do four raids per day (six on weekends) and those crashes happen around 1 out of 3 times affecting a varying number of people.
  4. This has been happening for a while:
  5. I have a finished version of my Bio/Dark Hami Tanker. Keen (Hami Tank) - Tanker (Bio Armor).mxd It's a league-setting oriented build -- it doesn't have enough KB protection from IOs, so you'll need mez protection for the initial launch/alpha. Melee Hybrid + Clarion to be 100% safe against the initial stun (38 mag total). In a league setting, it doesn't require any external buffs to stay alive, neither on launch or during mito clearing. cc @Menelruin @S33k3r
  6. Having built a Radiation Armor Tanker recently with all resistances capped but Cold (82%), I agree with everything in the above. That includes skipping the T9. It also makes a heck of a Hamidon tanker due to capped toxic resists, endurance drain and slow debuff resists.
  7. Can confirm this is also happening with Radiation Armor. To replicate: Use Radiation Therapy to reach 82% regen debuff resists Use Rebirth Reported regeneration immediately after using Rebirth:
  8. Ran the script above against all my logs and here's the result.
  9. Because now there are a number of players who actually like being able to cause (or receive) pain to/from allies. Not judging, just acknowledging their existence. I can only imagine that if the devs went ahead and changed the animation, those players would come to the forums to complain about it. This is why I'm trying not to advocate for an outright animation change, even though it would address my personal issues.
  10. Hm... An option to not have my animation changed by any ally buffs (Kinetics, Thermal, Elec Affinity buffs, etc) An option to not change an ally's animation when I cast buffs on them, similar to above but different viewpoint (both could co-exist) Real Minimum FX for everything, specially things like Bio Armor Non-visual-stealth options for stealth powers. Dark Armor has this already, as their "Soul Noir" option for their cloak power doesn't apply any visual stealth on the user (but applies stealth attribute), unlike the other options. This could also extend to area buffs, so defenders can like, cast Fade without making everyone visually invisible. Related to the above but different viewpoint: an option to not be visually affected by stealth/invisibility effects from ally buffs (Fade, Shadow Fall, Arctic Fog, Grant Invis, Mass Invis, etc) Ability to set the default flying animation among the existing ones without having to use an emote -- include Hover's current animation as an option for that, that'd be pretty cool to use as a normal flying animation. Ability to set a default stance animation among the existing ones, same as above. Examples: centered, cross arms, hero/villain stances, etc Ability to set a default running animation to perform like a Slide, Ninja Run or Beast Run, etc, without having to use those powers. Pistol animations from Thugs MM set proliferated to Dual Pistols The Spinning Kick animation from Martial Assault proliferated everywhere it can, including sets that don't do kicks (Super Strength) or sets that have their own exclusive animations (Street Justice) or elemental sets like Fire, Dark etc, with proper effects added to kicks. (This could apply to other animations too. 🙂 )
  11. There are several reasons I don't want to mod my client: I just don't. I want my experience to match what most other players see. Modding is not easy. (Keep reading...) Modding animations will not stop other players from seeing my character having seizures, which is a small part of the original problem. Replacing the seizure animation causes enemies to not play it when they're mezzed. It's not a problem for the animation to be caused BY and ON ENEMIES -- my OP clearly states that the problem was solely about the animation being caused AMONG ALLIES. Also myself, when affected by that animation BY ENEMIES was totally fine. After modding, I don't have those visual cues in combat anymore. Keeping mods across different computers is a pain. I have two gaming laptops and one gaming desktop that I can play CoH on. I knew about modding back from the Live days and used it to an extent while I was interested in machinima stuff. But not anymore. I just don't have any desire to mod my client these days whatsoever. However it came to a point that it was either that, or not play the game at all. So modding became the lesser of two evils, and not a "solution" by any means. I spent a week or so away from the game after my previous breakdown. I played a bit of other games but was missing CoH so badly, so I decided to look into minimal modding so I could be able to play the game again. I already knew what to expect. First I had to use a pigg reader/exporter, and most options out there are not really friendly. Even the newest tool from Ourodev (Piglet) was not intuitive. I wanted to export only specific animations or use search features, but that proved to be a challenge. So I just exported everything. Then I had to look into animation file names to try to find the animations I wanted to use instead of the seizure one. And so I found the two animations I needed to replace: electro air_electro - seizure animation while flying Okay so now I have to find an animation to replace it with. Considering the culprit power from Electric Affinity is a buff, I could replace it with a buffing animation like absorb, which is used when you eat an Inspiration for example. But that caused the following to happen: Enemies affected by electrical powers would play that "buffing" animation. Myself when affected by an electrical mez would play that "buffing" animation. NOT GOOD. So I started looking for that quick "bump" animation that plays when allies receive Speed Boost. It is also the generic animation that plays when players are hit in combat. That would resolve the two issues above. And that's where my nightmare began. Checked all the available topics and couldn't find anyone reporting what that animation was named. I spent literally DAYS looking for that animation. Every time I need to test an animation, I have to replace the file in the data folder, then restart the game. It was very time consuming. I think I had to do that hundreds of times, for every animation file I suspected to be the one I was looking for. I couldn't just change animation files while the game was running -- it would freeze the game and I'd have to force-close it. Demorecording didn't help. Apparently, hit reactions are baked into FX files, and demorecord code would not tell me what animation the affected target would play. And I had no clue how to open or work with FX files. At some point and days and lots of frustration later I came across this animation named "HQ_high" which name didn't really tell me anything. So I tested it ingame, and that was it. The small bump animation. All good! Then the next would be the aerial animation. I just used the same file, and it was pretty bad. The character would play the "grounded bump" animation while in the air, with steady feet. So I had to look for the aerial bump animation. You'd think it'd be called "air_HQ_high" or something (most aerial animations start with "air_" in the names). But NOOOOOO. It had a totally different name. Nightmare Part 2 begins. More days looking for a frickin' animation that was not reported in any topic whatsoever. MEANWHILE, I realized the animation I replaced would only play for male characters. Female and Huge players would still get the seizure animation. I wanted it gone from all of my allies, not just myself. Yay, time to replace more animations around. And guess what?? Female animation file names can be different. Thankfully, the male animations playing on female skeletons did just fine. But female characters had no HQ_high animation. What gives? Turns out their name was actually "combat_HQ". Huge version matched male. But then I was still looking for that aerial version. After spending even more days looking for it I had an idea. Maybe looking at the source code of the game could give me hints. So I went to Ourodev and downloaded the whole thing (3GB). After some quick searches using the file names I previously found out, I was able to discover that the aerial bump animation was called "float_HQ". (Of course I missed it because Windows search sucks.) And that it thankfully matched across male, female and huge. So in regards to animations, this is what I did regarding replacements: Copy This File to data/player_library/animations Rename it to male/HQ_high.anim male/electro.anim male/float_HQ.anim male/air_electro.anim fem/combat_HQ.anim fem/electro.anim fem/float_HQ.anim fem/air_electro.anim huge/HQ_high.anim huge/electro.anim huge/float_HQ.anim huge/air_electro.anim Then I tested things in game for a few days. Then I noticed things like ally pets (demons, robots, etc) were still getting the seizure animation from ally buffs. Welp. More animations to replace. This is still going on. I also replaced some of the sounds, and noticed it improved things a great deal. While sound effects from Elec Affinity were not exactly part of this specific problem, they helped aggravate it -- whenever those sounds played I'd get psyched about my character getting a seizure. So dampening those sounds helped. I chose two sounds as replacements: data/sound/Ogg/V_Powers/Mu_cagebolts.ogg -- the sustained effect after they hit data/sound/Ogg/V_Powers/Mu_cageboltshit.ogg -- the sound upon impact Those are the sounds of Mu Mastery's Electric Cages, a lowered version of electrical effects. Since I was already decided to NOT look for sounds specifically used by Elec Affinity, I just scanned through ALL electric sounds that I could replace. This affected most electric power sounds in my client, and somehow had an effect on Elec Affinity too, which was what I wanted after all. So currently, when ElecAff buffs go around during Hamidon raids, I barely hear them, I don't see my character and my allies get seizures (aside from pets) and things have generally improved. But I don't consider this resolved at all. This is just a band-aid solution, and it was a huge PITA to set up. I don't want to ever have to mod my client again for something like this. But at least I can play the game now. I still hope this can be addressed from the devs side so one day I can remove those mods from my client and see that animation again where it belongs: during combat and among foes.
  12. I've reached my limit with this issue today and I had to force myself away from the game. I don't want to quit, this is one of my favorite games of all time and I enjoy playing every day. But I also don't want to feel like I'm gonna throw up while I'm playing -- which has finally happened today. I've tried to put up with it for weeks, but there's only so much I can handle. Yes, I have mental health issues. So do many videogame players. Playing is a way to cope. This game used to be a place where I felt powerful and safe, and it's unfortunate how a single animation quickly turned things around. Finally, the lack of GM/Dev input here is highly demotivating and I don't feel like I belong anymore. As always, YMMV. If you enjoy the animation, that's great, carry on. I'm just one player negatively impacted by this.
  13. You're way out of line here with that implication. This is correct. While I'm not an animal lover, I'm not an animal hater either. Seeing any living being die in real life is extremely disturbing to me, and honestly I'm baffled that this has even been brought up. It also comes down to how much we relate to the visual entities in-game. I have a very strong connection with my own character. (And yes, I look at it all the time.) I don't feel the same connection when I see other MM's animal pets, so when they "die", it tends to not affect me compared to something that affects my character directly. Yes, I get very psyched up in combat and that's the main reason all characters I build in-game are extremely defensive so I feel the less pain as possible, and I also avoid dying at all costs. Yes, I mostly have no debt badges. I don't collect badges at all anyway. YMMV. Please go ahead and look up for a topic to defend that point or create one yourself. I do NOT disagree with you, but you keep using it as a reason to dismiss this topic. We can have BOTH discussions and their solutions are even different. I am not denying Shock Therapy is a valid medical procedure, but it can still cause mental triggers. I'd also think that heroes standing around in a non-combat environment shouldn't be subject to seizures, specially when they don't need any treatment. For what it's worth, I think Defibrillator is the best power in that set: it makes total sense, the animation is amazing, and it has multiple purposes. It requires a combat state however (a dead ally), which is something the seizure-inducing power doesn't require.
  14. Read again: If I have to move after getting a seizure, I'm not avoiding it. The damage's already been done. Thanks for proving my point.
  15. You know "standing around" is a thing when you're not fighting, right? You know moving 100% of the time when not fighting is totally unrealistic, right? Yeah because of course I'm just going to be running around when not fighting to avoid a drive-by buff that I have NO IDEA when it's gonna happen. 🤦‍♂️
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