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  1. I finally got around to testing the base portal in Eden: It's located at Woodsman, close to the Hive entrance. On behalf of all Hamidon raiders, thanks for keeping it there!
  2. Tested the new EMP Arrow. It's correctly ground-placed, but it doesn't buff teammates (tested with MM pets). There's also no visual FX for EMP Field. Inspecting the power, it looks like EMP Field currently does... nothing? Combat Attributes of a MM pet right after firing EMP Arrow:
  3. Following up on this: Abyss Raid, Oct 31st: typed /reloadgfx as Hami went down Crashed minutes later, with 2-3 buds still up No crash report window So in the end /reloadgfx didn't help 😞 cc @Veracor
  4. I was referring to the debuffs though, I don't care much about the stun. Originally I'd skip Barrage like the plague, but all my Stalkers are big target killers and the more debuffs the better, so now I "have" to take Barrage. That is purely a cosmetic issue though, I just dislike Barrage's animation is all.
  5. The Pocket D VIP Pass was kind of cool because it would TP you inside the VIP Lounge. I won't miss it terribly, just stating that its theme was interesting. I suspect the band despawn issues were due to the anti-gank mechanics that would also despawn things like Practice Dummies in RWZ.
  6. Thank you so much for this! Hoping that eventually other Stealth powers get the same treatment (like Hide for Stalkers maybe 😄 )
  7. Does this change mean that it now affects the caster as well?
  8. I think I understand why this had to be done (Tankers?), but boy do I loathe Barrage's animation. No longer a skippable power for me 😞
  9. Or a permanent costume power.
  10. Could even come up with some new tactics to fix this. If you have a happy Controller on team, wait for them to spam immob and stop enemies in all weird places, then Fold Space, problem solved! 😄
  11. I guess it's a matter of perspective. I don't think LRTP is that great of a T5, and certainly don't mind it being offered via an accolade. Fold Space, on the other hand, sounds awesome, and I can't wait to play with it. From the sound of it, even my squishies will like it. Build Up > Fold Space > PBAoE Nuke? Yes please! The only problem I'm seeing is with many players on a team using it in different places. Say the team tank uses it, then someone else does and the tank no longer has enemies in range. (Might be funny for a while...)
  12. Regarding fixed bugs, I reported a couple small bugs a while back. Any chance they could be looked into? Hopefully they're quick fixes: Stalker > Willpower > Reconstruction: doesn't accept Resistance sets Tanker > Stone Armor > Earth's Embrace missing "unresistable" flag on healing part
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