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  1. My main issue with the Warriors isn't with their looks or their powersets, it's that I feel like they're terribly under-written -- other than a throw-away reference in one line in one of the clues for The Bonefire Plot, and an even tinier throw-away reference in the Frostfire arc, we know almost nothing about how they fit into the magical-crime ecosystem of Paragon City. Now that the tip missions and the Moritmer Kal strike force establish that the Warriors and Odysseus are still major players at late as level 40, I feel like we need something that addresses the question of what Od
  2. At 7 pages of comments before I even woke up, someone has probably said this, but I have two minor concerns about the travel power redesign, both related to the "cottage" rule. One of the fundamental principles behind all the travel powers in the game is that the easier they are to use, the slower they are, which is why flight is slower than super leap is slower than teleport is slower than superspeed. If the flight speed cap is higher than the jump speed cap, why would anybody ever take super leap? The jump speed cap may not need to be much higher than the flight speed cap, its ba
  3. The stalker version of Radiation Melee's tier 7 power, Radiation Siphon, is flagged as available at level 8 instead of what it should be, 18.
  4. I have three broad categories of requests, and then a thought about base PvP: My first request feels to me like low-hanging fruit, like it ought to be easy. Go through the list of items that can be used as interact-able objectives in AE missions, all the boxes and safes and stuff. Make a list of the ones that don't have matching base items, and import them. It feels like this ought to be pretty easy because by definition they all have separate geometry files, right? My second request is one I make every time, but especially after the last round of improvements to Winter
  5. Any chance of making time spent hanging out in Winter Forest count towards the Pocket D badge?
  6. Can we PLEASE have those decorated conifers as base-decor items?
  7. Thanks! I had a similar but different complaint about the villain arc. For a level 30ish arc, I feel like there are WAY too many elite bosses, way too many of the bosses and EBs in that arc spawn multiple ambushes. That's the kind of difficulty I expect (in that level range) to face in the last fight of the last mission of the arc -- not two and three times per instance in every instance.
  8. I just finished The Graveyard Shift on a level 28 (was 29 by the end) tri-form PB, set to +0x1, and ... was this supposed to be this brutal? Over half of the spawn points had unusually large numbers of spawns -- two lieutenants and a minion being the norm. Some of them were (expletive deleted) nuts, like the whole Raverobber instance, where a single spawn point typically consisted of 3-4 lieutenants and 5-6 minions. This, for example, is one spawn point (note the extra 3 lieutenants hidden by the girder):
  9. Have the devs decided when to start the Winter Holiday event this year?
  10. I love most of these changes but really feel like the new ally buff component of EMP Arrow should be moved to Disruption Arrow instead, since it has the advantage of being ground targeted. Not to mention that I can't think of any even comic-book-ish explanation for why firing off an electromagnetic pulse should buff your teammates.
  11. Why is Boomtown, already one of the most annoying zones to travel to, missing from Long Range Teleport? Also, I'd really like to ask you, please, not to kill the sg portal access to the Echo zones. Making Ouroboros accessible at level 1 but only if someone else opens a portal for you is going to mean non-stop spamming of requests for portals in all the starting zones, and we really don't need more chat spam.
  12. Any chance of showing the current WST on the news page above the announcements? Just to remind people as they're logging in?
  13. The resume_info.txt trick for saving userid and password stopped working for me. Intentional, or does the file need to be in a different directory now?
  14. Checked Tequila options. Game is saving to C:\COH Checked C:\COH\InfamousBrad. There is a playerslot.txt. Deleted it. Logged in. Moved a character from one slot to another. Played that character for a few minutes. Logged out to character select screen. Character is still where I moved them to. Quit game. Restarted Tequila, logged in. Characters are back to random order. Checked C:\COH\InfamousBrad. There is no playerslot.txt file. I haven't been able to save the order of my characters for months. Nothing works. Edited to add: Disregard. Check
  15. Fortunately when Frostfire got busted and turned stool-pigeon, there was still at least one Outcasts Brick crew safehouse that survived in Boomtown: the Brickyard. BRICK-11767 @InfamousBrad (both here and in-game): FINISHED.
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