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  1. 5 days, 5 100M sales + a bunch of the others. I didn't keep records so I have no idea how many. I'm retiring from this, that's enough. Thank you Yomo and happy hunting everybody else.
  2. I'm far from a pro farmer, because of that I do keep combat attributes showing for fire res, fire def and damage. The first two let me know right away if I have something detoggled. The last one is for the extremely rare occasion I'm actively farming so I can monitor damage cap to manage how many red insps to use.
  3. I sign this petition. The shard tfs have these and, since these are longer tfs the odds of a teammate going afk at some point isn't exactly low.
  4. A few random thoughts on finer points... The Igneous have a damage aura, each and every one of them (see https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Minions_of_Igneous). Even if you're fully invis and a damage tick hits you, then you've been seen. Make sure to jump over or fly over any Igneous spawns. Each obelisk will drop a Take a Breather (Medium blue insp) upon clicking. I convert to a purple (medium defense, a Good Luck) as soon as I get 3 blues. The medium purple (25% def to all) seems to last just long enough to collect another 3 medium blues, to then convert to ano
  5. You'll need to set the second one to -1, I just copy/pasted mine.
  6. /macro RAWR "SetDifficultyLevel 4$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1" /macro MEW "SetDifficultyLevel 0$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0"
  7. On live, and perhaps even here before TOs were eliminated as drops (or perhaps even still now), you could get high level TOs (yes even level 50) from one of the side missions in a mayhem. The "Smash and Grab" where you rob the other vault. I stored the first one I got like that for the novelty of it but I did get others. Most of the time this gave an SO as a reward, but definitely would give TOs. I imagine they would drop from whatever the Safeguard version of Smash and Grab was too.
  8. Basically, if there's a forest, you'll find them there. See: St. Martial Nerva Croa Striga Eden I guess Perez is an exception and I don't remember seeing any in Bloody Bay. Nor the Hollows. Min level of 25 maybe?
  9. I posted a "bug" in the bug forums and was told "not a bug" when I pointed out their "Phalanx Fighting" could generate 40% def (screeny in that post with power analyzer results). So while there are multiple mobs meleeing you, you'll see astounding def numbers and I don't know what kind of slotting it would take to compensate for that.
  10. Help channel has been flooded (well, that's hyperbole but I've seen it brought up many times) with folks saying they couldn't complete this.
  11. I have about an 80% success rate remembering to change my search comment, which is where I try to store my last WST run date. I'll need to be at 100% soon, Cavern week is when all of my toons get a notice.
  12. Portal mobs do con higher. When LGTF was WST recently I noticed a monkey that conned purple. It was surprising because the other monkeys were, I don't know what they were, not purple though. Turns out the purple monkeys spawned from the portals so my inf is that the imagine shows a portal summons too.
  13. Typically all 6 iPowers are T4d between VL 12 and 24 for me. I don't pay too much attention to the VL when it happens but I do recognize 12 and 24 because of the significance of the rewards from those 2 levels. I have noticed I tend to be done with incarnates after I stop getting threads as vet rewards and before Emp rewards decline from 20. One day I'll make my VL 0 maxed T4 guy. I've got a lot Emps/Trans merits stored up. Really a lot.
  14. I wish there was some way to automate whenever the "are purples nerfed?" thread pops up both here and in-game. If I were in charge I'd require people to show their t-test and confidence intervals results before continuing once key words like "purple" "drop" or "rate" are used. If you don't have any data to back it up, you got nuthin'.
  15. Everyone skips it huh? Not me. I'm content with its current incarnation and though I'd take a buff, I sure wouldn't want to lose the stackability.
  16. My tale is remarkably similar. Similar enough that I suspect you've been the source of my agitation over the past few months, or at least a major player for it. For both 2019 and 2020 I can't literally say I went "all in" but I set aside a small reserve and used all other liquidity to purchase the Winter Packs. For 2019 it was weeks, maybe 2 months before I could list at 24,999,999 and once I did they flew off the shelf. Watching the sales price inch up (slowly) this year I knew I'd have to list for lower. I knew even if the cost peaked at 20 I could break them down
  17. It's a 1-slot power and though I too haven't reviewed the results, damage from crits > damage without crits. I too have a macro to target and cast it. For me I target a named T2. It recharges very quickly (20 second base) which is good news/bad news. The bad news being that it costs 30 end to use. My only Ninja MM has a FF secondary so I've got time to use this as it recharges. I could see it being yet another thing to do for a busier secondary like TA. Anyway, bottom line, I took and would always take Smoke Flash for any Ninja MM.
  18. It sure seems like Croatoa arcs offer a premium arc bonus xp. There are other good ones, they seem to be the ones with the zone arc badges (Striga, Faultline, Hollows) but Croa seems like the most rewarding. Pro-tip, before calling in after the finale (and before you collect your arc bonus) up your diff to +4. It's very nice. As for the 2 Croa "time sink" missions my tactic for both is 1) For stop 30 fir bolg - auto complete 2) For the Red Cap attacking the henges - leave one minion from an ambush. Sandwich time, you have 15 minute to make one and consume it.
  19. As someone that does update their search message with last WST, yes to the OP request. Yes, please yes.
  20. Back to the original question - favorite things. 1) The secondaries are distinct enough (and sometimes even a significant improvement) that they offer a different experience from the same set for meleers. Sent Regen is markedly different from the other 3 versions. I've also T4d sents with Bio, FA, Inv, I was very satisfied with all of them (as secondaries providing mitigation). 2) Aside from the opportunity mechanic, it's simple. So simple it's my answer to "what's the first AT I should play? from a brand new player" No one's ever asked me that, but if they did...
  21. From the bottom of the OP here it says: Let's focus on the first bullet point, that Cims now have a power labeled "Phalanx Fighting" which has the same effects as the power of the same name in Shield Defense. Let's look at Phalanx Fighting, I arbitrarily chose the Scrapper version. https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=scrapper_defense.shield_defense.phalanx_fighting&at=scrapper Specifically Max Targets Hit: 3 This is the same for the Tank and Brute versions as well (Stalkers don't get this power).
  22. I just tried it on test and I didn't try to find max range, but it's clearly > 25 feet. I found a mob and just before I lost sight of him with target I was able to use the "powexec_location target" macro to land on top of him. Putzing around it looks like it may be 85 feet, but I would not submit those findings to be peer reviewed, purely putzing around to get an approximation of scale.
  23. Believe it or not I have Team TP scheduled for a character I have on a specialty team (all Poison). If it's 25 feet then it's useless, you're already engaging the next spawn unless there's stealth involved. On all fire/rad controller teams from live, TTP was frequently used but I remember being able to port in before being seen. I sure don't remember the numerical value for range but it had to be > 25 ft.
  24. Alignment and morality tips will drop from 1) mobs that drop rewards (so when you exemp to say level 10 a level 10 enemy can drop them) 2) mobs level 20 and above. These can be grey and provide no reward otherwise. In ye olden days (pre Null) I'd go to target rich zones like miners in Sharks or dense hazard zones like Crey's to get however many tips I wanted at the moment.
  25. With enough time passed for the hype to simmer down, I've become more enthused by Combat Teleport than Fold Space. CT may well become a standard "got to have" power for my meleers going forward. As for Fold Space, the playerbase needs to arrive at some unwritten rules. Like, if you hear or see it used by someone else during a fight, don't use it for the remainder of that fight (with special exceptions, as ever). It's *bang headdesk* time for me whenever I use it and then everyone gets ported away 5 seconds later. At this point, if I find there's dueling Fold Spaces I
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