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  1. Well, the only thing that would be challenging would be Survival Tactics + Hunters Mark that changes how much a single enemy does to you specifically. But we already have a mechanic essentially doing this, though indirectly: Mastermind Pet Defensive Stance Whenever an enemy attacks you while your pets are in Defensive Stance, a portion of that damage (based on the number of nearby Defensive pets) is immediately removed and stored in a buffer variable. This damage reduction is ONLY for you (not when those enemies attack your pets or other players). Then, the amount of damage stored in
  2. For Technology Origin, I feel like you could theme the set around being a battlefield commander, using shouts, targeting optics, recon, leadership, communications, and other utilities to enhance your team's effectiveness. You could theme the bond with an ally as a "brothers in arms" sort of thing. Not as blatantly obvious as the other origins, but definitely workable.
  3. Yeah, my inspiration for this was how Dual Pistols and Bio-Armor have toggles that may not be as useful to all classes in all situations. A Defender won't get a lot of scaling out of Incendiary Ammo, but at least it's there when they need it. Their Chemical Ammo damage debuff will be pretty solid though. A Blaster's Chemical Ammo won't be that impressive, but at least it's available to them. A Stalker may not care to use Defensive Adaptation much, if ever. But at least it's there if it's needed when soloing, or if the tank dies and aggro is all over the place. A Tanker will love Defe
  4. Yeah, I was cautious of giving exact numbers to things, as this set has so many small boosts all piled up that it would probably need playtesting to figure out amounts. That said, yes, I wanted it to be a very broad support set that can tweak how well it does something in particular. Bio Armor is also similarly complex, with some powers doing new things if a different Adaptation is active, but usually just changing the values of existing effects. So I ran with that idea. It's definitely complicated, and I can't fault the devs if this is a bit too much for a fan-made set, but I know that
  5. I was thinking about how there are several sets that have different "modes" to switch between, like Dual Pistols, Bio Armor, and Staff Fighting, but there wasn't a support set operating the same way. So I came up with one. These powers could probably be rearranged, but I tried to match the general pacing of other sets, having "Adaptation" or "Swap Ammo" come toward the middle of the set. I also really wanted a support set that didn't feel like magic, technology, or over the top "super." Something to match Savage Melee, Beast Mastery, and Archery as more natural origin sets, but something u
  6. I'm not sure if this would be fully "recycled" in that it isn't made from existing powers a la carte thrown into one power set, however the assets themselves already exist. So at least it would be a lot less work than making new assets, but a tad more than just building a Dominator Assault secondary out of existing powers. I was thinking about how there are several sets that have different "modes" to switch between, like Dual Pistols, Bio Armor, and Staff Fighting, but there wasn't a support set operating the same way. So I came up with one. Most of the animations could be taken from emote
  7. I have a Poison/Sonic Blast Defender named Plaguebat, and he's actually really strong. Not just on damage output, but in terms of how much he can help a team melt down bosses and AVs. He often hovers into the fray just to keep his Venomous Gas on everything and place his Poison Traps. Enemy stats become near worthless, sort of like when you have a Trick Arrows or Radiation Emissions teammate. It feels like some halfway point between those two sets. But Venomous Gas is the key there. If Envenom and Weaken are your bread and butter moves, Venomous Gas is the main course. The Mastermind
  8. I've been having issues since the latest Issue 27 updates. My enhancement sockets are all showing up to the left of where they actually are, and to affect them, you have to click to the right of the socket picture, making it almost impossible to change anything regarding my builds. Here was an attempt to start a new build, just to show what the problem looks like. Anyone else run into this problem or know a solution?
  9. I was toying with an idea for a power set that just plays a little differently than most in its category, while doing the same job. Like Forcefields and Empathy. Both protect teammates, but in different ways. So I tried to think of a way to do that for a tank build. Moves probably need rearranged to different tiers, but it wouldn't be hard to animate, as most of the moves would use short Build Up and Aim style animations. Or the animations for activating toggles. Adrenaline: Deadened Nerves: Passive Self +Max HP, +Resist (all) | Pretty basic. Permanent increase to max HP and dam
  10. As much as I was a sucker for the old Defiance, I do find the concept problematic. It encourages really dangerous gameplay and can be unpleasant to team with. Healers end up feeling conflicted about whether to even heal dying teammates because of possibly messing up what they're trying to do. I could see coming at the idea from a different direction though. What if the toggle drained health from you to increase damage. The amount drained is higher if your HP is higher, and also increases your damage output well. As your HP drops, it drains less from your body, but the damage boost also
  11. Not that any of your idea is bad, because it's not, but personally, I always imagined any attempts at a "Pain" damage set to include illusory damage. Like, give all the powers a higher base damage scaling, but have them heal off a portion of it a few seconds later. Like Spectral Wounds and Phantom Army, but baked into an entire blast set. That way you hit like a truck, but have to finish things off fast or you'll have lower damage output than other blast sets. Higher damage if you're efficient about focusing down targets.
  12. I actually really like the idea of a power with gradually diminishing benefits that eventually ends. As a toggle or click power, either way, it's neat. I toyed with the idea of a Tanker primary with a similar concept. The powers you choose grant a passive boost to your durability in some way, but grant you an active ability that gives a huge bonus to that stat, but it fades over time. So instead of needing endurance reduction, you want recharge reduction, to keep your boosts up more often. One power gives you a huge amount of resistance that fades. When it's getting low, activate your he
  13. That too. It just didn't really mesh well with what Dominators do, or how they do it.
  14. Probably because Dominators, unlike Controllers, have access to lots of damaging moves already. Making the pets more of a utility would help fulfill more of a need than damage would. I could see dramatically lowering the damage still work, but leaving it as a primarily damage/taunt power is just kinda overpowered on someone like a Dominator. It's one of the main reasons the power set was never ported to Dominators.
  15. Sort of along the same lines, I had an idea for a Support power set using firearms as the animation. They aren't clones or modified versions of existing powers necessarily, but the animation and assets should all still exist in the game. The set would focus on being an aggressive support and helping allies by shooting things. If it's possible to implement, I was hoping to have the powers all add some effect to your other attacks. It could even be possible to have two different animations for everything too, letting you choose a pistol or rifle as the firearm, but I'm no expert on how hard
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