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  1. Did Torchbearer lose a lot of active players? When the game picked back up it seemed like this was going to be the "main" server. Judging by the number of forum posts it seems like the others are more popular. Do the others have more players because they have a specific unofficial niche (like the EU/roleplaying servers)?
  2. Interesting. Have you tried AV/GM killing with this bad boy or is it mostly for mobs and story gameplay? I'm wondering if I'd need two separate builds to accomplish that.
  3. Would you assume this is a better all-rounder than a scrapper with the same moveset?
  4. I'd be curious how a Spines/Bio would do as a brute/scrapper/stalker. Combed the forums and didn't see anything. Is scrapper considered the go-to for bio because of damage? Or does brute win out due to survivability?
  5. Anyone have a Spines/Bio DPS monster build available? Interested in a brute version, too, but scrappers seem to pack a little more punch.
  6. Having trouble getting used to a troller. What's your attack chain? Are there powers on here that are just enhancement mules or do you use pretty much everything?
  7. Thank you! I'll give this a shot on the test server and compare to my fire/rad.
  8. @Helencarnate What is your attack chain with this build? Lots to click here.
  9. I have a desire to re-roll my main from live, but after doing some light research I've found that Fire/Atomic has insane DPS output. Anyone have experience with both? I'd love to have a good "ranged all rounder" toon to run with. Fire/Rad Corr was exceptional at that on live, because I could team or solo, but I'm wondering if Fire/Atomic is just significantly better. I don't see a lot of discussion about either.
  10. Been combing your posts for this... where can I find that build!?
  11. Interesting. I'd definitely still be interested in your Ill/Storm build out of curiosity to give it a shot on the test server (once I figure out how to log into it) so I can compare to the mastermind and see how I like the gameplay differences. Thanks for sharing your MM build! Is this in reference to your Fire/Atomic blaster or your StJ/Rad brute? Would still love to see that blaster build (or something viable in the main game) since I'm awful at cobbling any together.
  12. Does this "ungranite" build solve that issue? Or is stone armor just kind of useless without it and stone melee not as good in the damage department? I have a concept for a character that I want to play, but I don't want to scale him all the way up if I'm going to be lagging behind.
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