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  1. For the thing I want most, I think a lot of people might say I'm asking for too much, or its not doable, or maybe even that I don't understand how game development priorities work. If the following idea were implemented how would it improve your daily playing experience? I see that a lot of us players are hungry for new, engrossing content. I hear that a lot of us players want more and better ways to create content for ourselves and others. I would like to make each base into a distinct zone by marrying Architect Entertainment and bases. Not that you would get all functions of
  2. Make one so you can stop asking yourself this question and get on with your defenders.
  3. Some crazy ideas: A. Take Cover: Get rid of Serum totally. Replace it with "Cover Generator". When mercs are near it they get +def, +regen +range and +acc. It doesnt move, once you cast it, thats where it is. B. Toxic weapons: Add a little toxic damage to all attacks. They're well compensated and the future risk of using these kinds of weapons is worth the pay today. C. True Medic: Medic is unkillable like certain lore pets. Does no damage, healing slightly increased can half health rez the player on a long timer. D. Terr
  4. I am not placing anything in a vacuum. I am trying to understand and calibrate an informed pin I kn. I am asking for an apples to apples comparison regarding power scope (not power scale). Half of the power simply doesnt work without a specific damage type that many primary powersets do not have access to and that seems very weird to me. I feel, based on the rage I am receiving in this thread is not the appropriate place to discuss or learn. So I will instead give a hearty thank you to each person doing the good work of testing the beta changes and to the hard working volunteer
  5. Yes you have indeed. And I agree, I was not correct in saying you "Have" to get the origin power. However, that doesn't answer the spirit or reason of my concern. Does this power make sense in the context of all the other powerset powers in the game? I still ask the same question, does any other power function this way and require another power outside of its powerset to reach its full stated function? I'm actually trying to get an answer, not just make argument. So far it seems no. The only other one I can think of is the pet exploding power from Traps, but even then all Mas
  6. Are you saying Special = Bonus. Power Boost on a blaster does "Self +Special" and nothing else (According to wiki(. Does that mean its entire function is just a "bonus"? I would say from context across powersets, special is in fact a "special" and defining function of the power, not a dismissable "bonus".
  7. "Ranged (Location Area of Effect) Knockdown, -Speed, -Defense, +Special(Moderate Damage over Time(Fire) while burning)" (from wiki) Calling the DOT "Bonus" damage seems arbitrary to me. "EMP Arrow: Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect) Foe: Hold, -Regen, -Endurance, Special Damage vs Robots; Self -Recovery" (from wiki) Curiously, would you call the damage vs robots 'Bonus' Damage? To me, no. Just like the DOT in OSA, it is a function, and an important one of the power. It only works against robots, but it is self contained within the powerset. It is a feature, not an unint
  8. I don't have any strategies for you. However, please remember the choice of which character you play next is the single most important decision of your life! If you choose poorly, what pitiful fate awaits you? Everything you do in life after this choice will simply be an epilogue to your decision. Choose wisely, the universe itself hinges upon it!!!
  9. What if force bubble was a pet? Its only attack is repel and knockdown, but you can control it like a mastermind. Goto follow and attack work like mm, defensive turns off powers. Make the pet untargetable. Keep a toggle still, that operates as it does now. Maybe balance requires a small cost all the time even if repel and kb are off, or an upfront cost when summoned or both. Alternatively turn it to limited duration click that can be made perma relatively easily.
  10. Actually, what I'm talking about is powersets NOT interacting. Having to use the garbage origin power means that OSA does not interact with your primary.
  11. Yes, I see that it is intentional, I was asking for confirmation. It seems this simply isn't the change I expected/ hoped for. I don't think adding an ignite function to one of the other powers would be anywhere near enough to turn this from a debuff/buff set into a damage set. I also don't agree its not a concern. Having to light the oil slick with a origin power is a pretty lame solution. Having the distinction of being the only power (as far as I know), that depending on your primary set requires you to regularly use a trash power to achieve its full function - even at end game cont
  12. It seems like there is still no way to ignite oil slick built in to the set- which to me was the most obvious change to make. Or did I miss it?
  13. Lift/ hold, that would be an awesome sight! Especially if it was mag 3 or higher- then the crazy end cost might be worth it. That would be enough for me to finally make a FF character on HC. You have my vote! Liquefy I think is generally not that great or imminently useful. The fix I think is up the damage to something special or make the recharge much faster. Or both! I vote for both. Heat Loss is by far my favorite support tier 9 , followed by Fulcrum Shift. I enjoy lightning storm, Overgrowth, and Chronoshift too! Haven't tried the others. I haven
  14. I understand in general. Im asking specifically are there any formulas we can see?
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