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  1. Actually, what I'm talking about is powersets NOT interacting. Having to use the garbage origin power means that OSA does not interact with your primary.
  2. Yes, I see that it is intentional, I was asking for confirmation. It seems this simply isn't the change I expected/ hoped for. I don't think adding an ignite function to one of the other powers would be anywhere near enough to turn this from a debuff/buff set into a damage set. I also don't agree its not a concern. Having to light the oil slick with a origin power is a pretty lame solution. Having the distinction of being the only power (as far as I know), that depending on your primary set requires you to regularly use a trash power to achieve its full function - even at end game content is a concern to me. Its like if you had to use brawl to activate the damage portion of dragons tail in Martial Arts. Regardless, no one is making me play the set, so C'est la vie. Anyhow, I respect all the work and care the development team is putting in. In this particular case, I think they missed an easy win.
  3. It seems like there is still no way to ignite oil slick built in to the set- which to me was the most obvious change to make. Or did I miss it?
  4. Lift/ hold, that would be an awesome sight! Especially if it was mag 3 or higher- then the crazy end cost might be worth it. That would be enough for me to finally make a FF character on HC. You have my vote! Liquefy I think is generally not that great or imminently useful. The fix I think is up the damage to something special or make the recharge much faster. Or both! I vote for both. Heat Loss is by far my favorite support tier 9 , followed by Fulcrum Shift. I enjoy lightning storm, Overgrowth, and Chronoshift too! Haven't tried the others. I havent played the others. I feel like from playing them myself and watching others, Liquefy and Force Bubble are the most skippable in a class of usefullness with a large portion of armor tier 9s. That is, most not used in battle and generally just a curiousity.
  5. I understand in general. Im asking specifically are there any formulas we can see?
  6. Some of these powers are pretty cool. I have question what is the functional difference in a pool power and epic/ pool power? Is there one? Are there objective design standards that exist? if so, can anyone post them here?
  7. I think its a cool idea too, but how does it thematically make sense as regeneration? Maybe makes more sense as a mechanic for a time armor or melee set. Would love to play something with it.
  8. Some great ideas here. I would love to see most of them be implemented (except -regen aura which makes no sense thematically to me, its regeneration not vampirism). I wanted to add something new so I tried to get out of the coh box. Consider Deadpool or Wolverine being stabbed, and they heal while being stabbed. This could cause the enemy difficulty in removing the weapon and attacking again: slowness and also inaccuracy and potentially opens enemies to counter attack. Mechanically, maybe IH and reconstruction create a small radius aura for melee that does a small amount of -recharge and -acc (or to hit) to enemy and +damage to any player in the radius. Or if possible, IH instead of a radius, it acts as a damage shield/reflect against Lethal melee damage firing back a decent amount of -acc and -recharge at the attacker and improving the players damage. This would be unique, continue the regen theme well, and also improve the effectiveness reducing effect of regen on primary powers.
  9. Are you using sandalphons key binds? Taking a hands on approach directing your pets on a per enemy basis might give you the feeling of doing something. Usually that means I forgoe defensive mode at least on some of my pets and basically treat my pets like they are attacks not distinct entities. I think this way makes it easier to see the direct effect your having on enemies. Also, it compensates for the wacky pet ai and benefits from the recent pet ai upgrades.
  10. Nice, like a patron power where youre the patron.
  11. I followed you and I like the idea of a pet patron pool, in fact in a previous weekly topic I suggested an Epic set with multiple pets. The part I think doesnt make sense is having named NPCs as pets. Then you will see several people all running around with Ms Liberty and Positron pets and I do not think it makes sense that a player(s) is the leader of the FreedomPhalanx. Generic heroes like Vanguard or Longbow soldiers, I think make more sense and is more consistent with COH game and story design.
  12. I think being able to summon named NPCs would be cool, but fits more as a temp power than a permanent power pool. I dont see the Avengers as Captain America's pets. I think the Avengers is more like a team of player heroes and Captain America is the group, sg, or task force leader. That said I would love a patron or epic pet pool.
  13. Rikti Patron Pool (Hro'Dtohz) Same powerset, two different mission arcs to get it (or do one of the others). I made two broadstroke versions for ranged vs melee, but probably 2 sizes doesn't actually fit all ATs. These are all powers possessed by Rikti. Melee Characters: Rikti Rifle Ranged, Energy, Foe Knockback, Disorient Accelerate Metabolism Ally +Speed, +Damage, +Recovery (less potent than defender version) Activating this power emits radiation that increases the running speed, attack speed, Endurance Recovery and Damage potential of all nearby allies. Affected Ritki Metabolism is increased so much that they become resistant to effects such as Sleep, Hold, Disorient and Immobilization. The Riktis are not protected from such effects, they just wear off faster. Fusion Pulse Ranged Energy, +Energy DoT, -RES (all), -Regen Dominate Ranged, Foe Hold Transponder Player can create an inter-dimensional Transponder for 60 seconds. A total of 3 Rikti soldiers(1 conscript, 1 guardian, and one Chief Mentalist (Lt)) can teleport in through this Transponder to join their allies and more will come to replace fallen soldiers while the portal is open. This power has a long recharge. The Transponder can be destroyed. Pets will stay spawned for 5 minutes, even if the transponder is destroyed or gone. Ranged Characters Rikti Sword Melee, Energy/Lethal Foe Disorient Resistance Auto, Self +Resistances: Smash, Lethal, Energy, Psionic, Resist Sleep, Confuse, Fear Greater Rikti Sword Melee, Energy/Letha) Foe Disorient Paralytic Aura PBAoE, Energy, Minor Damage over Time, Foe -Recovery, -Spd, -Rech, Fear Transponder Player can create an inter-dimensional Transponder for 20 seconds. A total of 3 Rikti soldiers(1 conscript, 1 infantry, and one Chief Soldier (melee, Lt) can teleport in through this Transponder to join their allies and more will come to replace fallen soldiers while the portal is open. This power has a long recharge. The Transponder can be destroyed. Pets will stay spawned for 5 minutes, even if the transponder is destroyed or gone. New Villain Patron Arc: Hro’Dtoz Probably the player must be a member of the Midnighters and Vanguard. Of course, the story could be slightly altered to change this to avoid needing those badges. Hro’Dtoz, leader of the Rikti Lineage of War has sent out word that he is willing to make a deal with any earthing who becomes an agent for him- word got to you. He will grant them a governorship when the Rikti rule. In addition he will outfit them with Rikti Technology in the meantime. The Villain never onces plans to betray the Earth, but a good plan here would be a great way to strike a blow against the Rikti, get some new tech, and possibly look like a hero for the world. They need to at least hear Hro'Dtoz out. The Villain uses their Vanguard clearance and covertly steals plans needed to build the necessary technology to make contact with Hro’Dtoz. The Villain discovers that other than Vanguard, the only known entity to possess this technology is Nemesis. As a member of Vanguard it would be unwise to rob them, but Nemesis... They definitely have it coming. Mission 1: Retrieve subspace radio command board from Nemesis After the player gets the item they are able to contact Hro’Dtoz on the appropriate channel. Hro’Dtoz does not trust the Villain. “Character Reputation: Dubious. Trustworthiness: Miniscule.” Hro’Dtoz makes it clear he will not trust the player unless they perform 3 treasonous tasks against Earth. 1. Get him working codes to a portal and place it where he can bring in an invasion force. 2. Retrieve Excalibur and give it to Hro’Dtoz at the Portal. Hro’Dtoz will not send in troops until he is sure the villain has handed over the actual Excalibur. 4. Plant a virus in the Vanguard communications array designed by Hro’Dtoz that he can activate on demand. Hro'Dtoz will not send troops until he has control of the communications systems. Mission 2: Defeat the Elder Fae guardians Hro’Dtoz has very good intelligence on Excalibur and will not be fooled by a Replica Sword, he will only accept one that matches the correct energy signature he has. Clearly he intends to give it to the Honoree in order to make the Honoree undefeatable. The player learns that Ms. Liberty has been working with the Midnighters so they can perform some research on Excalibur in order to free Hero One from his Rikti captors. Using their Midnighter membership the Villain covertly accesses the files on Excalibur learning there is hope that if the Honoree holds Excalibur he may be able to mentally recover from what the Rikti did to him. The villain believes they can now be the one to save Hero One. An Excellent PR move that might make it easier for them to operate in Paragon City. After some surveillance the villain learns that Ms. Liberty lays the sword on the ground whenever she goes to visit Statesman’s grave. The villain does not see the need to face Ms. Liberty or be seen. Instead the villain will take a helicopter and use a high powered magnet to grab Excalibur when she sets it down. After returning to their base of operations, the villain is surprised to discover they have been mystically tracked by the Fae Guardians of Excalibur. In order to keep Excalibur they must defeat the 5 Elder Guardians. Mission 3: Get location map of Praetorian Portals The villain was right, this will be an excellent way to further their stature and strike a possibly fatal blow against the Lineage of Blood. The Rikti are not aware of Praetorian Earth. The villain can exploit Hro’Dtoz’s ignorance. The villain must break into Portal Corp to retrieve the location of Praetorian portals and several processing unit parts needed to make them work. Mission 4: Defeat all Devouring Earth The villain learns there are currently several abandoned portals in Praetoria in areas overrun by Hamidon. The villain will explain to Hro’Dtoz they they will set up a portal in the basement of a large building in the heart of Paragon City. Because Hro’Dtoz thinks he is traveling to Primal Earth he will not understand the building is surrounded and infested with Devouring Earth, at least not until it is too late. The player must temporarily secure the large portal in Neutropolis long enough to make it appear to be Primal Earth and trick Hro’Dtoz as he looks through and performs test readings and insures the communication array is compromised. The rikti computer virus and invasion force will be against Hamidon controlled Praetoria and praetorian computer systems not Primal Earth’s. Mission 5: Defeat the Avatar of Hamidon Just as Hro’Dtoz is preparing to enter the portal to make the deal the villain is attacked by the Avatar of Hamidon and more devouring Earth. The player the must defeat the Avatar before Hro’Dtoz can figure out something is wrong. Conclusion: Hro’Dtoz and the Honoree and small contingent of soldiers come through the portal with the Honoree. Before you hand over the sword, you ask for the promised tech. Patron Powers unlocked. You also get the badge “Intergalactic Backstabber”. Hro’Dtoz gives the sword to the Honoree who raises it in the air triumphantly. A slight gleam is his eyes tell you something has changed in him. Hro’Dtoz turns towards the Honoree. “Rikti Home world disagreements: Excalibur solves.” Surprisingly, the Honoree turns and exits through the portal as more troops pile through. It appears it didn’t work and the Honoree is still under Rikti control. No matter, the Lineage of War isn’t going to survive the day- they were the real problem anyway, not the Rikti as a whole. After the last of the troops come through the villain closes the portal and opens a new one back to Paragon City. They place a small charge on the portal device and it explodes moments after the villain leaves, stranding the Hro’Dtoz and the Rikti troops surrounded by the Devouring Earth. Alternate Hero Arc There could be a similar hero arc with C'Kelkah as the contact attempting to thwart the giving of Excalibur to Hro’Dtoz. The player thwarts the theft, but learns from the Midnighters that it may be the key to saving Hero One. They recruit Ms. Liberty who agrees to give Excalibur to the Honoree. With Lady Grey’s help they set up a similar trap to the villain story. Hro’Dtoz and his forces are stranded in Praetoria, the Honoree goes back through the portal seemingly unchanged. C’Kelkah offers Rikti technology to the player as a reward. Patron Powers unlocked. The player gets the badge “The Hand of the Lake”.
  14. I love Ninja/Storm. I did not take hurricane and almost never use defensive. I almost exclusively fight in large groups. I treat ninjas like a single target set and micromanage the hell out of 'em using sandalphon's numpad binds - usually having them all attack the same high value target. I run in close to stay in melee range. When I throw in Tornado and Lightning Storm and things get melted . A ninja or two die a few times at mission in +4x8 groups (without crazy defense buffs stacking), but the ninjas also aren't completely made out of wet toilet paper, specifically they have decent AOE defense. Sticking to single target fighting gives them strength in numbers. I give them extra mitigation via Thunder strike kd, tornado kd, and freezing rain -recharge -speed. Electrifying fences I use as JIC to help keep my pets from Chasing runners. You could also move the overwhelming force from tornado to genin and replaced it with a sudden acceleration for even more KD mitigation. Build picture/ survival stats and pet stats are in the spoiler to avoid making everyone load so many images. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1543;706;1412;HEX;| |78DA6594494F53511CC5EF6B5FADA5455ACA50665A40A085D2AA5B2770488412B48| |0BA228D2D50D3C90E01977E05376E9C3E8189210E0B5D188DC62FE05E56A222A860| |7461EA9F774E684D9B36BFFBCEFD0FE70EAF91D5338E47E76F9D549A7322152B141| |622B14231914F273371EB74AC58CAC75266A5943DBA92CDC77BA3C56C3E6D95674F| |256C215A4AA7B399E07432733D56E8A99A182F2D2E068D14C624334BCA3E93CDA68| |2E752C9A5E5623DC67B4399AA339EA2B94422DE600CA712B178225F584EE6DACFE6| |92D78255A523251ABDE9113723F27B6C51FC942D6AC7A4545857A6391D9C07F509E| |8FA09F0C02930A7EFE7CA573EEA86281AAB699B66447F020F6E909FC1BA2FE457D0| |261B643692CB9AB9593334A7135C13971676B27815DC49BC959AD5E85E90EE3654B| |0D858A1B18964A5A61D746BDA055B26C12752DE4EE7F65D74706C933BE0A11FE477| |D0F913B48B8D7A3AA9379C14C549039586C05E944D3D950E2E6AAE0032CD92E9A66| |3F71138F1B48AD0A5ABEE3F78F6D3B19F8E477E81BAE43623576FE66A5BB85A0F57| |DBEB22DDA04F725AB9C7ADF4E5259F89BF36EE40DB7BF4687F43BE033BDF921B123| |6281ED74D865787D4EDE0DA3AFA50CF255A17D7D6457FDDF4D54F9F83F437DC08FA| |FF2AA3DE73F1D2C37A3D3CEF15D9531FFDF93EC247DF55DCD0BE59F295F8714BFDC| |B78EEBF02AE0A06983B10C6ED3D3C428E924170708C0C812FA4D510D6611EE2590C| |F32C867FFF7F262F0501F609982C98BB883AA397C82839078ECD825B0EA582CC0DD| |E85EFB17BE47D30FC807C481E47AE5BF63A048F2AE4C5FE77D6BC9DFE1A2554A384| |6B94A335CAB11A65AA46895494F24CE55F4169C6ACCD29EF3A6737EB6496DE35DE9| |DAD8A66D2BCD85BEF3CEE88F78266DCBD6FD57943C8DBAE689A76077BD37B1B3CED| |AF381AF7EFBFEDE509FFFEBD2F4FBA2594E30F7B63D42AAF558D5FFB2A31FF00A86| |F059C| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  15. I asked my neighbor, a lawyer. He says sometimes the best power to use against a tsoo is a counter tsoo, especially if you have deeper pockets.
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