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  1. Yeah, I thought War Mace had a lot of potential, but I know that I'm not the best player. There is a lot of mitigation there - there is a bunch of knockdown. On top of that, the damage is quite good and the activation times are pretty quick. I have a level 40 mace scrapper here, but I'm only 'okay' at it I think compared to something like Spines which I have a lot of hours on, with multiple toons.
  2. Yes, I added them a few hours later when I had time for 5 more runs over lunch, and made that note at the time of the edit. I think that was Friday?
  3. Oh, do I relate to this sentiment. The boss spawns so much dictated the clear times, because they were the sticking point after dispatching the trash fairly easily. Against the hard targets, there's not that much mitigation and the mentioned ST damage is just lacking. I added runs 6 through 10 on Elec, and didn't see them in the sheet. I did a smidge better on those, but not much, and it's not going to move the average much at all.
  4. Yeah, I think that slotting would have helped me clear the spawns a little better, but I think I was slowed down at least as much by the Boss spawns, numbers wise and locations. My best runs were clearly where I was light a boss or two and then also helped if they weren't grouped up by another one. That and the 'me' factor. As always, there is some player difference here as well, as I know I'm not the best player out there, and pretty sure I don't know Elec well enough to squeeze every ounce of performance out of it. I could re-run some tests with that slotting, but perhaps we can just note that my LR slotting was a little sub-optimal and likely slowed me down a little bit. Have others run their tests with the improved slotting
  5. In my runs, Fire felt like I was dancing on the edge of knife with the basic setup. It wasn't uncommon for me to bite off more than I could chew and didn't have a lot of tools to slow the damage down. I did need to do some dancing and hokey pokey around an obstacle here and there, not going to lie. I had to analyze a fair amount on the fly, because the spawn sizes and conns did matter, with how I could survive them. I think I had 3 deaths in the 13 runs resulting in DNFs, with the 10 I reported being ones where I had no deaths. That said, I had numerous times where I was in the danger zone (below 1/4) and some pulsing sliver moments as well. Like I said, better players may have a different experience but that was mine. Fire was easy to get precarious with, particualrly when I'm used to having some end games builds where I don't need to think overly much about things other than extreme debuffers and such. This is in complete contrast to Ice, for example, where my health bar almost wasn't moving because everything was falling down, slowed, or held. The price for it, is the time needless to say, but what a difference in styles.
  6. Yeah, I would say I used it 4-5 times per run, as an opener on a new 2-spawn grouping. Of course, it was very helpful to have 6-8 minions gone and 2-4 Lts taken down to 1/3 or 1/4 but overall, the uptime is...not great. It needs more recharge than this basic setup will allow for. I found myself wanting Cross Punch again.
  7. On Elec I didn't mention, sorry. Group up two spawns, then BU (if available) -> LR (when up) -> Jacobs Ladder (as they get up) -> Thunderstike -> Chain Induction -> Havoc -> Jacobs Ladder-> clean up with Havoc, Charged and Chain...repeat. When LR is not up, then I lead with Thunderstrike, Jacobs Ladder, Chain, Havoc, Jacobs Ladder... I tended to be a little more careful how I pulled them, because I was having some trouble with double bosses at times with the trash, especially when the conning was at +1. Sometimes the KD doesn't hit as many as you need when you need it. I would often drag one along with 1/3 or so health to the nearby spawn if it looked reasonable.
  8. Okay, had time for 5 runs with Electric. With the Standard Setup with @Sir Myshkin's slotting of Willpower. All attacks using the standard slotting. 3 Dam / 1 Acc/ 1 End Red / 1 Rech Exception was Lightning Rod, which I used a slotting of 3 Dam / 1 Acc / 2 Rech. I would never give up that extra 10s recharge for 3 end, and adding back in made a nice difference after a practice run. Having it up every 55s is just....bleh. My Elec Melee toons are a tank and a Stalker, so I was a little wary of it here, without a ton of scrapper experience on it. 1. 6:47 2. 7:39 - tough spawns, I kinda sucked 3. 7:28 - I wasn't good, runners and extra boss, misses 4. 6:35 - felt decent 5. 6:22 - good clean run, 1 runner, light spawns Added more runs 6. 7:24 - bad spawns, lots of runners, extra boss (geesh) 7. 6:36 - good run, 1 runner 8. 6:27 - better, found a groove, good crits 9. 5:52 - felt 'perfect' easy spawns, light bosses, nice crits 10. 6:41 - not great, extra boss some bad misses There was a huge variance based on how many bosses I ended up with and if they conned +1 or even. I found myself having to use Lightning Clap on occasion to slow down damage and buy myself some time to whittle them down. Health ran low-ish and I found myelf surviving around a 1/4 to 1/3 health pretty often, a few times did a round about grouping of a spawn to buy myself a chunk of health before diving in. Original run #9 was DNF due to death, when I let my health slip and Clap whiffed so only 1 total. I'll try to add some more runs later on, but this was a little disappointing overall. There's pretty good KD mitigation, but the ST is just kinda weak. Also LR uptime seems to be an issue on this basic setup. I gave up the End Red for an extra Rech after the first practice run and seemed to do better on the second one, but it needs even more recharge I think. Overall, it was terribly varied based on the spawns, conning and bosses. I found myself glad to have Lightning Clap as an "oh crap" button to by me a few critical seconds here or there. Probably a better driver could get more out of it than me, but I expected better. Note: I think I was better on the second group too, so take that bears mentioning.
  9. Yeah, my first practice run with Ice was 8:03 I think. I said "surely not" and kept going with it, but there were signs it could turn out to be kind of slow.
  10. Okay, I was able to do 10 runs with Spines. With the Standard Setup with @Sir Myshkin's slotting of Willpower. All attacks using the standard slotting. 3 Dam / 1 Acc/ 1 End Red / 1 Rech Exception was of course Quills, which I used the Irradiated Ground slotting of 3 Dam / 1 Acc / 2 End Red. I took Barb Swipe as a filler over Impale since it has the terrible, wind up pitcher activation and isn't great DPA. This was one of the sets I was really looking forward to since I have more experience on this one than perhaps any of the others. 1. 6:02 2. 5:53 3. 5:47 - good run, no real runners 4. 6:05 5. 6:36 - not good, 2 runners, a few misses, lack of crits 6. 6:23 - meh, extra boss, crits seemed a little low 7. 5:31 - basically 'perfect' with relatively light spawns 8. 6:19 - not great, clean run a couple of runners too 9: 6:54 - horrible run, tons of runners including bosses, several key misses and bad positioning by me 10: 5:42 - very good, would have been great except for multiple runners on the last spawn Again, most often I was grouping up a spawns then BU -> Throw Spines (jumping) -> Spine Burst - > Ripper -> Lunge tough target -> Throw Spines...fill with Barb Swipe...repeat. Overall, the Kill rate felt good to very good similar to Radiation in some ways. Similar also in that it has some decent KD mitigation and the slows were discernible also. That said, it's not Ice and I had 1 DNF due to death and a few other close calls, a couple very close indeed. Health was in the danger zone on those occasions and survived between 1/4 and 1/2 a lot of the time. That regen makes it back pretty quick though, so it didn't slow me down very often. There's decent mitigation here, and the clear speed for me was good to very good. Some of that I suspect is that I'm just better at Spines than Fire or Ice perhaps. The other noteworthy element is how much a Quasinart Quills is, similar to Irradiated Ground. It chews up the minions letting you concentrate more on hitting the harder targets and general positioning.
  11. Mitigation was a concern, yes. Also, Fire Breath seems like it doesn't do as well as Frost or Proton Sweep for instance, and has that ghastly long cast time. FSC uptime is decent but often not optimal for just a couple of foes., especially when you want it up for the next nearby spawn. The set's pretty ST oriented, it seems, and did well when I was working on the bosses a bit before dragging them to a new spawn. That, and there was definitely a line there I was straddling about new spawns, since it seemed easier to get in over your head as far as incoming damage.
  12. I'm running out of sets that I have a lot of experience with, but one exception is Spines. I probably have the most time on Spines scrappers and brutes going all the way back to original Live. I made a Bio/Spines tank back in May and he's fun to play. I'll see if I can give Spines a whirl after dinner. Beyond that, I have some experience with Electric and Psi and only a little experience with Broadsword from 7-8 years ago, and a bit with Axe. After that, it's really not much, so I think I might be done after Spines, Elec and Psi. I won't taint the results with sets I'm not familiar with, so I'll likely limit it to those, unless you guys think otherwise. Cheers
  13. I got in 10 runs , this time with Ice Melee. With the Standard Setup with @Sir Myshkin's slotting with Willpower. All attacks using the standard slotting. 3 Dam / 1 Acc/ 1 End Red / 1 Rech Exception was Ice Patch which I often skip on end game builds, and sIotted it with 3 Rech. 1. 6:58 2. 6:40 - felt 'perfect' 3. 7:20 - meh, 2 runners 4. 7:03 - felt 'decent' but was north of 7:00? 5. 7:46 - bad, 2 runners, a bunch of misses Big Boss right by another boss 6. 6:54 - felt pretty good, couple of easy spawns 7. 7:12 8. 6:48 - nice clean run 9: 7:38 - bad run, a couple of runners, misses - low crits 10: 7:53 - awful, lots of runners, tons of misses - tough spawns Typical scenario was group up 2 spawns, drop Ice Patch -> BU -> Frozen Aura -> Frost (jumping) - > Freezing Touch toughest target -> GIS tough target -> Frost...fill with Fists...repeat. Best I could do was 6:40, so I thought to myself "Geesh...suck less would ya." Overall, it was a stark contrast to Fire to operate in almost complete safety with mobs doing the flippy flop including bosses. Kill rate overall felt pretty sluggish. Health was hardly ever in the danger zone and stayed above 1/2 most of the time, with two groups. ZERO DNFs due to death and only one moment of real peril. A lot of mitigation here, but the clear speed for me wasn't there overall. Maybe a better player can clear it faster, but it was fairly slow going for me and I have a 50 Ice/DA scrapper on Live now. Could really have benefited from Cross Punch, I think. I thought I was pretty decent with Ice, but my Live build is pretty different from this one, with different tactics too. Someone else should try this and see if it's just me sucking.
  14. I'm an idiot. think I screwed up the Radiation test and forgot to turn bosses ON. Geesh.... Take those off the board for now, while I repeat that one a few times. New, Valid test runs using @Sir Myshkin's WP slotting, also used the prior attacks slotting for Radiation: ______________________________________ 1. 6:03 2. 5:54 3. 5:58 4. 5:47 - really good, lots of crits, light spawns 5. 6:11 6. 6:32 - meh, some misses Added 4 more tests to round this out 7. 6:27 8: 6:42 - bad - 2 runners, extra boss almost died 9: 5:51 - very good, clean lots of crits 10. 6:14 Makes a lot more sense then my previous runs. Had 1 DNF due to death in here as well. Had a second DNF due to death in the added runs.
  15. I ran 5 runs with Fire Melee. With the Standard Setup with @Sir Myshkin's slotting for Willpower. All attacks using the standard slotting. Not great, but pretty consistent. I was using Fire Breath, which I normally have skipped in the end game build. I bit off more than I could chew several times, and had 2 DNFs due to death, needed to adjust after doing Radiation where things were just melting. 1. 6:31 2. 6:48 - not great, several misses, extra boss 3. 6:24 - okay, 1 bad runner 4. 6:19 - clean run, some good crits 5. 6:54 - bad, 2 runners, a bunch of misses Added more runs: 6. 7:07 - spawns sucked, 2 runners and I sucked a little 7. 6:52 - seemed better than the number 8. 6:43 - kinda meh 9: 7:18 - I sucked, runners all over, lots of misses - nearly died 10: 6:33 - good run, felt shorter than this Overall, fire had that kill them before they kill you feel. Health was precariously low several times in addition to the 2 deaths. Had another DNF due to death in teh second set, with one sliver moment. The very ST orientation hurts clear times I think, although did fairly well on boss targets. I'll try to do 5 more later.
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