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  1. Excelsior server huh? hmmmmmmmmmmmm I'll see if I can visit their RV soon :D
  2. I've been looking into it. It can happen in any PvP zone (BB/SC/WB/RV). If you look at the "PvP" tab under their info, it says "PVP Disabled". It only happens to the first person zoning into a PvP zone if nobody else is there, but it isn't consistent. I think that if nobody enters one of the PvP zones for X amount of time (24 hours? Server reset?)....something happens. If you go into a PvP zone nobody has been in for a while, and you're the first one, your PvP will be disabled. The next person who enters will have their PvP enabled. I've come across a few people farming RV in other servers while being totally immune, due to RV not typically being active on those servers. This shouldn't be a problem for RV in Indom, and will only apply to lower population servers. Even Warburg on most servers has someone go in at least daily to get the nukes, so it rarely happens in those zones. Edit: It used to be a lot more common on Homecoming, when the servers were constantly being reset, which supports the above (fist person zoning into an inactive PvP zone). And people's advice of "change your alignment" just had people leave the zone and come back which fixed it.
  3. Well for standard jump teams, I'd rather throw a well-timed Dominate to hold a target through 3-4 seconds of damage rather than use the current Telekinesis and have them break out + phase the second they take any damage. When Telekinesis was still in a grey area a couple months ago, I was actually using it to cage emps rather than hold spike targets because of that. The real issue I see with the current Telekinesis is it enables stalkers to AS too easily. Telekinesis + a stalker is death sentence in the arena meta and in zone right now. The best way I could think to fix this is to change "Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.KillTk" to activate after say.....4 seconds? That way it's a 4.5 second unresisted hold, that still breaks on damage. Strictly worse than a Dominate hold (3-4 seconds through damage) for standard jump teams, but still has some synergy with any comps with a stalker or zone. Keep in mind Telekinesis also does no damage whereas Dominate should do about 300+ damage with procs. Right now though, it's breaking the characters of anyone who took telekinesis. For a power that's working as intended, that doesn't feel right to me. It was accidentally included into the list due to a misunderstanding. Keep in mind I currently have 0 characters with TK because I only use arena-legal characters.
  4. Looks like Telekinesis was accidentally added to the list of powers that get mez suppression. The developers purposefully didn't add mez suppression because it's a hold toggle. It lasts 0.75 seconds and re-activates every 0.5 seconds. It cannot be slotted for hold. By adding mez suppression, it now stops itself after the initial 0.5 seconds. Instead, it has a damage suppression tag, so that it will not work if the target has taken damage in the last 10 seconds. It also grants "Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.KillTk" to the user, which automatically turns off Telekinesis after 8 seconds. This power was working as intended in PvP.
  5. The Freebie menu on test makes IOing super fast. I can go from level 1 to fully IOed in just 10 minutes if I have a build I'm following.
  6. My Dark/Plant tests from last night on a 0% resistance Mastermind Attack Old Toxins New Toxins Dark Blast 56 dmg 70 dmg (+14) Moonbeam 121 dmg 100 dmg (-21) Gloom 91 dmg 105 dmg (+24) Abyssal Gaze 198 dmg 131 dmg (-67) Life Drain 91 dmg 115 dmg (+24) Strangler 162 dmg 138 dmg (-24) Blackstar (lol) 41 dmg 180 dmg (+139) For Dark Blast, the smaller/quicker attacks got boosted while the bigger/slower attacks got reduced. This will reduce burst damage, but might actually up extended DPS damage due to the damage being transferred to lower animation attacks. I'd like to see a Fire/Plant blaster try spamming Flares in between attacks with Toxins on. It should do more DPS than the older Fire/Plant blasters.
  7. I can give some background on what I've seen with /Martial Blasters. Mazus Aquablade was the only one I saw using it in KBs, but due to not slotting it for range, not using a powexeclocation macro, and pairing it with the unconventional Water Blast, it didn't gain any attention. Most people saw /MA as a joke due to the lack of Build Up. I saw him teleport mid-spike and it caught my eye. I played with the set on the test server and made a video showcasing the teleport with max range/powexeclocation macro, which I then posted to the Renegades discord. They immediately started PLing about 5-6 of them (before AT limit was agreed on). A couple days later I saw Dan Petro using a Beam/MA in one of Poned's Siren's Call events. He was chasing people with it effectively. Next day after that I saw ESP using a Psi/MA/KoB blaster in RV. His line of thinking was he could teleport to targets to KoB them. Then my Psi/MA hit 50, and I started using it in Kickball as Red.X It's been fun watching /Martial go from a joke set (which I excluded from my original RV tier list) to what I consider to be top 2, between teleport, breaking CC, a heal, +absorb and perma +40% dmg/+15% tohit.
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