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  1. If we're going by damage numbers, pretty sure Madvillain is #1
  2. Please remove my name & do not use my likeness without my permission again
  3. It's much more apparent with the quick-snipe version. If you use it from max distance, it is very visible.
  4. Hello, Despite Penetrating Ray showing a very fast projectile firing out of the rifle halfway through the animation, the travel time of the actual projectile is very slow. At maximum range, it can take a full 4 seconds to hit the target, long after the visible projectile animation has struck the target. Currently in the game files, Penetrating Ray is showing a speed of 60, which is much slower than most projectiles. If this was sped up to a little less than speed of Archery powers (300), approx. 250, the actual hit would travel at the same speed at the current bullet animation. Thank you
  5. I prefer having a sense of pride and accomplishment after spending 20 minutes +5ing everything.
  6. You sure? He's not even ON the top 10 list
  7. Yea I'm with Tahliah. Ravenfrost should be higher. Can we get a poll going?
  8. Fine, I'll just add to the list 11. Charlie 12. Fire Wire emping 13. Greens 14. Longbow Lore Pet 15. Hot
  9. also is this smallz with or without incan at the start?
  10. I can say with absolute certainty I have never died with Liberty emping on my team
  11. This isn't ordered right
  12. Discord: Mallex#1475 I play offense. Can usually make every scrim. Edit: Picked up by 20XRare
  13. Info on Domination here: That being said, DO NOT FIX IT. Every dominator hold would last 8 full seconds on everyone with 0 counterplay.
  14. My only contribution to this is the following: It would be a mistake to re-balance or make changes with the intent of bringing in newer players who do not PvP. This failed in issue 13, and fails in a lot of other PvP scenes (Starcraft, Street fighter etc.). It's better to cater to the established player base, and if it's a great competitive scene, it will naturally attract others who are curious. I think Banana man does a great job of speaking for the majority, and Alouu is similarly trying to make it better for those already playing. These are the approaches that have the best effect on the scene.
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