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  1. The Freebie menu on test makes IOing super fast. I can go from level 1 to fully IOed in just 10 minutes if I have a build I'm following.
  2. My Dark/Plant tests from last night on a 0% resistance Mastermind Attack Old Toxins New Toxins Dark Blast 56 dmg 70 dmg (+14) Moonbeam 121 dmg 100 dmg (-21) Gloom 91 dmg 105 dmg (+24) Abyssal Gaze 198 dmg 131 dmg (-67) Life Drain 91 dmg 115 dmg (+24) Strangler 162 dmg 138 dmg (-24) Blackstar (lol) 41 dmg 180 dmg (+139) For Dark Blast, the smaller/quicker attacks got boosted while the bigger/slower attacks got reduced. This will reduce burst damage, but might actually up extended DPS damage due to the damage being transferred to lower animation attacks. I'd like to see a Fire/Plant blaster try spamming Flares in between attacks with Toxins on. It should do more DPS than the older Fire/Plant blasters.
  3. I can give some background on what I've seen with /Martial Blasters. Mazus Aquablade was the only one I saw using it in KBs, but due to not slotting it for range, not using a powexeclocation macro, and pairing it with the unconventional Water Blast, it didn't gain any attention. Most people saw /MA as a joke due to the lack of Build Up. I saw him teleport mid-spike and it caught my eye. I played with the set on the test server and made a video showcasing the teleport with max range/powexeclocation macro, which I then posted to the Renegades discord. They immediately started PLing about 5-6 of them (before AT limit was agreed on). A couple days later I saw Dan Petro using a Beam/MA in one of Poned's Siren's Call events. He was chasing people with it effectively. Next day after that I saw ESP using a Psi/MA/KoB blaster in RV. His line of thinking was he could teleport to targets to KoB them. Then my Psi/MA hit 50, and I started using it in Kickball as Red.X It's been fun watching /Martial go from a joke set (which I excluded from my original RV tier list) to what I consider to be top 2, between teleport, breaking CC, a heal, +absorb and perma +40% dmg/+15% tohit.
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