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  1. What 'bout out-of-contexts ?! Sounds like these guys really afraid of getting trapped into AE...
  2. Edit - i'm guessing this was fixed here, though it's not openly said, nor mention of other lores. the data dump isn't up to date either i guess. BP lores remain absolutely broken from the -Res regardless
  3. Hey, I'd like to share some thoughts and discuss - in the odd chance anyone cares about that. Something I heard of a couple times a while back (and you might have too), that always appealed to me, was this story of someone that would have henchmen talk back-n-forth in scripted fashion over pretty long conversation scripts, using self loading binds to progress through. It sounds like a pretty cool way to make henchmen more dynamic and a bit more, uh, present and lively. But I figure it's still ultimately something pre-scripted and you get used to. Is it possible to do better than th
  4. Simple thing but need to point it out, as that was the case on live too and always buggued me. Every time you change MapServer it toggles back off, which kind of takes away a good part of the point of it. I don't see a particular reason this would be intended other than probably being forgotten in however that stuff is sync'd back - that goes beyond the semblance of understanding i have. Relevant value seems to be Ents2 DisplayAlignmentStatsToOthers
  5. Thanks ! So basically pre-generating nav meshes for AIbefore release ? I'd have thought this would have been a thing in live and most games, pretty interesting if such a design choice was made primarily for base fighting (Also to clarify per Don's answer, just reflecting as per current, I realize it's historical and obviously shard mergers would cause a lot of issues and aren't straightforward, I'm not particularly suggesting it should be done) Edit: Hell, double-thanks for fixing Reunion while I'm reading this
  6. Only stumbling on that now, find it very interesting, helps understand some of the choices there - though I'd still argue shards are too many currently, not because of load but simply due to fencing players (I mainly play on Reunion which is bit special but player 'dilution' over time is quite palpable and i'd expect same on some others given player counts) Had previously briefly used and considered OVH services at smaller scale and it never looked like quite a competitive option there (among a few other things) but under that angle, scale and use case (clustering, multiple locatio
  7. Funny rare bug I encountered previously on Posi 1 3rd mission, and ITF last, and saw mentionned on helpchat a handful times. Sometimes upon completing a TF mission, nothing seems to happen for the actual TF state - that is to say you exit it and made no progress and are asked to do the same mission again. Happened again with Posi 1 3rd mission (MAGI Assault in Oranbega) just now, with a group somewhat struggling (it was good fun the first time, but redoing it bit ouch, so a third time...) - both times completing the mission had no effect on TF progression. In previous cases i beli
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