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  1. I was not one of those holding my torch aloft on shutdown day. I had been playing the game faithfully since the 1st year anniversary (except for an 18 month diversion playing Lord of the Rings Online in closed & open beta & then live) usually playing about 40 hours a week - so City of Heroes was like my 2nd job. When the news of the shutdown came, I hoped for some reprieve & followed the available news closely, while continuing to play my many characters. But as the likelihood that the game might somehow survive dimmed, I found I could not bear playing the game knowing that it would soon be gone. It simply hurt too much. 😞 I searched for an alternative, cycling through various versions of Europa Universalis, Baldur's Gate, DC Universe Online, & LotRO, again & again, but nothing could fill the hole for long. I regretted that I wasn't there at shutdown for the game I had loved & lost, & would never forget. I had been playing LotRO again, completing the story line from the books, when I felt myself losing interest in the game again as I tracked through the darkness of Mordor. And then I found a light at the end of the tunnel - an old CoH buddy let me know that the game had been reborn somehow. I was back in a flash, & I feel like I never really left. So perhaps it is okay that I wasn't there holding my torch aloft at shutdown, as that end wasn't the final end. 🙂
  2. Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! 😄 When I logged in Friday & saw the snow in Atlas Park, I wondered why it had never occurred to me that the perfect day to start the Winter Event would be Black Friday. Well played Kismette - well played! 😉
  3. If they follow the precedent on Live, the Winter Event will begin in mid-December & run into the first week of January. According to the wiki, the Winter Event dates were as follows: 2004 01/12/05-02/08/05 2005 12/05/05-01/02/06 2006 12/14/06-01/02/07 & 01/08/07-01/15/07 2007 12/17/07-01/06/08 2008 12/15/08-01/04/09 2009 12/15/09-01/12/10 2010 12/17/10-01/02/11 2011 12/13/11-01/03/12 That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the event runs for a full month this year. There were always complaints that some people couldn't participate because of their holiday schedules, so a longer run time would allow more players to join in the fun.
  4. Oddly enough, I just had the same problem myself today. I followed my own advice & found the mission door in the lobby area of another building. The mission marker indicates that the mission door is underground, but the building lobby that I entered wasn't that far down. Apparently the lobby room with the mission door is located underground from the ground level of the building. Weird.
  5. I recall having an issue with a mission door in the downtown area with the casinos. I believe a mission door got bugged because of the addition of the zone event in that neighborhood, so the mission marker points you into a building, but then the shows that you are at the wrong level - but there is no way to get to where the mission marker is pointing. The solution for me when this occurred was to head to the neighboring buildings & click on doors until I found one that opened & I magically entered the mission. IIRC, the mission door ended up being across the street & down the road a bit from where the mission marker was pointing on the mini-map.
  6. You can earn all of the Praetorian badges via Ouroboros.
  7. Yeah, my memory was telling me that my main did these missions in Warburg at level 50, but I don't always trust my memory as I get older... 😉
  8. I'm pretty sure that my main got these at level 50, maybe in Recluse's Victory?
  9. Everything but the tutorial & the "breadcrumb" missions are available through Ouro. Doing the arcs through Ouro will allow your character to earn all of the Praetorian badges - except the one badge for reading everything, since that one is from the tutorial. But that badge is available via a different method through Ouro once the character has completed an incarnate trial.
  10. #1 Hero (or Villain) main costume #2 Vigilante (or Rogue) costume #3 Villain (or Hero) costume #4 Rogue (or Vigilante) costume #5 Homage costume for the Golden Age character that in some way inspired the character #6 Homage costume for the Silver Age character that in some way inspired the character #7 Low effects costume #8 Civilian costume The vigilante & villain costumes tend to use darker colors or effects for the powers. The low effects costume is for MSRs or events where frame rate is low. The civilian costume is based on the profession of the character's secret ID. For my main Mister Mass, the Villain costume is that of his Praetorian equivalent, Master Mass, including the requisite evil goatee. The Golden Age costume is Hourman, as I feel Bernard Baily's design is woefully underrated & it inspired Mass's main costume. The Silver Age costume is Hawk, as the original Champions p&p version of Mass was part of a duo of argumentative teen sibling heroes inspired by Hawk & Dove, with Mass as the brash, in your face, confrontational brother.
  11. Redlynne, I wanted to thank you for this guide which has proven most useful as I navigate my characters through the Praetorian maze, even though I don't actually follow the pathways you lay out. I prefer to confirm on the "good guy" alignments (Warden & Responsibility) while betraying on the "bad guy" alignments (Crusader & Power) when playing a character that will choose Hero when leaving Praetoria - & vice versa for one that will choose Villain. The nice thing about your guide is that it provides the information I need to navigate the maze even though I am not following the paths you lay out. Kudos!
  12. Those are good directions - I found them all without too much difficulty. Thanks!
  13. The new arcs are level 25-29, so they should be available through Ouro at that level band. Look for the last arc in the band, since they are sorted by issue #, so the newest arcs would be last.
  14. That accolade & those badges are earned in running Praetoria material. For example Escapist is earned for completing the capstone mission where you leave Praetoria for either Paragon City (if you decide to go Hero) or the Rogue Isles (if you decide to go Villain). Non-Praetorians can earn these badges through Ouroboros, as the Homecoming devs have added all of the Praetorian story arcs there.
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