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  1. Capes came in Issue 2. (My army of alts & I came in with Issue 4.)
  2. Ah yes, the underground parking lots in Brickstown & Faultline are also challenging to find at first. The Brickstown one is on the mayhem/safeguard mission map for the zone, so I am especially embarrassed I forgot about that one. ☺️
  3. On the Brickstown map, there are at least 2 underground areas that can be challenging to find. One is under an area near the north wall, east of the tram. The underground area is a bit of a maze & navigating to the mission door can be a struggle. There are entrances to this underground area from the south & east down on that lower level of the map. Another is along the east wall. There is a sewer area underground there with sewer pipes as the mission doors. I usually enter that by hugging the east wall heading south & go down a spillway into the sewer. That usually puts me close the mission door.
  4. Lord of the Rings Online, where even swift travel was a challenge! 👍
  5. Part of my special sickness is that I try to do it all on all of my characters. I acknowledge this is not normal. 😉
  6. Memorized cost. And this is no sudden dumping of inventory crafted for the crafting badge - these have been here for months, & must be being replenished regularly. I happen to know because I have a character who did craft level 50 End Reduction IOs for the crafting badge & listed them for just above memorized crafting cost, & none of them have moved in months. There is a large enough demand for those IOs that at least some of mine would have sold unless someone is regularly listing a bunch for sale at lower than cost prices. It might be a badger looking to sell for a marketing badge, but I think they likely hit that long ago. It might be someone who enjoys listing low & getting lucky with sales well above their list price. Or it could be someone who just likes to craft & list for cheap in order to create a ready supply of cheap IOs for newer/poorer players. 🤷‍♂️
  7. I’m sure many of us have. With Ouro available, doing every story arc on a character is much easier than it was back in the day. On Live I recall burying my characters in perma-debt in order to try to avoid out-leveling the content in each level band, running mission after mission for a contact in the hopes that the contact would finally relent & give my character the first mission in a story arc instead of another pointless hunt or door mission. My main has done every story arc on blue side, red side, & gold side, including the rogue & vigilante only arcs. Well, I say that, but I think there was some new content that dropped recently that he hasn’t done yet. So if you push it, you might be able to do them all before I get around to that new stuff myself & beat me to it! 😉
  8. I’ll try to remember to post this for you when I get home from work tonight. But really, take & slot the confusion power. Everything else is gravy.
  9. “Push the button Max!” - is what I always say at that moment. 😉
  10. My first Praetorian after the Snap was a stalker (Dark/Ninja) & that was a breeze. I thought I was crazy to run a Sonic/Sonic Defender as my 2nd Praetorian, but it wasn’t really much of a struggle. My 3rd Praetorian was an Ice/Cold Corruptor & it was a smooth run. My latest issue is a Plant/Thorns Dom, & she has been the easiest of all. The ability to turn your overtuned enemies into your allies is priceless! 😎 Anyway, my advice is to play a character, archetype, & power sets that you enjoy. It would appear that just about anything can manage Praetoria, so the issue is having fun there.
  11. I want to echo the suggestion made early in the thread about a plant-themed EAT for Praetoria. My latest goldsider is a plant/thorns dom, whose backstory is that she was the result of Praetorian attempts to breed/genetically engineer a human/plant hybrid capable of resisting Hamidon’s influence & begin to win back the world outside the city repulsion fences for humanity. But her designers built her too well - she proves able to resist not only Hamidon’s siren call, but also the control of the Seer Network, & dedicates herself to freeing living & growing things from both Hamidonian & Praetorian control - both of which she sees as perversions of nature. A plant-based EAT would be distinctive & appropriate for a world largely destroyed by war & ecological destruction.
  12. This is such a good idea that I am angry at myself for not thinking of it. Make it so devs! Thanks Darmian! 👍
  13. Darmian hit on one of the reasons for much of the StatesHate we see - so many players dislike the character because of the negative feelings they have for the developer. And as Greycat noted, as a player you have very little interaction with the character, & when you do, it is to rescue him from his (apparently much more powerful) evil dimensional duplicate. Statesman was supposed to be this powerful iconic figure in the game, but it just never effectively came across that way. Instead, to many players, he just seemed more of a Mary Sue than an icon. That said, I do miss him to some degree - but not enough to want him back. I would prefer that the game do what comics almost never can do - leave the dead alone & move on, allowing other characters to develop & grow, & eventually take up the mantle of iconic hero, earned by accomplishments you actually witness & take part in, instead of past history that you are only told about. So if Statesman’s role as chief iconic hero is to be replaced, I would rather see Hero One or Ms. Liberty take up the mantle, instead of a revived Statesman or a heroic version of one of his various dimensional or temporal duplicates.
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