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  1. Stan Lee in the Atlas office in the 1950s pre-facial hair.
  2. I'm all but sure that Stan the Man was balding & wore a hairpiece for most of his career. 😉
  3. No, as far I can know, the Praetorian tutorial is not available via Ouro. But the Avid Reader badge, which used to only be available from the Praetorian tutorial, is now available by talking (extensively) with a contact in Ouroboros - Prometheus - after completing an Incarnate Trial.
  4. Mister Mass


    Stealth (the Pool power) + any of the Stealth IOs grants a total of 65 feet of Stealth - which is 10 feet more than Invisibility grants. So that combo will provide effective invisibility to any enemy that couldn't see through Invisibility.
  5. Yes, you can do all of the Praetorian story arc & Morality Missions through Ouroboros & thus earn the Praetorian morality badges. I earned them all on my main who started as a Hero, but was Ouroing the arcs as a Rogue.
  6. Knives of Artemis - all-female special ops (cult) associated with Malta
  7. Savior of Atlas Park is for completing Aaron Thierry's story arc.
  8. Yes. I did this on my main. I happened to be red-side first & got Jail Bird, then switched to blue-side & got Isolator.
  9. The -ToHit protects you against mobs with +ToHit buffs & -DEF debuffs. Most mobs have 50% base ToHit chance, so 45% DEF reduces their hit chance to 5%, which is the hit chance floor, thus "flooring" the mob's hit chance. But if a mob has a ToHit buff of any amount above the base 50%, then their hit chance will be increased by that amount. Equally, if the mob has an ability that debuffs your DEF below 45%, then their hit chance will not be floored. Dropping -ToHit on the mob can offset this & floor their hit chance.
  10. I'm stealing this idea for my /Time controller. Thanks Ironblade! :)
  11. I just wanted to note that here in the month of July, the Summer Blockbuster Event is running. It only appeared in 2012, so it didn't have a chance to become an annual tradition because of the shutdown, but the seasonal events are set to run during their relevant times of year. So the Halloween & Winter events will be back right when you expect them to be, along with the Spring event. The Rikti Invasion & Zombie Apocalypse zone events are happening regularly. The game doesn't advertise the events, but there are scheduled & happening.
  12. On the default settings, you will get a notice when you get a tip. I believe that you can turn that off in Options if you find it distracting. Under your Contacts, there is a tab for Tips. You can access your Tips there. The Tips tab can hold up to 3 Tips at one time. If you are at 3 tips already, you will need to complete or dismiss a tip in order to be able to gain any more.
  13. Strange. Now I suspect a setting I have inadvertantly disabled. Warrior map, lvl 50 toon, exp turned off to max INF, also tried it exp on as normal. No exclusion from p2w. I just don't get purples. Since coming back, not one. Any ideas? Since my main hit 50 a week ago, I have gotten one purple drop. SwitchFade, I hate to say this, but given the low rate that purples are set to drop, it not unlikely that you haven't gotten one. With very low drop rates, it is highly likely that some people will get (relatively) a lot & others will get none. Randomness includes streaks, including streaks of none. Just keep playing - & praying to the gods of randomness. Eventually you will (probably) get some purple rain. :)
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