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  1. I can definitely see it as a stylized axe as Heraclea suggests. But I must confess that to me it looks like the design for an implosion assembly nuclear weapon - with a core of fissionable material surrounded by a shell of inward-directed high-explosive lenses. But that may just be me. 😉
  2. Capes came in Issue 2. (My army of alts & I came in with Issue 4.)
  3. Ah yes, the underground parking lots in Brickstown & Faultline are also challenging to find at first. The Brickstown one is on the mayhem/safeguard mission map for the zone, so I am especially embarrassed I forgot about that one. ☺️
  4. On the Brickstown map, there are at least 2 underground areas that can be challenging to find. One is under an area near the north wall, east of the tram. The underground area is a bit of a maze & navigating to the mission door can be a struggle. There are entrances to this underground area from the south & east down on that lower level of the map. Another is along the east wall. There is a sewer area underground there with sewer pipes as the mission doors. I usually enter that by hugging the east wall heading south & go down a spillway into the sewer. T
  5. Lord of the Rings Online, where even swift travel was a challenge! 👍
  6. Part of my special sickness is that I try to do it all on all of my characters. I acknowledge this is not normal. 😉
  7. Memorized cost. And this is no sudden dumping of inventory crafted for the crafting badge - these have been here for months, & must be being replenished regularly. I happen to know because I have a character who did craft level 50 End Reduction IOs for the crafting badge & listed them for just above memorized crafting cost, & none of them have moved in months. There is a large enough demand for those IOs that at least some of mine would have sold unless someone is regularly listing a bunch for sale at lower than cost prices. It might be a badger looking to sell for a
  8. I’m sure many of us have. With Ouro available, doing every story arc on a character is much easier than it was back in the day. On Live I recall burying my characters in perma-debt in order to try to avoid out-leveling the content in each level band, running mission after mission for a contact in the hopes that the contact would finally relent & give my character the first mission in a story arc instead of another pointless hunt or door mission. My main has done every story arc on blue side, red side, & gold side, including the rogue & vigilante only arcs. Well, I say th
  9. I’ll try to remember to post this for you when I get home from work tonight. But really, take & slot the confusion power. Everything else is gravy.
  10. “Push the button Max!” - is what I always say at that moment. 😉
  11. My first Praetorian after the Snap was a stalker (Dark/Ninja) & that was a breeze. I thought I was crazy to run a Sonic/Sonic Defender as my 2nd Praetorian, but it wasn’t really much of a struggle. My 3rd Praetorian was an Ice/Cold Corruptor & it was a smooth run. My latest issue is a Plant/Thorns Dom, & she has been the easiest of all. The ability to turn your overtuned enemies into your allies is priceless! 😎 Anyway, my advice is to play a character, archetype, & power sets that you enjoy. It would appear that just about anyth
  12. I want to echo the suggestion made early in the thread about a plant-themed EAT for Praetoria. My latest goldsider is a plant/thorns dom, whose backstory is that she was the result of Praetorian attempts to breed/genetically engineer a human/plant hybrid capable of resisting Hamidon’s influence & begin to win back the world outside the city repulsion fences for humanity. But her designers built her too well - she proves able to resist not only Hamidon’s siren call, but also the control of the Seer Network, & dedicates herself to freeing living & growing things from both Hamidonian
  13. This is such a good idea that I am angry at myself for not thinking of it. Make it so devs! Thanks Darmian! 👍
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