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  1. I run a FF/Dark defender and 1. I don't think I've seen many bubblers, period and 2. never one paired with dark blast.
  2. Life 2: Dark/Ice Controller...not super sure about this combo
  3. Well, I was plugging along fine until I got sent waaaaay out into the backside of the Hollows at lvl 8 (thanks Flux) and while bounding along, landed in the middle of purple Pumicites. Death one: lvl 8
  4. www.thesaurus.com and googling translators has been my bread and butter since the legacy days. I mean, I have a FF/Dark Defender named Dusk Spherule. No way I came up with that outta thin air. 😁
  5. I saved the costume. 😁 I knew I'd flip my gibblets trying to remake it over and over.
  6. Working off inspiration from Gronbek's post about a permadeath SG, I've decided to create a sorta permadeath character. Like the Resurrection Man from DC Comics (a fun read if you've never read them), I've created a character that upon defeat, will be deleted and rebuilt. My rules are as follows: *upon defeat, new character becomes a new AT, going down the list of ATs in order *said AT will be the first primary and secondary in the lists--if/when I round back to an AT again, the 2nd primary and secondary, etc... *he will keep the same name and costume for each "reincarnation" *ninja run, jump pack, sands of mu, ghost axe and blackwand are allowable...no double xp or other perks from the pay to win vendor *new rule addition: no travel powers til lvl 14...run it old school *solo play only, no teams *no influence, salvage, recipes, enhancements or inspirations filtered down from my other characters...must be self sufficient *i will play at 0/0..no ups or downs *whatever the character dies with is lost to void...no hoarding up influence or anything in emails or the auction house...let's say he gets mugged as soon as he drops...it happens *no eventually wanting to punch Mathew Habershy in the face after the 5th resurrection on...it's not his fault If one actually makes it to 50, he gets to stay and move on to Incarnate stuff even if he gets defeated afterwards. His "reward" if you will. Phase 1: Archery/Atomic Manipulation Blaster
  7. ...mine does that. I never use the mouse, I just type my password, hit enter and off I go.
  8. Hmmm...you're giving me the idea for a character akin to Resurrection Man from DC Comics. He'll always have the same name and same look, but after a defeat, he gets deleted (including all infl/salvage/enhancements/etc) and rebuilt as a new AT and if I cycle through ATs, I cycle through ATs with different powersets. No TFs, no teaming, purely soloing and anything goes as far as using any resource at my disposal (without being showered with inf from my main). If one makes it to 50, 1. I'll be impressed and 2. I won't delete him. To make it interesting, I'll just skip the "role" choice and just start at the top of the AT selections. No trying for an uber build right out the gate. Pick an AT and then choose primary and secondary based on the same "from the top of the list and moving down" rule.
  9. Just wanted to throw a big ole Thank You! to the HC team for having Christmas in July. At the end of last year, I was down for a couple months after surgery on my achilles tendon and couldn't sit at my computer desk. I missed the event then, but am royally enjoying it now. Brings back fond memories. My girlfriend walked by and asked "Are you opening Christmas presents and fighting snowmen?" I replied "Yes...yes I am" with what I am sure was the goofiest grin imaginable. So, again, Thank You!
  10. It must be nice. It must be nice. To have Positron on your side!
  11. Envenomed daggers were a part of my attack rotation until I got my Interface slotted with Flawless Radial Diamagnetic. 100% regen debuff and 50% tohit debuff is much nicer than I expected. I'm not purple ATO'd out, but my build is solid enough that I can solo AVs and Giant Monsters with just my powers now. That being said, I still enjoyed it when I was using the daggers. There's that giddy "I just took out a GM by myself" feeling that never gets old.
  12. I remember playing this on dial up.
  13. One of the few times, I took my ff/dark defender out solo was to badge hunt. PFF for the win!
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