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  1. I tried filling the gap after COH had its sunset with various mmos, but none clicked. A friend got me into Neverwinter on the ps4 and it was fun until it became the log in merely for the daily grindfest thing. He will still say "logging in to do my dailies". To me, that's a chore, not fun. COH is fun. Whatever mood I'm in, I either have or can create a character for it. Totally agree with this thread: this game is a long missed and happily welcomed back breath of fresh air.
  2. Same for mine. Just remember to set a key to reset camera and you're golden. On a side note: it's always nice to see I'm not the only person that prefers a trackball. I always get ribbed at work because I brought my own in to use.
  3. Ah ha, Batman! I have you now and without your utility belt to help you! (Pulls batarang out of new utility belt) What the!?!?!?! How?!?!?! I'm Batman.
  4. I think the Arena needs to be used more often. Don't like what someone said? Feel like lashing out in a chat channel? Challenge them to the arena and settle it old school. MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT! (Insert movie theme song here)
  5. I remember still being on dial up back then and going to a friends house to use his dsl to download the beta client. Slow loads were just par the course for me until they finally brought dsl out to the sticks.
  6. At the end of the day, the HC team run the servers, do maintenance, patch things and have the risk if things go south, so if they say no more characters that are ripoffs of other IPs...well then, no more characters that are ripoffs of other IPs. I know people will be people, but why this is still an argument is hard to grasp. You like the rules? Continue on. You don't like the rules? Adapt or move on. It sounds cruel, but that's life. (And yes, I know some will argue just to argue)
  7. And I quote "Characters using copyrighted materials will have their name and/or costume reset. You will then be able to select a new name and create a new costume the next time you log in." IF you get genericed, you get to rename and redesign when you log in. Now, it's heavily inferred that these are both free of charge, but some verbage confirming would probably help. As I recall, on live, it cost nothing. Quite honestly, you tried to kill a fly with a grenade launcher and cost yourself all that influence. Not the Homecing team, not anyone on these boards...just you. Taking out this vendetta because you perceive some slight to yourself that was actually self inflicted...well, you do you.
  8. Red hair, a beard, wears a glove and Mjolnir has a very short handle. Totally different than Marvels Thor.
  9. I've got a parody character of Dr Forrester from MST3k that I will gladly take a generic on and redo his look, name and origin. He was a "for fun" creation and I have zero attachment. All my other characters are all originals with looks, names and origin stories (sadly, I see very few people with origin stories...I love a good origin story) created by me. Whether this is part of the NCSoft negotiations or the HC team is just getting some ducks in a row to continue to protect themselves, I'm good with it. I know saying "like it or leave it" sets people ablaze, but I think in this case it really does ring true. I also think "you can't please everyone" rings true as well. I feel for the people that invested a lot of time into their characters that are copyright infringements, but in the back of your minds...didn't you know? Just a little? Hopefully this will mean costume contests will be more interesting as well. No more ripoff characters spamming their ripoff battle cries.
  10. Thanks for that info, Lost Ninja. I've been having the same issue with the UI. I'll have to give your settings commands next time I play.
  11. I'll echo Willpower. It's a tad rough early on, but after awhile, you just go and go and go. Add in the Energy ancillary power pool and take the end discount power and the recover/healing one and it's just crazy.
  12. Ah, impatience and entitlement at its finest. It's a shame people like that filter into mmos, but they do and give the gold farmers easy targets. I'm wondering how they're advertising, though. I've never seen anything in various chat channels or gotten a /tell like would happen on live.
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