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  1. Enervate Corporeal Proselytization
  2. I frequent the gamefaqs.com forums. (I know, I know...but if you weed through the garbage, you can find some good stuff) These forums are freaking angelic in comparison.
  3. Beans...almost fully baked....baked beans? Is Issue 26 where villains raid the Bush's Baked Beans offices for the secret recipe and heroes have to protect it? Issue 26: Brown Sugar and Bacon.
  4. There was that time I made an AR/Devices blaster in full riot squad attire and named him Rito Gear. I made it to level 14 before someone asked me if that was a camera brand and I realized the spelling error. Poor Rito Gear...I barely knew him.
  5. I have never had a cannoli and now I feel like my life has a big empty hole in it...
  6. Nerfing Regen is like Rome...all roads lead to it.
  7. I made a tech origin electric/water defender and was shocked (har har har) that I got the name Water Damage.
  8. Lot of round and around here, not really going anywhere happy. Who wants some pie?
  9. Sometimes, I take my main to Atlas and use Crushing Uppercut on level 1 Hellions and giggle maniacally as they rocket into the sky. ...what?
  10. I'd like to think my characters are all hanging out in the base THAT I SPENT SO MUCH TIME ON FOR THEM and not getting up to any tomfoolery.
  11. I have solo characters that have a ton of badges and trophies because they run as many story arcs as I can get my grubby hands on. I have teaming characters that are just for me to hop into teams and play support and I don't really care about badge/trophy one for them. I have a spines/fire brute for making moolah. In short, it depends on my mood. Thankfully, COH accommodates that.
  12. Funny enough, that’s the vibe I kept getting while playing the open beta. That was disappointing, I was looking forward to it when it was announced and then more and more news came out and my interest waned more and more. Cheers to those that enjoyed it, but my gamer senses were tingling too much preorder. Maybe when it’s way discounted.
  13. I've been reading all the Constantine/Hellblazer books lately and I've picked up John's lingo without even realizing it. So: Bollocks Pear Shaped Bell End Wanker
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