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  1. After an hour trying to find this same answer, and finally figuring it out by experimentation, I realized that the question HAD been answered several times already; its just counter-intuitive and not clearly explained. Lets say an Assault Rifle Blaster creates a new SG and calls it "Kane's Killers" ... and let's say he's the 6,666th SG created on his server. The system will confirm his SG with a message "Creating SG 'Kane's Killers - 6666'". (paraphrased) Our hero promptly forgets that appended number. Not to worry! Each time he sets a new passcode, the system will remind him... /sgpasscode napalm Your supergroup base access passcode is now NAPALM-6666 /sgpasscode bullets Your supergroup base access passcode is now BULLETS-6666 /sgpasscode clusterbomb Your supergroup base access passcode is now CLUSTERBOMB-6666 etc., etc. Pretty sure there is not. As I said, I believe it is a sequential number ... IIRC, when I registered my first SG its assigned number was one greater that the total previously registered.
  2. Really only one item: Proliferate "Munitions Mastery" or a close analog to Mastermind for us Natural Mercenary/Traps fans out here. This would give us a mastermind version of the Natural Assault Rifle/Devices/Munitions Blaster. None of the other options available at present is a very good thematic match. That's it. Thank you for your consideration!
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