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  1. Still curious if the Full Auto changes are ported to critters.
  2. I would hope that Repel resistance protects against this.
  3. I'm pretty sure they won't send it live if it breaks your mez protection.
  4. I think it's OK the way they've done it, but I also think it would be ok if they were 100'.
  5. I want: Pirates Clowns Cowboys Supers ???
  6. In general I actually think Support and CC sets are fine. It's only in the upper levels that those sets start to get devalued. But the devs are aware of this and are going to try to fix it. May take a while, but they're on it.
  7. Agreed. Although, generally the reason I put them together is that, unlike tanks, CC and Support powers take TIME to use. Tanks only have one power (besides self heals and such) that takes time away from attacking, Taunt.
  8. I want them each to be handled slightly differently so that they don't all feel the same (redundant, I know). But in general, crashes should either be removed or cut in half (like Lightform). If strength and duration need to be altered to make that ok, so be it.
  9. It's certainly true that SOME MM pets have some aggro management ability. Bruiser, Lich, a couple others. But MMs as a class do not.
  10. By that measure a Blaster is aggro management because they cause high threat. The discussion is meaningless if you think of it that way.
  11. When I break the ATs into categories I do it likes this (keeping in mind Team Composition does not require ANY one particular class OR role, and again intentionally simplified): Tanks: Tanker Kheldians Brute Support/CC: Defender Controller Mastermind Corruptor Dominator Arachnos Pure Damage: Blaster Scrapper Stalker Sentinel
  12. I've heard this claim many times and never seen a bit of evidence. I guess it's possible that a dev may have said something like that at some point, but since they don't have taunts it clearly was never actually the case.
  13. Masterminds are not and never have been an aggro management class. They are a Support class.
  14. But your dark dark defender is providing insane amounts of -to hit so people should not be getting mezzed very much at all.
  15. No and I wouldn’t suggest that you do that. I’m saying that the storm player should notice that you’re getting mezzed and throw 02 without being asked for it. That’s what I do when I’m playing on my storm defender. To each their own I guess.
  16. Didn’t you say you had a stormy on the team? Then you should have been protected from stuns and sleeps. If the stormy chose not to take or declined to use O2 boost that is not a design problem but a player choice.
  17. If you’re a mastermind then your pets should be able to handle that for you. Direct them to attack the mezzing mob first. If you’re a controller then you should lock the missing mob down. If you’re a defender or a corrupter then you should have teammates to deal with that for you.
  18. The Global Defense reductions and Enhancement Diminishing Returns SAVED CoH. Dude has no idea what he's talking about.
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