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  1. The idea that it is selfish to ask for additional effort to be put in to help those with specific difficulties is outdated. /jranger
  2. It's unquestionably a challenge. It is a tactical challenge with several different options to overcome it, from slotting, to teaming, to inspirations, to combat decisions. In some scenarios it will be easily overcome and in others it will be a serious obstacle, depending on how you approach it.
  3. I think realistically, it's a mistake on the part of the writers, but for our purposes... There IS an enchantment on Mjolnir in that timeline, but it's clearly not about worthiness. More like, "Only Thor Is Worthy To Wield This Hammer" until they let Ultron/Vision wield it (my prediction, not a spoiler).
  4. I think the question of "Is Accuracy/ToHit/Defense as designed in CoH a good and fun system?" is clearly separate from "Are Romans working as intended?"
  5. Why though? Seems to me it's a good suggestion, and I agree with the commenter who said it can just be a costume option instead of Null.
  6. This. We played this game for years before IO builds and Incarnates were a thing and before Blasters were as powerful as they are now. Learn which mobs are the problem and take them out ASAP, from a distance if possible and up close if necessary. Mez them, knock them down, defeat them swiftly.
  7. They're definitely working on some things.
  8. This might possibly have been true back in the day, but now with IOs so available it's just not so.
  9. Sentinels definitely do not need to be any tougher. They don't need higher target caps, except a couple attacks that are 3 but should be 5. The 5s and 10s can stay. Just increase the base damage to 1.0, make Opportunity have both Offensive and Defensive portions regardless of which attack you trigger it with, and make the Offensive portion scale with enhancements. Done.
  10. Yea, there are guides about it and other threads to discuss possible changes, which I have participated in myself, but this is off topic for this thread.
  11. I don't think they were trying to suggest that Sentinels are better at AoE than Blasters, just that they are better at AoE than they are at Single Target.
  12. Someone was asking if there was a list anywhere of the things that should be done on every toon, and I didn't know where to point them, so I wrote this up. This is certainly not everything, but it's a list of what I do on every toon, in roughly the order I do them, or most everything I could remember. I will speak mostly from the perspective of Hero side, but all the same stuff can be done Villain side if I don't specifically mention it. Also, this isn't written for someone making their First toon, necessarily. Following this guide is easier if you know your way around the game som
  13. That's a good point, I think maybe I should reevaluate a little bit. Maybe rather than making it a Ranged set, maybe take a little emphasis off Range. It was really the -Fly effect I was going for, I wanted a set that anyone could slot that would let them add -Fly.
  14. Actually, the Defiant Barrage ATO proc is much more effective placed in a long recharge/use it on cooldown ability like your Sniper attack. I also originally thought "I'll put it in my t1 so I can use it when mezzed to break out of mez" but in fact it works much better if you have it up in advance to prevent getting mezzed in the first place. Putting it in, for example, Sniper Blast will make it so that you often have 2 or 3 stacks of the buff, whereas putting it in your t1 or t2 will make it so you rarely see the buff, if ever.
  15. With a Blaster the way to do it is a combination of Defense from Pool Powers and IOs and Mezzing the Mezzer before he Mezzes you. Those are your tools, use them and you shouldn't have nearly as much trouble. But also, you can carry some Break Free inspirations and use them when necessary. Then in the Incarnate powers at level 50 you can get the Clarion Destiny power which gives you full permanent Mez Protection at tier 4.
  16. An idea for a new Universal Damage set: Paragon's Reach This would be a Universal Damage set that includes Range on some enhancements and a Range Bonus in the set bonuses. The special on the 6th piece would be Damage/Adds a -Fly Effect to the slotted attack.
  17. Yea, that isn't true at all. But whatever makes you feel superior I guess.
  18. Oh yea? What is it telling? Because, yet again, I have not suggested making any changes and I've repeatedly said I don't think there's a problem with the economy. So please, what have you been told because I noted that people seem to get very defensive of their efficient rewards even when no one is trying to taking them away but merely talking about reward rates?
  19. Because you're incapable of having a civil discussion with someone with whom you disagree? I guess so. Lock it down.
  20. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what time gating is for. And I hate it too, so, AGAIN, I am NOT suggesting changing ANY rewards in this game. Just talking about what I think a good design would be. Why are you triggered?
  21. But *I* did not ever suggest nerfing farms. In fact it was the devs that nerfed AE rewards already. So why do you keep coming at me like I am threatening your plaything?
  22. This is called reductio ad absurdum fallacy. Nice try though.
  23. No, that's no what it means, and I think it's pretty obvious. I mean rewards over time, so harder missions should get rewarded more than easy missions. It's just the mountains of minions that I think reward too much, and yet I am not suggesting changing it. It's just a discussion.
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