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  1. That's for the base damage and "bruising" effect.


    For the inherent, a lot of ideas have been tossed around, several by myself...right now I'm thinking about this idea (I have no idea if this is possible):


    Opportunity - Inherent Timed Toggle Single Target 25% Def and Res Debuff.


    0 Activation Time.


    Up to 60 seconds duration.


    Cooldown unaffected by global recharge, but instead...

    Recharge varies based on duration used.


    If toggled off before 16 seconds duration, recharges in 5  seconds.

    If toggled off between 16 and 30 seconds duration, recharges in 10  seconds.
    If toggled off between 31 and 45 seconds duration, recharges in 15  seconds.

    If toggled off between 46 and 60 seconds (auto shut off) duration, recharges in 20 seconds.


    Toggles off automatically if target dies before full duration or manual toggleoff.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Glacier Peak said:

    They move for me:



    so, for me I was on a Radiation/Fire Tanker, my friend was on his Beasts/Cold Mastermind.


    It appeared to both of us that they weren't moving on either me or his pets.


    You can see in the photo what level we were and what toggles I was running, but even if there was some weird interaction there that wouldn't impact the pets you would think.


    What AT cast those on you?

  3. 1 minute ago, Bill Z Bubba said:

    I find that being able to solo means I'm even more valuable to a team due to not wasting time being 100% worthless while being faceplanted.

    Anyone dying enough for this to be the case is experiencing a player issue. Even Blasters are now tough enough that this shouldn’t come up much in team situations.

  4. Just now, Bill Z Bubba said:


    Mids is right on the HP as per CoD and HC Wiki. Health pools absolutely matter but if Sents and Stalkers have the same MaxHP and Sents are getting superior versions of the armor sets AND can fight 100% from range (really, anyone stating this isn't huge for mitigation is out of their damn minds) then Sents are pretty far ahead of the game and should NOT be pulling scrapper/stalker/blaster damage numbers. At all. Ever.

    Unless you have taunts, higher hit points are not something you’re contributing to the team. Survivability is a nice bonus for you personally but unless you are using it to provide safety for the team it’s only a small bonus in the team environment. So while I agree that sentinels should remain the lowest of the four, they should be in the same range.

  5. 5 hours ago, Zeraphia said:

    they're a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none in a game that highly rewards specialization. If you're a newer player Sentinels will be friendlier to you, if you're experienced and want more technical gameplay, Blasters are IMO better.

    That’s called a “trap” character. They should not be like that. That’s exactly the complaint.

  6. Just to be clear, I don't think Sentinels are "trash", just like I didn't think Blasters, Dominators, Stalkers, or anyone else was "trash" before they got their boosts. I just think there's room for improvement without stepping on anyone's toes.

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  7. I've suggested elsewhere a way to do Crits to make it distinct from Scrapper/Stalker/Corrupter that will help with lead off burst damage: High Crit chance on mobs with 90% or higher health. Once enemy health is below 90%, Sentinel Crit chance drops off quickly.

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  8. 1 minute ago, drbuzzard said:

    Perhaps. All things considered, I think you could get away with quick and dirty on sentinels. Pick a simple new inherent (say crits), adjust the damage scale up a bit, and fix the ATOs. Done, then play with numbers on test until it's not too broken. I don't think anyone expects a full rebalancing of the sets or anything. To be honest, compared to blasters, sentinel primaries are more balanced within the AT, so just a gross upward adjustment is good enough. 

    Sounds good to me.

  9. 13 hours ago, drbuzzard said:

    Though I feel it necessary to toss out there that if the devs decided that fixing travel pools was more important than sentinels, I wouldn't get my hopes up on it happening any time soon.

    You've heard of "low hanging fruit"?

  10. 8 minutes ago, Haijinx said:


    Blasters do a lot more real mission damage than Scrappers though.  Where do Sents compare to scrappers?  More or Less?  They have nukes, Scrappers don't have those.  How much do they figure in. 


    Seems like we need a Galaxy Brain rundown.  

    Sentinel nukes don’t even hit as hard as Lightning Rod or Shield Charge.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Haijinx said:


    Blasters are squishies 

    Sentinels aren't 


    You can't have them be the same.  On SO's and while leveling the difference is stark.  Blasters die pretty easy compared to a Sent.  

    Its only in the power creep crazy IO incarnate world where Blasters are so far ahead.  


    So that has to be balanced around too.  


    For example.  A Sent can stand in melee on teams with a KIN and take full advantage of all the damage buffs, the leveling Blaster may not be able to.  

    While that’s true, it’s clear to me at this point the difference isn’t enough to justify the disparity. On a team with a Kin and a FF the Blaster is safe in Melee.

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