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  1. Can anyone critique this? Goal was to get 59% melee def for trials and dark astoria stuff. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1526&c=704&a=1408&f=HEX&dc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
  2. Can someone direct me and/or explain how the macro for converting inspirations into reds works? Thanks guys/gals/others!
  3. I have a +smashing damage via the Obliteration set slotted into Blazing Aura and was just wondering how that actually works. Thanks!
  4. Tried slotting this into Rise of the Phoenix and it does not seem to be working? Can anyone else confirm this?
  5. Made a short stocky character called Dwarven Bulwark that is WP/SM. Feels very SMASH to me at 17. What powers in /SM did you find that were skippable? I am eyeing Hurl Boulder and Fault but have not had the pleasure of testing them yet. Thanks!
  6. Soloed her on a DM/SR scrapper and I found her extremely finicky to solo. Huge damage spikes. Thank Thor for Siphon Life and the accolade that protects against Psionic damage. What made her so difficult? Do her attacks hit more than usual or is it just the obviousness that psionic damage enemies are a royal pain?
  7. The only thing I will say about the question of "best" is just pick something that is visually pleasing and is your style. This game is simple enough for 95% of content that any competently built character will perform well. Often picking the "best" means joining the legions of clones that make up your AT. The data crunchers in this game are extremely smart, but limited in number. That leaves room for other less explored combos to be extremely potent given more testing. Not to mention that if you don't like the power combo anyway than you won't play it even if it is the "best". I love Dark Melee, but I find it more fun and complete on a scrapper imho so I wouldn't necessarily suggest that. Currently running a SJ/SD stalker that I find fun. Took all the SJ powers to try them out. The SJ goes well with SD too cause it looks like some of the moves use the shield to smash people in the face!
  8. Is this Valorian from Inheritance on Indomitable? This is Stygian if it is btw! Is slotting Build Up that intensely the normal? Is the normal Rech/Rech/Gaussian's Proc? I will look at it more when I get home from work.
  9. As the title suggests I am currently looking for an active SG that is doing end game stuff. I just hit 50 last week, kitted myself out with AFFORDABLE set bonuses, and have unlocked a few incarnate slots. I really want to see everything this game has to offer since I was robbed of this privilege back on live when the evil corporations as they are stole my chance. I play a DM/SR scrapper called Stygian Prowler and my global is @sushiloving
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