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  1. Not the animations, but the actual items being used in Devices. Trip Mine and Time Bomb look like they were developed in World War 2. Targeting Drone and Gun Drone both look outdated, especially with some of the tech presently in the game. The assets for the IDF's Battle Orb and Heavy Trooper's Shoulder Mounted Weapons (modified) seem like they'd make for a great visual update the latter two, respectively. After a quick Google search for Trip Mine and Time Bomb, perhaps something like this: Obviously, you can't use that exactly, but I'll take any
  2. Outside of the leaders of the five Vanguard divisions, do General or Admiral ranks exist?
  3. On live, Blasters were capped at 1606.4 HP along with all squishes. On our Hamidon Raid, we have someone sitting at 1776 without any additional buffs and one poor guy is slightly losing his mind, repeating that the cap is 1606. Did this change? If so, when and what's the new cap?
  4. ...Huh?! Why do so many of you expect transparency from an illegal project? Who raised you people? That is not how you avoid going to jail. Some of the stunts they've pulled are the only reason you're able to enjoy this so calm that down.
  5. New Incarnate content and Incarnate slots. I want to see The Coming Storm arc completed using the Lore Bible and Paragon's artwork (I'm guessing they had the Battalion designs completed before shutdown). However, under no circumstances do I want Praetorian Cole replacing Primal Cole as Statesman. To me, one of the best things about Who Will Die is that it moved the signature heroes to the side for us to take that lead role. Elemental weapons, not as a powerset, but as an option across all weapon based powersets. For example, Lightning/Fire/Water/Energy/Psionic swords, axes, bows,
  6. It goes down in Ouro, usually at night time EST.
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