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  1. why make suggestions all you get is trolls that don't add intelligently to the subject
  2. this shows the basic layout of numpad on zombie and is the same on all but names of pets have fun yall! numpad4 petcom_all Aggressive numpad5 petcom_all Defensive numpad6 petcom_all Passive numpad7 petcom_all Attack numpad8 petcom_all Follow numpad9 petcom_all Goto lctrl+decimal petcom_all Dismiss numpad0 bind_load_file c:\covbinds\All.txt numpad1 bind_load_file c:\covbinds\Zombie.txt numpad2 bind_load_file c:\covbinds\Grave.txt numpad3 bind_load_file c:\covbinds\Lich.txt numpad4 petcom_pow Zombie Aggressive numpad5 petcom_pow Zombie Defens
  3. guys understand this.... I would not take the time out of my day to come here and post on a "one time issue' and then keep posting This has happened in game for many missions and over days! all solo play no teams results are this...any story mission, radio mission or tip that is not in the Keldian story is Bugged bad and set out 8-10 'Q' gunners per map and sometimes 5 per large room.
  4. Just ran one mission in the striga island arch and had 10 'Q' guners one map...5 in one room! Not Anecdotal at all bud and it seems that if its a arch/story mission I get that weird ratio but the Keldian story line is fine for some reason? was running solo on all missions not teams or Tf's
  5. 'Q' gunner ratio for keldians I have noted a factor of 3 increase in 'Q' gunners over what COH had in the past! It was 2 or 3 at best per full map, now its 5 per large room sometimes and 2-3 in long hallways! AND I had 10 on one map alone....That is WAY out of wack for a target that can kill any squid in ONLY 3 hits! needs adjustment or squids need 2 times more slots given to fight the factors instead of 2 slots at lower levels get 4 and so on!
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