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  1. I'm glad to see this has the Dev's attention. I love this game, but the UI really needs work. The color scheme is a good place to start. I'm not legally blind nor color blind and some of the text in the game is nearly impossible to read. The organization of information could use a good looking at too. How many menus, tabs, and right clicks does one need to use to look at your toon's info? I don't know, but it should probably all be centralized into a single toon screen. Sorting of lists is strangely haphazard as well. For example, it's very difficult to find what badges
  2. Additional Feedback The Wentworth's teleporter does not appear on the Fast Travel menu. Edit: I just saw in the release notes that this was intentional.
  3. My Feedback Overall I think these changes are positive, but I do have three complaints. Making the accolade power per-toon is extremely burdensome. I have 40 level 50 characters. Multiply that by the number of zones and then by the number of exploration badges in each zone. I'm simply not going to spend weeks getting the travel accolades. A per-account or per-SG solution would be doable from my perspective. Having the base portal drop you off near the train station reduces the value of that portal. I can already get to the train station with the Ouro portal. The base portal ta
  4. Ok, I finally got my toons to where I want them. Coding will resume tomorrow. Edit: sorry guys, I found some old toons that needed updating. Once that's done I'll start coding again.
  5. This week was running ToTs. And the upcoming week will probably also be running ToTs. I'll update the status again once those are done.
  6. Weekly status: I spent this week running Dr Q's TFs in game, rather than coding. Sorry about that, but I hope you understand. Last weeks goal carries over to this week.
  7. The upcoming web app will have this feature (actually, it already does. Screen shot below). But the app as a whole is still in the early development phase.
  8. I tend to use level-up mode, but it's more out of habit than anything else. If level up mode went away so that new features could be added, I'd be fine with that.
  9. Very nice! I learned something right from the first video: You can right click a power to lock that power into the info window. Thanks for taking the time to make these.
  10. Status for this week: A new version of the web server is up at https://www-hero-web-server.herokuapp.com/#/ This version... Adds tooltips to powers, power entries, and power sets. Tooltips will supplement the upcoming info boxes, not replace them. Info boxes will provide more detailed info than the tooltips do. Adds the ability to add (empty) slots to a power. Provides an indicator showing at what level each slot was added. Provides an indicator showing how many slots can be added to the build. This appears as a number in the unslotted button of a power
  11. Status for this week: A new version of the web server is up at https://www-hero-web-server.herokuapp.com/#/ Code for cloud database complete. User accounts now working. You can: Create an account Change account information Sign in Sign out Request password reset
  12. Status for this week: I've been on a job interview that has lasted for over a week, so I didn't get much done this week. The code that will give us a free cloud database is written and 90% tested. Last week's goals are carrying over to this week.
  13. A new version of the website is up at https://hero-www-server.herokuapp.com/ The new features this week are saving and loading a toon, and the ability to add notes to your toon. There's also the start of an Account system as well as a few tweaks to themes. Saving and Loading a Toon To load a previously saved toon, use the Mid's Reborn button. This brings up an Open File dialog. Toon files have a .hero extension. These files are not compatible with the desktop version. That will come later. To save a Toon, use the Save button in the he
  14. An new version of the website is up at https://hero-www.herokuapp.com/#/ New Powers Database In order to solve a variety of issues, extensive changes were made to the powers database. It is now about 1/15th its original size. This was done without using any compression. Size Of Old Powers Database: >155.0 MB Size Of New Powers Database: 10.8 MB Effects Of New Database The Database API server is no longer needed. It's gone. Database is now part of the web app itself. It gets downloaded and installed locally along with the rest of the app.
  15. There's a big update this week. I'm finishing it up now. I'll post about it tomorrow.
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