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  1. Have any of you tried the CEL shading option in advanced graphics settings? It looks cool plus it will double if not triple your frame rate. Just make sure you have good cooling 🙂 not for everyone but sometimes I turn it on for that cool comic traced look or for taking awesome screen shots.
  2. Hope it scales, saddest day ever 2012! Justice server.
  3. @wasuber Hey all, ^^ Remember quite a few names in here especially Nursette !! I used to run around with Hito, TiPpo, Mike Killa, Baby Cakes, Dark Ninja, ILLRAD, Nex Votum, and many more battling Waffle Supreme in PVP zones around Paragon. played from day one Hero side as Uber Milf until my name got deleted for TOS violation? So W A S U B E R was born a Dark/ Dark defender. I had many alts you may have run into or the super group Villain side -Corruption- Pest Vargas -Tank Geostigma -Stalker Delanooch - Mastermind Psyche's Sister - Controller Brandon Frost -Blaster Lots of PVP but also lots of Hamidon Raids, I love 3 seconds per frame!!!! Can't kill what you can't see!
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