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  1. Ok figured it out, from the client you are using, click options in the launcher and make sure it is on the right manifest, re-validate, run for beta if you have it as well then let it download, then restart client (tequila for me) and should work
  2. Me too, thanks for posting guys, I was just about to. Same error message for me. I log in and even get to choose server then get the " Wrong game version, run patcher and reconnect, server 20200229_844, client 20200218_775"
  3. CoH being what I prefer over all things right now, I still have a very large core group of gaming buddies and we play Battlefront 2 (cringe a bit but guilty pleasure) They added BB-8 and damn if he isn't OP as hell! Taking down vader with a tin can is funny. Overwatch! Diablo 2! Dota 2 Anything in VR, Half Life: Alyx is coming soon and it's amazing! Just recently played The walking Dead Saints and Sinners and have to say it's nipping at the heals of there being some very well developed fully immersive VR games going on. Played through all 3 episodes of Vader Immortal with revive too, sorry I'm a Star Wars nerd...
  4. Thanks OP (Vericool) also you cool cat herders, you know who you are, I appreciate what you do on a daily basis, what I could probably never do even though I want to! The good and the bad, I believe the fun had always outweighed anything negative, even a good old fashioned "noob friend figures out TP friend in Atlas park at 3000 feet vertical is cool" πŸ™‚ So many of you guys are so dedicated to doing this daily, I think everyone who reads your post Veri coool, Shade guy, Elmyder, Robo, Coppertone Gurl, Steve guy probably, on and on will agree that without a doubt, this experience you get on Everlasting whether it be Ham-jello or iTrials, SF's TF's whatever it may be is CoH classery at it's finest! I know this was meant to be serious post but I'm not usually very serious so forgive me! May the fairy dance parties rock! And the Keen sight & smash always ring true πŸ™‚ @Arctick peace!!
  5. All you Justice peeps! What servers do you primarily end up on, I currently have several toons on Everlasting, they have raids that fit my west coast schedule the best. I also have a few in Indom doing group leveling pacts, sort of πŸ™‚ I'd love to join up with you guys sometime and talk about how cool Waffle Supreme was in PVP, what a chill dude. Where are you Nursette and Mike Killa! Baby Cakes!! ILLRAD!!! And a few fould mouthed Aussies and Brits, loved you guys! Also, Haute Earth, I think I have a screenshot of us together on live, how crazy is that.
  6. Thank you Cipher and Homecoming team! Finally got in on the donation goodness! Keep up the fine work! -all my Alts
  7. I don't know if this has been considered or is even possible, since there seems to be a PVP population on Indomitable, and since the "rules of live" have been suppressed. Why not add an issue 24 server just for PVP players since you can move your characters around with free tokens at any time, and back with the greatest of ease. I get you get stripped of SG membership with transfers but can be easily remedied with multiple members and a few cut/paste macros. I ran a very large VG on live back in the day called -Corruption- and we used to raid with Misfit Villains all the time! It was so fun! Part of the experience of the game as a whole imo. And some of you make great points, it builds community and friendships in game and out. After CoH was shut down I think we all went to Conan and played together for a while.. Just wasn't the same. But that's a story for another time. With all the changes and the playerbase now and all the skills and mastery they've accomplished, I mean there are some great toon builders out there, I think they would make for a fantastic challenge to add to our niche community, imo. Sign me up if this ever happens! -Delanooch @wasuber
  8. Hey guys, I decided to dust off my EM/DA Stalker and take some of your DA advice here, have you built this Stalker? And if so, how has it fared against end game content, incarnate stuff, morbidly curious!
  9. hey ViP, how have you been! ?! Did you get Misfit Villains going yet? If so can I join ? πŸ˜›hit me up @wasuber I'll jump shards anytime to play with you guys.
  10. Thanks for the write up and build info, I am slowly leveling one of these with a team of R/L friends every Sunday night. I did a John Wick theme and chose Munitions Mastery as my epic, he is only level 39 and I agree with you pretty much 100% on the secondary, I was actually looking for a build I could use the slots as "mule" to make him a super cannon. Now I have a goal πŸ™‚ Great work!
  11. Have any of you tried the CEL shading option in advanced graphics settings? It looks cool plus it will double if not triple your frame rate. Just make sure you have good cooling πŸ™‚ not for everyone but sometimes I turn it on for that cool comic traced look or for taking awesome screen shots.
  12. Hope it scales, saddest day ever 2012! Justice server.
  13. @wasuber Hey all, ^^ Remember quite a few names in here especially Nursette !! I used to run around with Hito, TiPpo, Mike Killa, Baby Cakes, Dark Ninja, ILLRAD, Nex Votum, and many more battling Waffle Supreme in PVP zones around Paragon. played from day one Hero side as Uber Milf until my name got deleted for TOS violation? So W A S U B E R was born a Dark/ Dark defender. I had many alts you may have run into or the super group Villain side -Corruption- Pest Vargas -Tank Geostigma -Stalker Delanooch - Mastermind Psyche's Sister - Controller Brandon Frost -Blaster Lots of PVP but also lots of Hamidon Raids, I love 3 seconds per frame!!!! Can't kill what you can't see!
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