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  1. "Boot to the head" Despite my hatred of MA's power Eagle's Claw (hate the animation, the "thud" sound when it misses, which it does way way way way too often ..grrrrr *&$%(*&%*&^%(*#...) pant pant pant.. okay, I'm calm now.. almost... anyway, I do love the look when viewed from another angle, like this one, and I've been wanting to share it. This seems to be as good a time as any. Again, this was set up in Icon years ago from many screenshots until I got the one with the foot actually making contact with the target. I was working on a comic book at the time. This has her first costume (patent leather) which got changed later. Pretend the phone fell to the floor in video record mode. 😛 By the way, the villain's name is Brassman. Some people find that funny. 😄
  2. "Hey mom, things are going good here. I've made a lot of friends." Okay, I cheated. I had set this up in Icon several years ago. The character (the one up front in red) became my first main on Homecoming.
  3. Yes, yes it was, especially in the back seat of my car in Januar... ...uh, never mind.
  4. Neither AT can access the two-fists-together attack, though.
  5. Don't ruin my birthday month. It's bad enough that it's 24 hours of darkness during the Halloween event. I want I could turn that (the 24h darkness) off. I like sunshine.
  6. Please share whatever you're consuming so we all can see this.
  7. I just levelled a character and was upset I had to pick a power... So, change my ONE thing to change to: You can pick a power OR extra slots when you train up. Addendum: you get 3 slots per level starting at 25 instead of 31.
  8. Yeah, it feels about right: just me. 😄
  9. Okay, I recant my "you can't" statement. I do have a price. 🤑😄 (now I don't know if I should feel ashamed or hopeful 🥰😉 )
  10. Rolling a sentinel and I keep wondering why things are not dead yet after a few attacks. I strip it of whatever enhancements it has, store those, send INF to email, delete, reroll as blaster and have a lot more fun. Every time. I also cuss at the special ability of sentinels, every time they activate (why does the offensive one fire when that enemy is near dead, and the defensive one heals such a piddly amount?)
  11. I must be more chaotic than I think I am. Or, may the saints be praised, I'm not afflicted with OCDitis. 😄 I put sets in any order, and even frankenslotting they'll be in any order. Except, I do try to keep each set together if putting more than 1 piece of a set when slotting multiple sets in a power.
  12. I'd go with this. I like street sweeping, especially for getting defeat badges. 1) Quadruple the bonus influence you get for saving someone (or getting the one that runs away), and this is added even with P2W change of XP gain because it's not the normal influence you get for defeating the enemy. 2) Have the security officer of the zone give out repeatable missions for street sweeping, but it's random on the number needed: from 5 to 20, with starting at 5 there's a (low) random chance the enemy defeated divulges the information you are after and 20 is guaranteed (the chance increases with each enemy defeated). This can lead to an indoor mission (e.g., you learned where the kidnappee is being held, you learn of a pawn shop or jewelry shop robbery is about to take place, or where said robbers after the fact is hiding and stashing their loot). This could also give a Tip mission if you don't already have 3. 3) Have some NPC be an informant for your character, which could also lead to some of the same missions from 2 (but he might not always have it, which could be annoying I realize, but then go see the security officer). Yeah, some contacts are of that vein, but this one is variable to the character (more than origin variability). I guess this is like Tip missions, but I like the personal touch more than the near abstraction of how Tip missions are gained now. 4) Make more Tip missions, even for levels less than 20. I don't know why they made 20 the lower limit. edit: I forgot about the detectives of each zone.. but who doesn't want more options? 😄 Also, to create the interesting NPC contacts and cut down on develop time (hopefully) have a contest for players to make said characters with dialogue. This would make them more distinctive than having one or two devs create them.
  13. re: an Old Folks Home SG There's no walkers or canes as costume options, though. 😞
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