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  1. I'm not going to quote everything, but I side with jubakumbi on this. I've seen some of these things, too, and wonder about those who think the community is so great. Are these the people that put anyone with any sort of negativity or disagreement on their ignore list so they only see the "good" things? Some people bragged about how large their ignore list is... doesn't that say something about them? I will put someone on ignore for a short time, but after a few days I'll remove everyone and have no one on my ignore list. I see the warts others are hiding away from. This was on live, Homecoming has been pretty dang good.
  2. An aquatic zone? One that 99.9% of the population will visit once? How about instead a revamp of Talos Island zone, where the mostly water northern part could be changed to have whatever aquatic elements people want. There's a lot of wasted space in TI. Maybe that would be a good zone to separate into two smaller ones with a pass through like Praetoria has (or was that a Paragon Chat thing only?)
  3. Pfft... go to PD where catgirls and demon lasses are wearing next to nothing already (on Everlasting anyway).
  4. yeah, you're right. It's a lot easier to replace the front bumper than the whole front of the car after the super tears that bumper off. I hear brutes like to use those bumpers as clubs. But you also run into the problem of Freakshow stealing them for their daily wear.
  5. I think many of you forget that Paragon City is a city under siege. The Rikti invasion and all the super villains have changed the world to isolated pockets of civilization with some basic rural areas (we hope, or where else...) food comes from. Some tech will evolve (i.e., flat screens, cell phones, newer cars), but many of those fancy things would be very low on the priority list for the current situation. Hiking trails? Those parks are infested with hoodlums and soul stealing magic users. If anything, update some NPCs with modern clothing, have a bicyclist being held in CoT green smoke and a bike lying nearby (that would be a laugh: a hordeling wobbly riding said bike). I do like having shops one can enter and get a particular mission from an NPC in the shop. But I doubt many would be so open. Wentworths can get away with it because 1) supers hang out there, 2) they have enough leverage to get a few precious police drones to guard the doors.
  6. Newer cars, taxi, bus, pick up truck. BTW, chrome bumpers died in the 70s, but that's what the cars in COX still have.
  7. I share some of this sentiment, which is why I mostly solo and only team for TFs, monsters, and events. Many PUGs don't say much, if I wanted silence I wouldn't have joined*. Higher level PUGs destroy stuff so fast that my token lag has me corpse blasting most of the time and I wonder why I'm here (on the PUG). I'll quit after the mission and go back to soloing when I actually get to hit something (sometimes.. damn RNG). * I do like the RP PUGS, even if I'm not one to say much; there is usually at least some chatting going on
  8. I never bother with level 20 IOs. I'll buy a few level 20 ACC and DMG DOs at level 17-20, (but not enough to fill all slots) before that to get to level 22 and then I'll get level 25 IOs. If I do have any cash I'll look at low level IO sets (attuned of course). Those can last me until I want the higher level IO sets.
  9. I like the mechanics of CoX and its casual play style. I'd play it with other genres. Whether a new game or separate zones* from the main game that are not linked to the main game (you cannot take someone from blue/red/gold to purple (magic/fantasy world) or green (cowboys-in-dinosaur world**). * less zones, wider level ranges in each zone, and max level could be less than 50; example: 2 zones, levels 1-20 & 21-40. ** although supers in really-tough-dinosaur/smart dinosaurs world might work as a new regular zone. I'd like that better than those Ward zones (this won't make me popular)
  10. Perhaps an easy fix is to allow the costume creator to load costume files with customized colors instead of the fixed color ones. This will not be easy for everyone to use, but that's what player-created forum tutorials are for. :D I can edit the color codes directly in the costume file, having done so for many costumes when I played with Titan Icon for the last couple of years, but they will not load onto the live servers except as black.
  11. ...and I'd like to see here. Yeah, no big priority, but if someone is going to add a bunch of emotes at once here's a few more. I don't know what the emote would be, so I'll list the "mov" command version from T. Icon. "LISTEN_GESTURE2" - head does not bob as much as the talking emote, character shifts weight back and forth on each foot at various time intervals, a hand will waver a little at times. (an emote I would use often while listening to some mary-su character overhype their capabilities, too bad there's no eye-roll emote :D ) "EMOTE_SIT_TALK_01" "EMOTE_SIT_TALK_LEFT_02" "EMOTE_SIT_TALK_RIGHT_01" - sit and talk, looking forward, left, or right.
  12. I would like to change the music files some (not into techno), especially for the Boombox. 1) Any "easy" way to do it? (never messed with such before) 2) Suggestion: add dynamic music options within the game (even if only for the Boombox).
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