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  1. You mean this is NOT the way to play CoX?
  2. It's why I 6-slot my 3 attacks and lead from the front (well, maybe not so in front, I do send them forward first and then follow up blasting away). If I do feel lazy, I'll sit back and send the minions forward and have my cocktail. Rush forward to heal them? Hah, I'll summon more. "Jeevs! Bring me another beer!"
  3. I'm not a min/max player yet I've solo'd Posi 1 with 3 different level 30+ ATs (blaster, stalker, MM) under 40 minutes each. Set all the difficulty settings to minimum, stealth when you can (the first 2 especially). For me the EB(sometimes)/AV/monsters in others is the difficulty I've had with others. At the end of Numina Jurasik is still a monster. I was whittling down Dr. Vahz until a bunch of bomb zombies rushed me (on my stalker, a ranged AT could have stayed away from them). As for the OP's question: Synapse.
  4. I thought the plaid golfer shorts was crazy enough, the khaki option was just an afterthought. Unfortunately I'm not insane enough to come up with ideas that are totally off the (rubber) walls. Billiard ball head isn't crazy, right?
  5. How about male shorts with khaki & plaid options (among others) for my "Supergolfer" character? Although, there isn't any golf courses, or even a mini-golf course to play on.
  6. (I just found out about this thread) I have a request for the Talons belt, please. I've used it for several costumes in Titan Icon and have not seen too much of an issue with it. There's some clipping with some tops, but a few already accessible belts already clip in the same manner. And if you color it the same as the top, the clipping seems to disappear (its still there but hardly visible if at all). I also changed the pencil skirt to have the split option and not seen an issue. But, all the female PCs I've seen wear next to nothing anyway and don't bother with the pencil skirts (except me who likes classy dames 😄 )
  7. Thanks for the link. I was wondering if these things were talked about but didn't know where. But the point of my reply to Snarky is still valid: not EVERYTHING is there available to the player base.
  8. Not the "Talons" belt you can find in the Titan Icon CC... I like this belt with the Cybertech top or any of the bag tops. I also like "Texture1 !Skirt_V_Talons_Siren_01" for the Victoria skirt, but I had to enter that manually into the costume file and load directly in Titan Icon, but that's a whole 'nother closet of CCisms that I played around with.
  9. It means the person spends more time designing the character than playing it. 😄
  10. Well-crafted? Bah. I despise the moral choices. I like the look of Praetoria, except for the lack of real store fronts, and I go there with a hero on occasion, but I will never start there ever again.
  11. Ugh. I've long ago had enough of the Hollows. I've only been there once since HC started and that was for my badger to get the explore badges and tag the historical plaques.
  12. You need to think more. I've joined "PLing" teams with a new character (level 4ish+ as I can get to 4 very quick), especially a re-rolled one, to get to the mid-20s when then I can start equipping level 25+ enhancements. I've done the content a bunch and sometimes I want to get to where the character has several enhanced powers to operate with. I've never went from 1 to 50 via PLing. I stop playing most characters at 50 anyway (incarnate content is not that special). And I would never ever pay for it. That concept is just absurd.
  13. But 6 million Chinese farmers can't be wrong.
  14. But I liked Runescape. At least it had more than "go, beat up bad things, get loot, level, repeat". You could fish, bake bread, mine ore, make weapons, and, well, lots of other stuff. 😄 When you "talked" to NPCs you actually had more than two options. Yeah, I know, supers don't bake bread or mine for ore. But if they did, many would be fantastic at one or two of those. Yes, I did vote for CoH.
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