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  1. I could play Zok's (Herculoids) twin brother Zot, although I want a real dragon head instead of that reptilian head thing. That thing is really ugly.
  2. How about daggers? Wait, I know, a new power set: "Dagger Blasts". It would have an AOE that is a circular wall of daggers. You could also play lawn darts with it. 😃 (yes, I'm joking)
  3. I've rarely (just once) had issues with Lady Jane. You just have to know how to handle women. 🙂
  4. I have no issues with this set of missions at level 12, or any level after that (at difficulty 0). I stealth as much as I can. It helps to have a few yellow inspirations when fighting CoT ghosts. Taking a guess: Maybe don't set the difficulty at +4? 🤔
  5. My computer is 10 years old. It's the same one I was using when COH was live. It works fine for my purposes. I cannot run full graphics, and must set particle count to minimum when I join teams or leagues. I do lag a little so end up corpse blasting when on teams. But I solo 99.9% of the time anyway. I still had a landline phone and no cell phone until 3 years ago when I switched the landline to cell. The phone cost me $40. I thought I might upgrade after a year, but since it still works, why. The only issue with it is sound quality. I've noticed that sound quality doesn't seem
  6. Alternate looking inspirations: candy bars, chip bags, cigarettes (boo!), sodas, energy drinks, etc? I'm game. (altho that could be a 3rd-party mod) name ideas: "Giggles" candy bar, "Soaring" energy drink, "Shivan" gummi bears, "Stheno" jerky, "Slate" rock candy, "Yin Yang" chips... 😄
  7. I've already made suggestions about street sweeping. The main one was newspaper/radio-like repeatable missions but from a police officer contact in each zone. It could even be from the same ones that you contact about newspaper/radio missions. Or, it could be a wanted poster on the bulletin board inside the police station, but I wouldn't want to go into the police station each time and also would require map editing which may be more effort than it's worth (so strike this last suggestion, but I'll keep it mentioned just in case someone thinks it has merit.. the poster board could be outside t
  8. My F key is to activate/deactivate Fly power. I never follow as that takes some control away and turns it over to some stupid AI.
  9. I want to throw pool tables, telephone poles, full gas canisters (BOOM!) and buses. Oh, wait... By the way, where's the spittle? How can one go berserk without spittle flying every which way? 😉
  10. You're wrong on all counts. Maybe MOST people don't wander around most zones, but I do and I see others (I take a second look just to be sure I ain't seeing things :D) in those zones as well. At certain levels (okay, mostly in the teens) you can get a fair amount of XP street sweeping. In Steel I can "swat" an outcast boss and gain a whole experience bar. I'll admit that once I get to 30 then street sweeping becomes more of a chore and I've found that Brickstown and Founders' Falls is less appealing for that, despite FF's aesthetic which I do like. Might be due to the mobs one h
  11. Now I'll never look at them the same ever again.
  12. If no one goes into a zone, do the Rikti still invade it? 🤫 I avoid the zombie invasions, the XP for those is terrible. XP for the others is okay (bombs are delicious XP). I prefer to fight them by myself, being a soloist, so I like the less used zones when invaded. At times I like to get the regular street mobs to fight the invaders so I wait by a few. Warrior Lts beat the crap out Rikti. One issue I have is that the spawns are always NE of you. Didn't they use to spawn in any direction around you?
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