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  1. Find it hard to believe you've only got a few posts! To be honest, I almost exclusively play my water/fire blaster now. I'm talking any content, not only tfs, mishes, trials, or fire farms..(Yes fire farms.) This setup has everything I need to an effective blaster. ranged for pickin off runaways, damage mitigation with knock down, slows, and Hot Feet's fear component. I even have bonfire for it's knockdown, well after I put sudden acceleration in. but I digress. Now I know what your thinkin, what does all that have to do with burn...? I do a ton of solo'in and team play. Solo'in it's 100% worth it, it's damage is unmatched. Let's look at it with the latest mids build. So let's look at a couple of powers actually. First Burn at damage cap, does 662 damage to 6 targets over 10 secs. The next power is Whirlpool with 715 dmage at DCap over 15 secs, and finally Bonfire does 642 over 45 to 16 targets I think. With all three of those powers that is a serious amount of damage. Right for soloing for sure. Out of all of them, Burn is by far the best out of all of those powers. If you want to think about this in terms of team play next, this is about how it plays out for me most the time. Run with a full team, usually a tank or brute for taunting, so I let them do their thing, I run in either hit my Nuke or burn,(Most damaging attacks. also depends on group make up. lots of things really.) rinse and repeat. When it comes to AVs it's actually one of the powers I use in my attack chain. Hit build up and tidal, burn, and blast! I realize it's a play style change to be sure, but things will go so much faster if you do, I would even say it's most likely like night and day. Up to you in the end, but I think it's worth a slot at least to try it out, worst comes to worst, respec back or maybe even use your second build to test it out. /e shrug
  2. I have a strong disagreement with this statement. I feel attacked! 😮 I'll have my mission and submission in soon (TM).
  3. Paid my two months sub, keep up the great work in this area!
  4. Holy, your right... XD Nah, this is my main account... XD I guess maybe I'll put (I'm kidding) as a p.s. XD
  5. Now who isn't being lite-hearted. XD I guess my sarcasm is getting so strong people can't tell I'm not being serious.... The dead give away should have been me on the forums wasting time myself. Irony. You really think I care what people do with their time? I'm busy playing the game and enjoying having the game back, you can keep your drama stage. 😄
  6. Sad to see zero changes to the set in page 2, lots of good feedback in the thread, and no balancing or improvement came to the set? Looking to be dead set on arrival. I'd imagine some peeps will try it out, then shelf it not being their thing. Just the post above me has a lot of good feeedback.
  7. I'm 100% on board with this change and love the new launcher. Keep up the great work.
  8. Indeed, and wasting time like this isn't healthy. 😛
  9. Careful with my baby, this build keeps up with my fully IO'd/fully incarnate rad/fire brute on the bloody rainbow map, but on Ocha it falls behind since blasters don't get any sort of taunt. Well they get Pew PEw boom boom as taunt, but that's paper thin... lol always rememeber, the less you can make them move, the better. If they move out of your damage range, well they aren't taking damage. Any questions or otherwise, just post. I can provide my feedback.
  10. Idle hands in the devils workshop topic again ah.... I think you folks need to break this up and Go. Hunt. Kill More Skuls. Nothing good will come from this. Not a single person in game is saying wow Nerf AoEs they are ruining the game. How bout starting a thread to see if someone can fired up that GM tracker we had back on live, so we know roughly when the Giant Monsters will spawn. Besides the Homecoming team seems to be really good at balancing the game. I would not worry in the slightest about power creep either. Sonic Manp leaves a lot to be desired, and that's a set that's suppose to go pew pew boom boom.
  11. AAaaaaaa To provide my feedback or not. I guess I'll chime in. I've been working on my blaster build for well over two months plus. I've gone through several combos and power choices. I've finally landed on what I believe to be the perfect fit for what your lookin for. I can give you what you seek, but it's not on water/rad. I have a water/rad setup I can provide, or I can itch that itch your feeling or not, your choice. Either way here is the water/rad setup I'd use if I was you. This is my first pass at the build, I'm sure it can be made even better, but this is not my first choice in secondary. I know your not quite soft capped, but this is with the idea that you have the defense booster from the p2w ventor that every farmer outside brutes should be using. The survival one and offensive one help a lot too, but some peep wont want to spend the 7.5 mill an hour to get them. On the Ocha farm I run, you can literally make 7 mill in 6-8 minutes, so well worth it in my eyes, and the fact that you'll be making way more than that, if you solo farm even just for a hour.
  12. Going to chime in here myself. I have never even looked at TW before now, mostly because people say things about the set that made it seem like a hassle to play and what not. The damage was there, but hard to come by type of things. I myself am a huge min/maxer. I've got at least 3 to 5 toons that can clear meteor farm in under 6 minutes per run some under 5. I have a WS that doesn't die, no matter what I'm facing. I spend a lot of time just running builds in mids just to sus out what can make me faster, more stable, do more damage... etc. So in short I'm not afraid to try new things. Now onto TW. I had no idea how to build one. As a matter of a fact I free handed my first build. After some trial and error and a little more motivation, I found a build I liked and IO'd it. Ran bloody rainbow map, on my rad/fire brute. 5:08, normal time for that setup. Then busted out Big Cheese, for my first run 6:23. (Had no idea what attack chain to use or anything) Reread some powers re-setup my bars ran again. 6:08. Better, but still not good enough. Reordered my powers once more, made sure to focus on powers that built momentum and did serious damage. Next run was 5:55. I think you see the pattern, it literally took me 3 to 4 runs with him to get on the same level as a rad/fire brute. To compare, I've literally have been working on my blaster setup period for 2 months solid. Running different combos, trying different powers... etc. I now have a setup where I don't die unless it's a real bad situation or I get lazy. water/fire/fire OP... 😛 Tl:dr In short, being virgin to the primary, It literally took me only a few runs to become efficient with the set, and still felt like I was doing damage. Maybe not blaster numbers, but things melted as fast as on my rad/fire brute. In turn the set feels nice and I might even make him a farmer I use every once and a while for a change of pace. I usually only play my rad/fires for efficiency proposes. (45:44 on term farm. :P) Say whatever you want about pylon times going down due to the damage nerf, but as a person who just picked up the set to try out the changes, the set feels very new user friendly, as well as competitive with the other top tier sets. I like the set as a whole. 😄
  13. T1: Sonic Thrust (Melee, Minor DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Knockback) A focused attack of intense sonic power that violently sends a nearby foe flying. Deals minimal damage, but can be very effective. Recharge: Fast T2: Strident Echo (Melee, Moderate DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) Strident Echo deals minor damage over time. It has a low chance of causing a migraine, leaving the target shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow T3: Echo Chamber (Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy), Foe Hold) Encases the target in a field of sonic waves, dealing energy damage and holding them in place. Recharge: Slow T4: Sound Booster (Self +DMG, +To Hit, +Special) Greatly boosts your attacks for a few seconds. Slightly increases chance to hit. Moderately increases the duration of mez effects. Moderately increases the chance for Sound Manipulation powers to induce migraines. Recharge: Long T5: Deafening Wave (Melee (AoE), High DMG(Sonic/Energy), chance for Hold) You create a large field of sonic waves, causing damage to all foes around you. It has a moderate chance of causing migraines, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow T6: Sound Barrier (Toggle: Self +Absorb, +Recovery, +Res(Smashing, Energy, Sleep)) Creates a barrier around the caster which reduces incoming energy and smashing damage, provides protection against sleep effects and grants an absorption shield. Recovery is also increased. Recharge: Moderate T7: Disruption Aura (Toggle: Foe -Res) You emit a constant wave of sonic energy around yourself, weakening the Damage Resistance of all nearby foes. Recharge: Moderate T8: Sound Cannon (Ranged (Cone), Foe Stun, Knockback) You generate a powerful sonic wave that will knock back and disorient foes in front of you for a short time. Recharge: Long T9: Earsplitter (Melee, Heavy DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) You generate an earsplitting sound wave right in the face of your foe, inflicting great damage. It has a good chance of causing a migraine, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow In short, the set needs some work to be sure, but I see a set that has a lot of potential. Give a floating message when you give a headache and a little more adjusting to the powers and I see gold.
  14. !00% on board with this change/update everyone else is also raving about being bout to have two cats. GReat work here. 😄
  15. I was the blaster. 😄 But yea i agree with Arkie here, it was a load of fun! Duo +4 was not out of the question with TA and fold space. While I'm not totally on board with thinkin they will nerf Fold Space. it does have it's draw backs. I almost never TP'd bosses, on my blaster I have a load of acc, I don't like to miss. As it stands now I don't think fold space needs to be nerf'd. it's only really useful to melee type toons and the fact that bosses have mag 4.1 tp resist means it's not OP. Any kind of nerf in my opinion would mean basicaaly making the power useless. and we don't need more useless pool powers floating around. there is a reason almost everyone takes leadership, fighting, and travel powers. They are useful 90% of the time. Forgot to chime in on combat tp. I'm not sure what to make of it... On the one hand it's nice to have a tp power that doesn't make you float for a sec or two, but on the other it has a steep learning curve. The three use and recharge mechnic is nice, probably even balanced, but I feel like it should have maybe one or two more uses before cooldown. 5 uses might make it more usable. Wont know unless it gets the change... More testing my be in order. Teleport target, 100% nice QoL change.
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