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  1. There is absolutely no need to go for set I/Os. The game is just plain not balanced around them, a simple SO build will do everything you need. Add Incarnate stuff on top of that and you're golden. Don't worry about I/O sets if it's not gonna be fun for you.
  2. It was written in 2003, my dude. What did you expect? That you could just snap several core game mechanics and balancing factors over your knee like a cheap twig and the game code would just be totally cool with it?
  3. The reason for that is likely because there's not an actual problem, at least with the game itself. It's your own skewed perception that's giving you an issue, and the developers can't fix that for you.
  4. Me? I mean, if we were to translate this to the DC universe, Phipps is the Joker and the player is one of those big beefy dudes in white face paint that does the actual grunt work. No one ever said you couldn't do anything evil on redside. You just do it at the behest of better, smarter villains. You're a flunky the vast majority of the time.
  5. In a lot of cases just their presence is the damage. People can disrupt RP pretty easily by running around in circles and abusing broadcast and emotes, so I'm looking for a way to get them gone entirely.
  6. Getting ready to start my own supergroup, but one thing I had a hard time finding was how I would boot someone from the SG base if they started being toxic after getting invited. It's not too hard to just /gkick, but what if they're on a team with someone in the base or entered via using the base code? How do you eject those people from the base without having to change a setting that could kick anyone else?
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