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  1. Erm just got booted from the server and the status page says all shards are down. Was this planned maintenance or not?... Literally had just logged in so no clue if there were any in game messages.
  2. sorry only ever done it blue by talking to the jaeger in steel - you could try via ouro as they are listed there as well...
  3. I think there was another thread somewhere basically saying that, from live, there was a bug in ouro whereby if you did a mission/TF that normally rewards a badge then you won't get any of the ouro specific additional ones granted for its completion. Essentially the ouro ones only reward on none badge awarding Missions. From the Wiki:
  4. I dunno, if you've ever done the Brass Tuesday Mission from the Pandora's Box Signature Story Arc but the FP are in that and they suck. :( https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Pandora%27s_Box_(SSA)
  5. It floors their chance to hit, but it's only 5% for even-level minions. Enemies that are higher level than you as well as non-minion enemies (Lts, Bosses etc.) get an accuracy bonus to their to hit chance which is applied after the defense calculation. So for example a +1 Boss would get a 10% acc bonus for the level difference and a 30% accuracy bonus for being a boss giving a total To Hit chance of 7% even against soft capped defenses. True but against a +4 AV: With soft-capped defense, that AV has a 10.5% chance to hit you. With 45% defense, a +4 AV will only hit you one time in ten, which is less often than an even level minion will hit someone with 35% defense. So yeah, floored may have been a poor choice of words. i didnt mean to imply the hit chance would remain at 5% but rather that it would still be ridiculously low. Also bear in mind that the incarnate softcap is effectively 59% so Elude is definitely of use there.
  6. While technically true in regards to SR being able to softcap, bare in mind that soft cap is not a 95% chance to not get hit as enemy level and designation scales up. At +4/boss, soft cap is questionable, and elude does have value. Soft cap only floors an enemy chance to hit you down to 5% in certain situations. That said, someone will be able to post the values under which elude may be perma-able, as I cannot from my mobile, at work. Softcap floors the enemies chance to hit you down to 5% in all situations barring the enemy having to hit buffs or defense debuffs: And exceeding the softcap gives you better protection if the enemy had Defense Debuffs
  7. Did you successfully complete the trial?
  8. Sorry, typo I think: /change_handle NewName
  9. It's because he always see you coming, that ability he has to rotate his neck 360 degrees is massively overpowered!
  10. While you may be in the correct level zones the Mobs that spawned were internally set to level 30 - so that's the lowest they'd scale to. Restricting them to only spawn if a player was 25 or above means that lowbies - on level for the zone, don't get ganked as soon as they step into the zone. If the team lead is above level 25 then everyone is SK'd above 25 and all will be targets for the spawn as normal. It's not ideal but works as a compromise. Bear in mind that on live, during an invasion, all other mobs in a zone would disappear as well stopping any other street clearing missions from being completeable.
  11. /changehandle NewHeroName
  12. So Catalysts are used in 2 ways: 1. convert a standard ATO or WO to it's superior (Very Rare) state 2. convert an none ATO or WO into an attuned version Neither of these can be boosted. if you use a catalyst on a boosted set the boosts are lost. Never, ever, attune/catalyze a Very Rare or PVP IO - it's pointless I wrote a guide here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,2555.0.html
  13. I think we can all agree hoot-hoot independence day is something we can all enjoy! I was lucky enough to be travelling there last year and it was truly epic!
  14. Valid point, vet levels will be listed if you check your character information tab
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