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  1. tbf, what we have now is better than just trying to unravel code spaghetti and have something go end-up if we get something new that hasn't been really touched on and barely tested. then again if people don't exactly like that HC doesn't have x or y, they don't have to play on there. there's other options out there, too.
  2. Katzen


    any of the drapey robe-y loincloth stuff would be nice, but nah nah. i had to fire up npc icon for this, but this is the one the Banshee use (i dont think their pics up on the wiki due to it being a little out of date, too)
  3. Katzen


    there is actually a skirt that hits the floor for females; but it's used by the NPC talons afaik. and it might look a little jank, but what can you do i suppose.
  4. Katzen

    FREEDOM Forever!

    lil freedom baby here mostly played Lynx the pink kitty (great name i know) and i was for awhile part of Bulletproof i doubt anyone remembers me exactly but im happy to see any familar faces
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