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  1. Yep. I am happy for this. I just want the game to also direct low level toons to other content besides twinshot and the skulls arc. new players do not know about the Hollows nor do they know of radio missions or that they have to physically go to meet contacts because most do not allow us to call them right away. The LFG window seems like a good way to direct us to all that content.
  2. Please add more Story Arcs to the LFG. The low levels need some love and the game is made to direct low level toons to the same missions over and over. I speak to so many new players who have no idea that there other missions out there!
  3. Yes, I do not want to remove any road to leveling for people. I just would like to show people that there are other things to do at low levels. And really this applies to higher levels as well. There are contacts that are just getting ignored because of the ease of other avenues. If those old story arc contacts were given the same emphasis then at least a new player has more choice in how they progress their hero.
  4. Really appreciate the feedback. I agree the find contacts button could be the answer. I do agree that those old missions have some bad ones. But at least they are different. I wouldn’t be upset if they got some overhauling though.
  5. I’m a big alter and I also love helping other low level heroes in the game. But I have noticed that the original mission arcs are no longer chosen by folks. And I have come to realize it’s because we always get the same contact phone numbers that they set up during the free to play days. The twinshot and Velez arcs are thrust forward to any lowbie character while arcs like the Hollows or even the standard origin contacts get overlooked because we have to physically go find the contact. My suggestion is to either give out the cell number as soon as we get the contact (this is the 21st cen
  6. So to the faultline zone badge you won’t need the echo badges?
  7. Since exploration badges are now more important can you move the faultline badges from the echo to the live version?
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